Billy McMullen May Be the #1 WR On the Seahawks

Preseason fan favorite Billy McMullen has resurfaced, and not as a post-week-one signing for the Redskins as I had idly speculated. Apparently, instead of being the #5 or #6 guy here, McMullen has decided that he’d rather sign on somewhere where guys #1 through #4 are injured, and he can actually get some solid playing time. Even AFTER signing McMullen, the Seahawks are light at the position, currently carrying only three healthy guys.

The fact that McMullen was in training camp with Coach Zorn, who was QB coach in Seattle’s offense before coming here, will probably help him out as he starts with a new team.

Reaction among Skins fans has been surprisingly muted, considering how disappointed everyone seemed that he was let go, although the first commenter to mention it here thinks it will “bite us in the butt” when the team heads to Seattle.

Seahawks fans, on the other hand, are not so convinced.

At the very least, this gives Anthony Brown at Hog Heaven someone else to keep an eye on for his ex-Redskins of the Week.

8 Responses

  1. Nice that he’s getting a chance to catch on somewhere. But I did enjoy that panic on the Seahawks blog Matt posted — welcome to the party, pal!

  2. Good pickup Matt. Count me in the camp that’s upset the Skins didn’t keep him. I would have loved for McMullen to have resigned for us, but I wish him all the best.

  3. Oh no! McMullen signed with the Seahawks. The ‘Skins are doomed. DOOMED I say!! And Marcus Mason on the Ravens practice squad!? We won’t win a single game this season!!!

  4. That’s what you took from these two responses MTSC?

  5. He won’t have any problems fitting in with the seahawks cause he did real good in Mike Holmgren’s prodigy Jim Zorn…

  6. MSTC you are crazy. We will go 8-8 and get a better draft pick and win the super bowl. Billy McMullen should have beeen kept but has a six receiver not a number one like the Seahawks.

  7. billy mcmullen sucks

  8. McMullen had 7 catches for 125 yards against the Rams yesterday…
    Redskins two WR draft picks have had 3 catches total to date (combined). Can we get a real GM??

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