On the Field for Practice – 9/8

A short practice today, with a lot of special teams work.

  • Based on the conversation that’s been going on here for the last few days, I tried to pay particular attention to the quarterback play in general, and Jason Campbell in particular. Campbell’s throws looked good, and it was difficult to judge reads and releases in a practice situation, but he received compliments from Coach Zorn on at least three occasions for coming off of a receiver, so it seems safe to say that he’s focusing on that. “He looked like he was working hard,” Zorn said afterward.
  • (Oh, also, let me quickly answer a question that just came in: there was no noticeable change in distribution of QB reps: Campbell with the first team, Collins with the second team, Brennan making a brief appearance as the scout team QB. The Cult of Colt probably needs to relax for at LEAST a few weeks, I’d think.)
  • Shawn Springs was back out on practice, and looking good — a batdown and an interception on back to back plays. “If the game on Sunday, no doubt I would’ve played,” he said, joking that Marcus Washington had kicked him because “he didn’t want me to shine on Thursday.”
  • The much-maligned Justin Tryon had a couple of nice plays in coverage today. He didn’t get his hands on the ball in either case, but had great position on the receiver and prevented him from getting to the ball. It was heartening to see, and much more promising than his work in the preseason games.
  • Malcolm Kelly claims to be ready to come back, saying that the extra days of rest did him a world of good. Coach Zorn was a bit more hesitant, and wants to see him participate fully in practice, hopefully Wednesday.
  • Zorn also commented on his weekend ride with the President, although he seemed mildly surprised at the level of interest it generated. “You know,” he said, “I like to bike ride. Mister President read that and invited me out.” Zorn repeatedly emphasized the degree of difficulty of the ride, and focused on the athletic elements of the whole thing. “With him it’s very competitive, and you have to earn the right to be out there.” No football strategy was discussed, he claimed. In Zorn’s telling, the whole thing sounds surprisingly low-key, like, hey, if you like to ride bikes, sometimes you get to ride with the President.

8 Responses

  1. Why is he riding his bike with the president? There is no play time after getting waxed by a division rival!! Until further notice, I believe the Zorn needs to cancel his little play time field trips, and do his JOB!

  2. Bird comes with ‘the bird’ for Z!

    I kinda agree . . . Belichick would have said no (he’s got the ego to turn down the pres) and Gibbs would’ve been buried in his office, not known who was pres, and not come out until December . . . .but it’s the freakin’ President of United States.

    Not something you turn down IMO. And more than that Coach Z has to be his own man however and rise or fall his own way.

    But not great PR right now with the Nation on the verge of it’s yearly freak out (count me in – I’m ready to get my freak on)

  3. I dont understand why clinton portis is being used as a big back when you have ladell betts for that to run behind tha guard or tackle & use clinton as a flanker when noticeably his best rush was when the guard pulled around for him helping him to have his best rush for the evening of 15+ yards…….just an observation!

  4. Come on, give Coach Zorn at least 2 games before you knock him not staying at work day and night seven days a week.

    If you’ve watched his press conferences, you can see he knows what is going on and knows how to correct it. It’s a difficult offense, and it takes time to learn.

    Patience, Daniel-son.

  5. Sometimes doing something completely different gives one new perspectives when returning to the original task at hand.

  6. I wonder if Vinny watched his former punter out punt his prize rookie. Frost had a 45 yard average against the Vikes. Zorn doesn’t have a chance with Vinny calling the shots.

  7. I am not a skins fan but i am COLT BRENANN fan. I am telling all you skins fans that colt is the real deal the kid brings energy every time he gets on the field and he will be a great leader for the team. That is why people in HAWAII loves this kid. Colt has a big heart he will do anything and everything to win games if the Redskins will give him a shot. I know Jim Zorn has alot of confident in colt brenann thats why he drafted colt but i think he does not want to pull the switch yet because this is his first gig as a head coach. Maybe in the six-week of the season depends on how jason plays in six games. Jason Campbell is the next Daunte Culpepper with a big arm but no HEART!!!!.

  8. Coach Z is giving Jason C the benefit of a doubt…he is a good QB with a strong arm. But, Colt B will be a great QB…he is infectious leader with a very accurate arm. He does what Coach Z wants…he doesn’t lock in on his receivers and works through his progressions. He made throws in the preseason that experienced pros would be praised for (he essentially was told he was lucky and coud’ve easily been a pick). Colt B does have somethings to learn and need a little time, as well…footwork, getting stronger to be able to take hits, etc. But, somethings he needs to learn can only be learned through game experience! Don’t wait too long Coach Z…Colt B is the future!!!

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