Monday Redskins Links – 9/8

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  1. It’s hard to buy the ‘give JC time’ debate after this weekend.

    Farve and Pennigton stepped into new offensive systems and played decent games with guys they’ve never taken a snap with . . . after 3.5 weeks of practice.
    Okay, they’re both top notch QB’s. But Chad has no arm and Farve is a million and hasn’t had to open a playbook in a decade. And isn’t that what Jason’s supposed to be – a top notch QB?

    If it’s going to take ‘years’ for the light to come on like it did with Hassleback then we’re in for a long couple of years – I have to believe Vinny was hoping for something positive a little faster – like last Thursday.

  2. jc sucks

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  4. JC its a job as much as we fans want to stay with nice players it’s a job. If you don’t get it done and someone else can then they get the job. …not that hard really..The west coast o has to have a QB that can show the run even if he can’t …all D’s know JC can not run…

  5. Me thinks JC is trying too hard and thinking too much.

  6. JC is a good football player. CB is a great QB!!!!
    When he start’s the suffering in will stop and Washingtton will return to the glory day’s. And I’m sure you will all be glad that the Warrior/Redskin nation told you so. Go Colt we believe in you! And the rest of the Redskin nation will soon follow, REAL SOON!!!

  7. Does this whole situation remind anyone at all of the Heath Shuler, Trent Green times. Not saying Green is a hall of famer, but he did have some quality years in this league. I know its been a while, but just a random thought.

  8. I agree with J4S5Fan…Jason Campbell is thinking too much and not acting on this thoughts….Too Tentative. Some points are being brought up here, with the emergence of various QBs in the league. They are steping up…Why is “JC'” not?

  9. Brennan is 25, not 22, with all the “life lessons” he has been through, he is ready to start Now…
    In the 16-7 loss against the Giants, he would have pulled it out of his “Okole”…

  10. You know dat bruddah! It’s Colt time!

  11. Campbell is a disgrace to the QB position and should be ashmed of himself wearing the number 17 which should only be worn by greats such as Kilmer and Williams. If the Redskins want any real chances of winning and making a playoff run, and Zorn wants to remain a head coach Campbell needs to be benched for good and Colt Brennan shoud be the starter. Colt Brennan reminds me of such great Qb’s like Thiesman, Montana, Steve Young, and Elway. I garuntee if Colt Brennan starts Sunday my beloved Skins will be victorious and have a successful season and a ligit shot at the superbowl. Campbell does not even deserve to tie Brennan’s shoes. Campbell will never be a legit Qb in this league. I am a die hard fan that is prepared for yet another disappointing season with the Skins. How many more years must the true loyal fans like myself endure the agony of defeat? All I know is the Skins were better off before Snyder took over as owner. Snyder has no balls he should become more like our most hated foes owner Jerry Jones and make the coach change Qb’s. Jones might interfere with the coaches decisions alot but the hated Cowboys always have a good season even if they do loose their first game of the playoffs every year. I would rather see my beloved Skins in that boat than have to prepare for disaster every week and season. When will our coaches and owner wise up and do whats right? If they want to do the right thing then Campbell should be sidelined for the rest of his contract and Brennan should come in and show everyone in the world that the redskins future is now. Even the players show by their reactions that they do not wanna play for Campbell. Zorns biggest mistake so far was to just automatically name Campbell the starter instead of holding open competition for the job. Lets look at Atlanta and Baltimore both have rookie coaches and both started rookie Qbs and both lwon their first games against legitamte teams. What do the Skins have? A rookie coach, tons of talent on both sides of the ball and the real Qb of the future for the franchise sitting on the bench while the wanna be Qb is going to continue losing games for us just like last year and the half season before that. Having new offensive systems is no excusefor Campbells failures as any real legitiamte Qb would have adapted by the first game of the season not the case with loser Qb Campbell. Campbell has been a Qb in the NFL for four years now and if he didn’t get by now he never will get it. I have an Idea lets send Campbell packing and let him play for a sorry team like the Raiders where he will fit in perfectly with that bunch of untalented misfits or even Miami or New England. I am very disappointed with the Redskins orginization which seems to not reall care that the fans really love this team and want to see them win. I am tired of seeing my beloved skins lose. If you look at pre-season Brennan should have been handed the starting job without hesitation as Brennan out performed Campbell in every aspect of the game. So for now all of us true skins fans can only hope that someone from another team will knock Campbell out for at least the rest of this season and Zorn will let the Colt .45 show begin with the real gunslinger Colt Brennan. That is our only hope for the Skins future. As the great George Allen said at the beginning of his tenure as Coach in 72 the future is now so take heed to that comment Mr. Snyder and Coach Zorn the people whom matter the most (the fans) say the future is now so fire Campbell and let Colt show the world that the Redskins are Champions once again. Boy do we Skins fans miss the glory days when the coaches and owner understood what winnig was all about. Our current coach and owner seem to feel obligated to start Campbell due to the amount of money they pay him and will probably let Campbell ruin the Redskins until some defender knocks him out for a season or ends Campbells career and by that time Colt wil probably be playing for another team leading them to the superbowl. Mr. Snyder, coach Zorn please wise up before it is to late and the team is ruined for another four years or more.

    another extremely disgusted Skins fan redskinsfan4life@aol

  12. Looks like the Skins will be 0-5 to start unless we have some luck and Colt gets the starting job. If Zorn wants to salvage the season he needs to bench Campbell, Start Brennan, and have Collins back up Brennan. that is the formula to victory for our Beloved Redskins.

  13. Whoa WHoa Whoa, you guys need to slow down, It was the first week of the season and some of you are calling for campbell to get hurt for the season already. If we start out 0-5, then your arguement might be legit, but not after week 1. Look at the other teams that lost in week one, Manning, Rivers, Hasselback and the list goes on. It was one game against the superbowl giants in new york, we lose to them at least once a season anyway. No need to panick SKINS Fans. Atleast not yet! HAIL SKINS

  14. Quarterback Jay Cutler of the Broncos played extremely well Monday night, but his Post-Game Comments showed no Wisdom. ( I used the word Wisdom, because maybe he just doesn’t know any better). Instead of Just focusing on the Great Performance of his Rookie WR Eddie Royal, he choose to comment on (specially name) who was defending Eddie Royal as well. This shows No Class and No Humility….The reason why I am mentioning this is because if that was Colt Brennan throwing for 500 yards, he would only talk about the Great Performances of His Team-mates…this is what makes, and will make Him a great Quarterback…

  15. …A Great Quarterback… (P.S. I know Jay Cutler has Diabetes, and I hope it completely goes away, and he doesn’t have it anymore.)

  16. Take Colt out of the picture and the Skins Are 0-5 in preseason. A six game nightmre with JC at the Helm. Had Colt not pulled out those games, people would be screaming right now. Colt actually bought JC some time, JC is just not the guy to lead this team. JC make the 1st string look like the 3rd string and Colt has the opposite effect on 3rd stringer’s. Imagine how good the 1st team will perform with Colt. Rookie you say? Hardly. A veteran in the school of hard knock’s. The NFL is about the here and now. Colt is here and the time to play him is now. PTW and Ray you are Correct. Colt is simply a winner.

  17. I totally agree with Ray i am not a skins fan but i’m following Colt Brenann cause i’ve seen all colt’s games in Hawaii and let me tell all you guys that did’nt have the chance to see this kid because by the time hawaii plays everybody in the DC area and around the country are sleeping. Go on “youtube” and search for colt brenann you will see some of his games then you’ll see why the whole state of hawaii loves colt. You will see the energy this kid brings every home games at aloha staidium. Colt Brenann is accurate,reads defense fast, very confident in the pocket, has high football IQ, and can spread the ball all over the field. Let me just say this skins fans if Zorn does’nt give colt a shot watch out redskins fans because if Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots finds out about Colt Brenann they might trade Matt Casel for colt brenann. To replace brady and then colt will take the patriots to their fourth super bowl cause colt is the next Tom Brady in the making….. “Alohaaaa oe Alohaaa oe”

  18. Palin from Alaska.

    Colt from Hawaii.

    I’m sensing some kind of ‘out of the country’ movement here . . . hmmmm.

  19. Again, Colt Brennan looked great during the pre-season, but he was playing against 3rd stringers and of people that arent on ANY team right now. Colt IS the SKINS future, but for Colts sake, let him adjust to the NFL, study the playbook and become comfortable with the offense. Colt will take us to the promise land, Just not for a couple of years. HAIL SKINS

  20. MH and 5-0 you make valid point’s. Only time will tell. This week Will either quell the fear’s or ignite a s@#t storm. More time definitely will benifit Colt. But 5-0 and the rest of that saw Colt in action, Know just how good he is. Colt is the best QB on the roster. I hope the Skin’s win with JC, but I just can’t see it. Again, this week will tell a big part of the story.

  21. I bet you mike that Colt has mastered the whole redskins playbook better than Jason Cambell. Colt is a fast learner cause he is “Natural” like i said the kid has a very!!! very!!! high football IQ. Check out Jim Zorn post game with the media after the HOF game he said that colt studied the playbook for the first time the night before the HOF game and went out and put some great numbers that night. But jason cambell isnt comfortable with the offense after they lost to the Champs!!!. Jason had all camp to learn but he looked confused in the game with giants… Go figured. Aloha!!.

  22. You Campbell haters make me ashamed to be a Redskins fan. You can’t just switch things and make them better every time they go bad. All of you must microwave poptarts because waiting for the toaster takes too dang long.

    It took Matt Hasselback 5 years to learn this offense. It took Steve Young years behind Joe Montana to learn this offense.

    Chad Pennington, I’m sorry maybe I missed it but did his team win Sunday?

    I love Brett Favre, but how lucky was that throw that won the game for him?

    I like Colt Brennan but he was playing against players that aren’t even in the league right now. (Like the receiver’s he was throwing too…)

    And the right thing to do by Campbell is give him this year to see what he can do. The Giants had a heck of a rush all day (Just like Carolina, anyone see what they did at San Diego?).

    Campbell’s got all the tools in the world and a great ball, and the insinuations that he can’t pick up the offense, I wonder where the heck that comes from? Maybe everyone here was a college professor of his? Ridiculous. All he needs is time to learn the offense, or does someone think that IQ of Colt’s can make him learn something in a month that all West Coast QB’s take years to learn?

    The teams that stay the course are the good teams in the NFL. The Steelers, The Eagles, The Patriots, The Colts, The Cowboys, The Giants… The teams that change stuff all the time are the losers, The Redskins, The Texans, The Dolphins (for right now), The Raiders, The 49ers.

    BUILD the team. And the first year we start trying something like actually building a stable franchise all you hotheads start screaming and crying about wanting to swap out parts and pieces like you know any better.

    The Cult of Colt. More like Cult of Dolt.

    Get a grip and cheer your team on, that’s what real fans do.

  23. Easy does it. One of the local sports shows last night showed Z w/ JC working one on one. Let’s see how Sunday’s game goes. Am hoping JC does alot better.

    That being said I am a big CB5 fan. Riggins said on another sports show this past weekend that when he talked with Jc & CB5, he said you would’ve thought that Colt had spent 7 years in the NFL and JC was the rookie, Riggins thought Colt should start but then again Riggins does have a tendency to be an instigator so you can’t always tell for sure what he’s up to. George Michaels basically said that Colt wouldn’t be starting for awhile.

  24. Hey chris you said some valid points, but Matt Hasselback took 5 years to learn cause he did’nt run the WCO in high school and in college. There is no way that Steve Young will start over the Hall OF Famer Joe Montana until joe got hurt. Jason Cambell ran the west cost offense in his senior year at U of Auburn so he should’nt have a hard time picking up Zorn’s offense. So if jason turns out to be the next Matt,Steve or Joe than there is no way Colt Brenann will start over jason,but lets just hope jc won’t turn out to be a BUST!!!… Aloha!!!.

  25. What about Todd Collins? Can’t he save the season if JC falters? Give Colt a chance to mature in the system. I don’t want to see anyone thrown under the bus, Jason, or Todd, or Colt.

    Fan SUPPORT is a powerful thing. Fan hate is self-destruction.

  26. Their are two ways to shut down this chatter is for –

    JC to win.

    Zorn to change his system to win now.

    Any time one of us peeps points out that it took 5 years for Hassleback to learn the system I get a major stomach pain.

    We all know Zorn wasn’t hired for a five year learning curve (JC would be a 9th year QB by then) He was hired to make a playoff team a division winning team that challenges for the conference championship. Week two will be telling.

  27. Good call people. I get a little hot under the collar because I’ve always thought JC had potential but never the chance to use it. His real chance was last year, and he performed well with a patchwork offensive line that really didn’t start playing well until late in the year, and then look at his receivers. Moss hurt most of the year, Randel El and Thrash hurt and out for parts of it, JC had a pretty good year throwing to Caldwell and McCardell, and kept us in some games.

    Anyway, I’m with the let’s wait and see crowd. If Campbell shows he can’t do it over the season, then that’s one thing. If Campbell can’t show it up at New York when they played some great defense, that’s another.

    And I think Colt did play well in the preseason, and look forward to him getting better. I like his chances to do well in this season. I hadn’t heard the Riggins comments but I do think you take those with a grain of salt.

    I do think a west coast system in college is going to be a good deal simpler than one in the NFL. All I’m saying is let’s give this guy a chance, one year to see what he can become. Not start calling for QB’s after one game. Everyone who has taught or been a QB in the west coast has said that it takes time to learn it. As in more than one offseason time.

    If my comments were a bit rash, I’d have to apologize for them. However, my feelings remain the same about Campbell. Give him the year before calling for someone else. I’m still into the building thing, not the piece swapping.

  28. Pres Bush can go to hell. If Zorn wants to attach himself to that sinking ship, by all means, let him drown.

  29. Nevermind all the Colt vs. Campbell nonsense… let’s focus on the task at hand.

    That picture is begging to be Photoshopped. Lightning bolts coming out of Zorn’s hands, perhaps?

  30. I say give Jason one more game. If he can’t right the ship, then he needs to go. That’s just the cold hard facts. Look at the conference we are in. JASON PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!! I think coach JZ is doing a good job. It all hangs on Jason

  31. I never wanted the west coast offense or Jim Zorn here. I’m not saying that to be mean. I just didn’t want it.

  32. Maybe Zorn should start at QB? I bet he’d have zero completions through most of the first half too.

  33. As I have been saying all along, Campbell should start for 5 games. If he cannot get it done, put Colt in that way we can salvage part of the season. In this league especially this division, we gotta win 10+ games to even be in the mix for the wildcards. I am of the group that says look at the performances of all the games Campbell played in. Watch his eyes and body language and you see someone who is unsure. post stated that Favre had a lucky throw for a win. Pennington lost…but they both played very well. Cassel came in and did very well in place of Brady. Loads of QBs did well and lost. All I am saying is that if Campbell played his heart out, earned respect of his fellow players and the FANS, we would not be discussing the issue.

  34. THe problem wit this situation is that Colt is 3rd string.

    Whatever happens to Collins? Is he #2 QB?…I think Zorn would plug Collins in if JC is coming along too slow. If Zorn puts Colt in before Collins..and colt does bad, then Zorn is another step closer to the 7-11 cash register.

    At the same Time if Colt does great…Zorn looks like a winner.

    I know 1 thing..from all the tv I watch..burrp. Zorn is one of the best QB’ Coaches in the NFL. Maybe the best. Even as a head coach you can see he is the QB coach. He drafted Colt for a reason..he probably did more research than we realize.

    Colt is making this interesting….and thats a good thing.

  35. Colt brings energy to the game, and he has fun on the field. The system fits his skills. Jason is struggling because he is not quite sure of himself. The defensive front is average players on their best day, and there are too many of Joe Gibbs old veterans on this team. Coach Zorn has to let these players know the effort needs to be better, and we need to get younger.

  36. This is what i heard from JOHN MADDEN from the last preseason game against the Jaguars on national tv. He said that Jim Zorn flew to hawaii to meet with June Jones during his golf tournament to talked about Colt Brenann. Thats why i know that coach z has a lot of confident in colt cause the kid only knows one thing and that is to win games. So i think that colt will be the starter next year if things don’t go right this season. But i’m kind of worried about this game on sunday against the Saints because the saints has a high power offense and if the redskins defense struggled on sunday against Reggie Bus and Drew Brees. The redskins offense better put up alot of numbers against the saints in order for them to win!!!!.

  37. No kidding…Zorn flew to Hawaii and spoke to June Jones? It figures..2 Coaches who really are QB coaches, both of em constant communication with the QBs on the sideline.

    The Aints are scary…but the Hogs gonna show some Spark!……We need a spark…!

  38. Colt’s time willl soon come. I want to see Colt in there as bad as anyone. If JC and TC can get it to together, it will only benifit Colt.. For those of us that saw CB in college, and then in pre season, You just know he is for real. No Colt no pre season win’s and the skin’s are 0 for their last 6. JC and TC have not looked worth a shit . Voice of reason say’s let Colt sit and learn. Colt has hardly had the storied golden boy ride to the NFL.. A lot of bump’s and bruises along the way. He had to fight for all of it, and he’s 25. A little older and more mature than most rookie’s. June say’s CB is the best QB he has ever coached, and JJ coached Favre early in his career. If the skin’s loose to the aint’s, and a couple More beyond that, Colt will be in there, and he will get it done, Just a little sooner than we thought.. Sunday is JC’s time to deliver, and I am pulling for him to breakout.

  39. The Redskins have already given up on Jason Campbell. They brought in Jim Zorn and the WCO, which goes against every strength in Campbell’s game. And to say he ran that style of offense his senior year of college is a bit misleading. He had Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams running the ball. JC is a play action, roll out, deep dropback QB. Everything that Zorn’s system is not. Hopefully JC can make the adjustments, but I don’t think he’ll have enough time since we have all these bandwagon Hawaii idiots already calling for his head.

  40. I know there weren’t many bright spots in the Skins loss on Thurs, but were a couple, Campbell never forced the ball, didn’t throw an interception and didn’t fumble, and at least three drives could have continued if the receivers took their routes past the first down markers not two yards short. As someone posted previously, Campbell seemed totally uncomfortable doing quick drops and reads, and that was componded by a very good pass rush. I agree with the opinion that Campbell needs the oppurtunity to make the system work. I’m not ready to sit him down just yet.


  41. Man you guys have pretty much influenced me, and making very valid points takin me for an intriguing ride on this CB train… Cuz I’m just as curious too of what this kid can realy do if given the opportunity. Early and not to late… Although I realy like JC and want him to succeed, I am getting a lil tired of the long developmental proccess and seeing these other QB’s succeed with lil or no time in their respective systems. I wanna freakin win NOW! Shoot man this losin mess freakin sucks and I’m tired of it..! Excuse after excuse! If your not going to succeed in this league, nothing just happens and not gonna! You gotta show it, the proof is always in the pudding. Reminding me of Joey Harrington, or David Carr or some of these guys… Look, JC’s gotta show somethin now, forget all that other stuff 10 offenses and everything else… NFL= not for long…he’s had some time it can’t be done in just practice, has to be done on game day. Besides flashes of stardom against teams like the lions last year with a lackluster defense and mediocre mobs, JC doesn’t pull out the win inspite of yards thrown, when the games on the line he chokes! No way we should have lost Tampa Bay, or Dallas, or Buffalo for that matter and others to name a few. Yeah team effort, but key INT’s were thrown in payday opportunities! Twice against Tampa Bay to someone who had his first INT of the year, and secondly to Brian Kelly who’s mostly unheard an a journeyman far as I’m concerned defensively! I’m done.. Go skins fans! We shall overcome someday. Freakin idiots in the booth! lol later yall

  42. One one of the sports shows, Casserly said give JC a month.

  43. I agree 100% with DON P 4-Life. How long did it take Romo, I get so tired of hearing that name “ROOMOO”. Did anyone hear Colin Cowheard on 9/9or8/08. Talking about just bury the Skins, their season is over. We have no chance of making the playoff with the division we are in. We will be on the bottom all year. Dan Snyder needs to pay me back for purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket (I live in N.C., and hate the Panthers)

  44. Yeah Donp, welcome aboard. Reaper, save the insult’s. Yes us hawaiian’s are all on the redskin’s wagon, an entire state of us!! We love a winner, and are boy Colt is exactly that! JC has had plent of time and some hefty paycheck’s to get it done. But when you look at his eye’s, and body language, it say’s he’s done. The Skin’s maybe the first team in history to loose all their game’s without an INT or offensive turnover, spectacular. Like I said before, I’m pulling for JC, but this guy is a sinking ship, and he’s taking the skin’s with him. He can probably here Colt’s footstep’s a mile away. Again It’s in his eye”s, You can see it . Give Colt the rock, turn him loose, and you will all be on the Colt Brennan band wagon!!!!!

  45. The problem is how long do we wait for JC to finally learn the WCO. CB looked more comfortable in the short time he had. Bottom line, CB can match or put up more wins and better numbers this year than JC…no doubt! CB has more upside this year and in the future! But, if you prefer waiting on JC to get the WCO…and waiting…and waiting…

  46. Colt Brennan will have a long career in the NFL….throwing picks in practice on the scout team.

  47. Reaper are sure your not JC. Those footstep’s are gtting awfully loud and the “Cult of Colt” is growing. And you will soon be a believer!

  48. The “Cult of Colt” needs to go surfing and eat some pineapples instead of trying to talk football.

  49. Reaper I’m gonna take the high road. And yeah I would love to go catch a couple of Waves right now. Unfortunately, we no longer grow pineapple’s here. it all went to the Philippine’s. We know our football here, I played WR in H.S. but the Waves always win out. I have been a UH fan since I was 10, I am a haole, and went to my first game in 78.. I’ ve seen a lot of the game’s great play in Aloha stadium. Even big Ben and Romo ( both got beat). I waited a lifetime for Colt, He’s a special kind of player. A guy like him only comes along every so often. When you see a team struggling, and you know that the answer is on the bench, You gotta speak up. You wanna talk football ,great, but at least have something to back it up. Colt has the #’s, they speak for themselves. Show me something, anything besides JC’s size, and hefty contract, and I will listen. To this point he has shown nothing. If he was even mediocre we would not be having this chatter. Wait until Colt torches NFL defenses for 300-400 yds and a few touchdowns. It’s not if It’s when! Sooner rather than later! GO COLT!!!

    ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!

  51. YEAH TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO COLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. As an “idiot” from Hawaii and a LIFE LONG REDSKIN, I give all “JC” fans an assignment; On sunday, watch JC’s eyes and body language along with how the Offense reacts to him. If he can get the team to buy into him, everything will be ok and they will win. If not he will be sacked and intercepted and make incomplete pass all day long. My point is, He need to bring a spark to fire up the team and right now he is not. COLT can fire up any team, even 3rd string ass savers, that get the win in preseason. As compared to 1st string….

  53. For a bunch of Idiot’s we speak the truth.

  54. Hahaha, with the way you Colt fans talk he should have been drafted #1 overall. Give me a break, just because I’m not from Hawaii and have a different opinion doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It’s been ONE game…and please stop talking about the preseason. It means absolutely nothing.

  55. Hey Ben, Colt would’ve gone in first in his junior year but he is loyal to Hawaii so he stayed for his senior year. Different opinions is what make this country great, just because we BELIEVE in COLT dosen’t make us any less. One game…yet its the same story look at Campbell, hopefully I am wrong, but aren’t you tired of our team putting people in leadership roles that the team doesn’t believe in? Look at different QBs that we had, at least Collins and Brunell had the team believing in them. Preseason…obviously means alot when your QB does the same thing from then til now. I dunno where you are from, but the QBs are the heart and soul of the team…They need to be the spark that ignites the fire for the rest of the team.

  56. So you’re saying a team of veteran NFL players will believe in a rookie QB who’s been called a “project”? I don’t think so. Colt may become a decent player someday, but there’s no way I’m putting a little rookie QB behind this offensive line. He would get broken mentally and physically. That’s the problem with you Colt fans, you blame EVERYTHING on Campbell. Sure he deserves some, but look at what he’s working with.

  57. Hmmm. You calling Colt little? Same thing was said about London Fletcher…Too little at Linebacker…but he plays like a Monster! I have seen in time and time again, people will feed off of others they respect. What I have seen so far with Colt is that the players respect him and will do what ever it takes to win with him. Players will say that Campbell is their leader and they will bust butt for him, but doing it is another story. I do believe that these Men already believe in Colt. Heck, Fans already believe in him…John Madden believes in him…Ben, research Colt and watch the team around him. You may come to like him too. Hell, his former reciever from Hawaii loves him so much that he is wearing Colts Hawaii number playing for Miami.

  58. Moss, Randle El and Cooley seem pretty decent to me. Colt is hardly a”little rookie.” He and JC are the same age. He is also the most prolific passer in ncaa history. JC’s #’s and record speak for theselves. So do Colt’s. No Colt, No preseason wins. Skin’s are 0-6 without him. How many more are you willing to lose with JC? Losalio is correct in saying that his loyalty to Hawaii cost him. Lucky for the Skin’s, they stole him in the draft. Go to you tube and watch. Colt is the future. GO COLT!!

  59. I never said I didn’t like him, I have nothing against him. I have something against these bandwagon fans who have shown up after we drafted him. And all they offer is biased opinions and trash Jason Campbell. Since when has Colt played with the 1st team? When have you seen them believe in him? Are you serious? On another note, hopefully Malcom Kelly or Devin Thomas can take Santana Moss’ job. He drops key passes and takes plays off (stopped running on his go-route). He’s nothing better than a #2 WR in this league and he’s our go-to guy. ARE is really a #3, and Thrash is a special teamer (who dropped a perfectly thrown pass for a TD on Thurs). Combine that with an old and slow offensive line and no wonder our offense is crap right now. Campbell does need to improve, but look around man.

  60. In the HOF game Portis,Talor and Radle El were jumping up and down after the little rookie threw his 2nd TD pass. And when was the last time you saw an entire state switch allegiance collectively. We have Cowboy fan’s that are now Skin’s fan’s because of Colt. We will all live and die with the rest of Skin’s nation. I think most would agree, JC playing well beifit’s Colt. If he can’t, It’s time to see what the little rookie can do. Fasten your seatbelt, cause Colt is for real!!! GO COLT!!

  61. First of all, you’re not a real fan of any team if your loyalty is based on a single player. Secondly, all those defenders Colt played against in preseason are now bagging groceries. Give me a break with this preseason crap. It means nothing. I know you guys love Colt, but he is not the answer to all the Redskins’ problems.

  62. Ok, how about regular season crap.1-6 in last 7 starts and 8-13 overall, now that’s crap. I don’t even need to name name’s. Is there a special process we need to go through to become real fan’s, or is self proclamation good enough, as it seems to be for some.

  63. You’re a Colt Brennan fan, not a Skins fan.

  64. Ben, First of all, I am no Bandwagon Fan. I have been a skin since I was a little kid. Watching Thiesman, Riggins, Green, Monk, Clark, Riggs, Williams, Mann, DA HOGS, Rypien and of course COACH GIBBS! I emulated Kurt Gouveia as a linebacker. If anything I became a fan of University of Hawaii because of Colt and Company. To imply that someone like me is a Bandwagon Fan is fighting words. I have gotten into fights defending the Redskins here in Hawaii. I remember when the road to the superbowls ran through the NFC EAST. I am all for anyone that will get us the W. If Campbell can ignite this team, than by all means keep him in. But from What I see, its the whole heath shuler thing all over again. Colt has sparked everyteam he has played for. Oh and Ben..Just because I am Hawaiian, Born and Raised, dosen’t mean that I am not a Redskin!!!! If Colt brings in thousands of new Redskins, than all the more better!!!

  65. I was talking to chaddyboy. I am pro-whatever makes the Redskins win as well. My opinion just differs from yours. I’m not implying that all Hawaiian Skin fans are bandwagoners, but you have to admit that the majority of people from Hawaii who comment on the Skins offense would not be doing so if it weren’t for Colt Brennan. That’s my only point, that they have a biased opinion. It may be right, who knows. I’m just tired of hearing about it when we’ve only played ONE game and everyone is placing ALL the blame on Campbell.

  66. Ben we want JC to do as well as anyone. I will be the first to say Colt could use a couple of year’s. True, we became Skin’s fan’s because of Colt. But UH has at least 15 player’s in the NFL. We didn’t become fan’s of those Teams. I was alway’s a 49er fan. when they Traded Joe I really was pissed. I have not had a favorite team since then, UH player’s or not. Before the draft I was asked who my favorite team was and I said whoever draft’s CB. My closet is now full of redskin’s apparel( no CB jersey yet, gotta get one) How great that one player could impact so many people. There is a reason why. All the negative rap on Colt and the Skin’s took a chance. Colt was loyal to us and we stay loyal to him and the team he play’s for. Beside’s, the Cult of Colt extend’s far beyond the Island’s. Losalio is a skin’s fan for life, and if Colt play’s his career there, so will the rest of us!

  67. Thanks Ben…your point is well taken. My point is that Campbell is the QB and the team feeds off of him. When he is tentative, as with the past 1 1/2 season, the team has no fire. Colt brings fire and emotion, just from what I have seen of him, he fires up the team. The people in and from Hawaii love Colt and his boys. You should’ve been here Ben. Talk about fired up. He got almost all of Hawaii Fired up for UH football. In the Washington game Hawaii was down by 21 (if I remember right), and he led the team to come back and win to go undefeated. Any way I see your point, but look at how Colt has fired up these boards and Fed Ex field (I seen it on TV).


    Read this and you might understand my frustration with this Front Office. Keep in mind they said Campbell was their guy.

  69. Colt Does fire things up. He was beyond belief here in a UH uniform. To get the chance to see him at the next level is a dream, The kid is just that good. Ben we may disagree on this forum, but if you ever come to Hawaii, being a skin’s fan, we would welcome you with open arms. We have a word “ohana”,it means family in hawaiian . We have all embraced Colt into the ohana. Now we are all part of the Skin’s ohana.
    We alway’s stand behind family. I respect your stand on JC, very admirable. It show’s how loyal you are to your team and it’s player’s. We are no different . The skin’s wagon is not the best to be on these day’s. It’s all about Indy, NY and NE. Yet, as I said we will all live and die with the Skin’s, Just as we do with UH. And If you are willing we would love to have you as a UH fan. And I promise we won’t call you a band wagoneer. Because you are a Skins fan, you are more than welcome to join the ohana. In time you will see why we love this guy so much. I’m 40 and have never felt this kind of passion for a player, even when I was a kid . Colt just brings it out. And believe me when I say, at some point ,he will bring it out in you .

  70. I just want to say something about this Ben guy coments on Colt and the hawaii people. Hey man i don’t live in hawaii im from the Grand Canyon state and some of my friends here are die hard Cardinals fans and when i tell them about Colt Brenann they said that they rather have colt insted of Matt Lienart cause colt is a leader not a follower. Im a big colt brenann fan thats why i want to know were or wat team is he on. Colt is from California but his “Heart” and Soul is in hawaii and were ever he go he will allways represent the 808 state. I just want to know something Ben why does the redskins fans go crazy!!! when Colt goes in all the preseason games that he was playing that should tell you something hm!!!!!!!!!. cause the kid brings “ENERGY VIBE” when he is in the game. Thats all i got to say. ALOHA!!!!. OH! by the way Jason Campbell better shape up and i mean better be good in week 8 of the season cause my STEELERS!!!!! defense baby will Rock his world…….

  71. Just a note. Colt backed up Leinhart in HS at Mater Dei of CA’s CIF,and beat the 1st team with group of scrub’s in a scrimage. Funny he just light’s it up no matter the caliber of player’s around him. Imagine what he’ll do with top notch NFL reciever!! Timmy Chang threw for all those yard’s and we all knew he would never make it. He had the ability to choke in the spotlight. Colt never does, and never will!! GO COLT!

  72. Hawaii 5 0/Steelernation…good to have you looking out for our boy. Going be interesting in Week 8, huh? If everything goes south for us in, ya might get to see our Haole boy lighting things up against you guys. lol Be safe, take care and latahz!!

  73. Hey, Lasalio you never know things happen for a reason. Colt is the real deal…. Aloha my bradda!!!!.

  74. To all REDSKINS, its a good thing when Hawaii and Hawaii’s people bring you in as OHANA. NOBODY wanted COLT and now look at least 1/2 or Fed Ex Field yell for him to replace Campbell. He fought hard to get to my team. He is here for a reason. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! HAIL VICTORY!!!

  75. Well said Losalio. I too was born and raised in Hawaii, and I am a haole. To see the local people embrace Colt was truly amazing. so too will the rest of the redskin nation. Colt is special, I’m glad he went to your favorite team. And now the skin’s are the favorite team of a giant Ohana. GO COLT!! GO REDSKINS!!!

  76. The fact alone that sportswriters, bloggers, etc, put Colt’s name/photo into their articles to get hits tells that there is more to this phenomenon than anyone realized. Colt mania has struck the mainland, too.

  77. “Funny he just light’s it up no matter the caliber of player’s around him.”

    Yea, he really lit it up against Georgia. The toughest competition he has faced so far in his career and look what happened.

  78. OMG Ben . UH was overmatched at tthe line of scrimage, giving up almost 20 lbs per man. And to say georgia is better competitiion than even a 3rd string defense is ridiculuos. You saw it happened to Brady in the superbowl Colt was 23-4 as the starter in his lat 2 yrs, and beat some damn good team’s. Washington, ASU and BSU just to name a couple. JC is overmatched everytime he take’s the field. Are you sure your not JC? Have you ever played Football? (madden and fantasy don’t count.) I’ll make you a deal. If JC play’s well against the saint’s, and they win, I will stop posting on Colt. If not, we’ll go ahead and help you up onto the Colt band wagon. Fair enough?

  79. What happens when Colt gets a chance and then sucks it up because we don’t have the personnel to run a WCO? Will you call for his head after ONE bad game? I’m thinking you’ll say, “Let him learn the new offense” and “It’s only one game”. But from the way you’re talking now, it seems Colt would come in and lead us to the Super Bowl. Give me a break.

  80. Bottom line is that Jason needs to perform better and convinced Vinny or Dan Snyder that he will be the guy because they invested alot of money on him. Not to mention they also paid alot of money for Todd Collins to come back. On thing about Snyder is that he wants to win now!!!! so if jason can’t do it what makes you guys think that they won’t pull jason to the bench just like what they did with Mark Burnell. Let me say one thing… think about what happens to QB’s that get drafted by one coach and another coach takes over the next year they don’t last if they don’t win games. Take Matt Lienart of the Arizona Cardinals for xsample he got drafted by Dennis Green and then came Ken Wiesenhunt the next year and said that he will put the qb in the game that can “WIN” games and that qb is Kurt Warner. But for the redskins it will be Collins or Brenann so by next year colt will be the starter and yes colt will lead you redskins to the promise land and jason will probbaly be in another uniform or in the CFL… ALOHA…..

  81. CFL? The Campbell bashing continues. Brennan was picked in the 6th round for a reason. The only thing Colt will lead is the scout team the rest of his career.

  82. Hey Ben..what happened, I left last night all is good and I come back this morning and we are at it again? Colt was taken in the 6th…So was Tom Brady…Talk about steal. To add to Hawaii 5 0, Not only does Campbell need to impress his bosses, but he needs to impress the FANS. Once the boos and jeers start up Snyder will be making executive decisions like with Brunell vs. Campbell year and a half ago. As for Georgia and the Sugarbowl, bottom line Colt lost the game. The line was overmatched and the line got hammered and Colt got hammered. But they never gave up. Ben I tell you what if Campbell can actually play a decent game where the offense actually plays with him, with some fire. The boards will cool down. But if he cannot cut it, watch these boards light up more than now. Right now there are only a few of us on here, wait and see on sunday night what will happen. I could not wait for Campbell to start back in

  83. I got cut off at the end…any way I was saying that I could not wait for Campbell to start two seasons ago after Brunel led us to the playoffs only to stink it up the next season. Seems like the same thing over again. I pray and hope that Campbell will do great next game and gets better for the upcoming games. But when you have a real WARRIOR on the bench and the other teams has an answer for our TIGER, it just seems like we need to change it up. Again if the fans start calling for Colt, we just might get him sooner than later.

  84. System should fit the players, not the other way around. The Redskins need to decide which way they’re going. Rebuilding with players that fit Zorn’s system, or catering the system to match what players we have now. You can’t try to do both like they are right now. And for the last time, I’m only trashing Colt because you guys trash Jason after ONE game. For real, give him at least 5 before you start in with that nonsense. This society we live in today is so enamored with instant gratification, it’s ridiculous.

  85. I have based my comments not only on the one game but since he has started as a QB. When Coach Gibbs benched Brunell for Campbell late in 2006. We all were calling for Campbell then. Last season he was still tentative, nothing has changed in Campbell. I do not buy into the excuse about having to learn different systems every year. Other QB’s just as “talented” as Campbell have adjusted to new systems and surroundings. Pennington for example, Miami lost but he still played well. The point I am continually making is that the team/Players need to believe in their leader/QB and right now I do not see it. What is said and what I have observed, does lead me to believe that Campbell is not the right QB for us now. Maybe Collins can do better? I dunno. But there are a lot of people that respect Colt, on this Redskins team. All I know is that Coach Zorn needs to figure this out before philly and dallas comes around.

  86. Unfortunately Ben there are major ego’s involved in coaching. They all figure they have the answers to lead a team to a super bowl. The only way to have player’s that fit the system is through the draft or free agency. True some player’s may be able to adapt, but some can’t. Players have big ego’s too, not to mention hefty contract’s. I have said all along that JC is a good football player. However, His number’s over his career are less than stellar. No one, and I mean NO ONE want’s to see him do better than I do so Colt can develop. In fact on saturday, the UH fans booed (unacceptable!) a local boy at the end of the first half cause he was not getting it done, Enter Colt’s air apparent Tyler Graunke ( skins need to put this kid on a watchlist) He threw for 218 yds and 3TD’s in about 15 minutes. He was suspended for the Florida game due to academic’s. When Colt get’s his chance, I’ll be the first to say if he’s sucking. Like I said, If JC can get it done, great! If not, then a change should be made. Coach Z drafted Colt for a reason. His offense is simillar to JJ’s. That’s why CB look’s the most comfortable. Let’s cool our jet’s here, and focus on sunday. REDSKIN NATION UNITE!!! We can alway’s argue again on Monday! And Ben If JC has a good game, I will gladly Say “Yeah Ben You were Right.” I’m good like that.

  87. Hey, Benji come on man OHH! the Campbell bashing continues man you sound like a “MAHOO”. Trust me Benji yea thats your name.. Jim Zorn will not change his system is either the qb have to pick up the system or the redskins will put in the qb that will fit zorn’s system. Colt ran the west-cost offense in high school and in junior college before he went to hawaii thats why you guys seen colt looked comfortable in the preseason games. So Benji stop crying already about jason what are you going to say if the redskins goes… 0-5 in the season. So if jason wins on sunday against the saints then the bashing will stop,but if not it will be more worst than dis….

  88. I agree with Hawaii 5 0/Steelernation….if Campbell does great and wins, than the campbell bashing and the Fans calling for Colt at Fed Ex will be less. Sure hope and pray we win, otherwise prepare for more Hawaiians on here. Oh an Redskins, dont put down Hawaii people for wanting to be a part of our Redskin Ohana, the more Redskins the better, especially against “Americas Team.”

  89. hahaha, go write about the Steelers (oh wait, they don’t have your man crush on the team). Zorn and Brennan will be gone in 2 years tops. See you guys have no idea how it works here in DC. Snyder has no patience and obviously a lot of the fans don’t either. Zorn and his WCO will be run out of town and Brennan will be gone with him. I don’t want fans coming to the Redskins because of one player, thats ridiculous. It’s on par with all of those bandwagon idiots for the Cowgirls. Who wants to be associated with that kind of loyalty? Nobody.

  90. Benji It’s about time you wipe the snot off your nose. You display a real lack of maturity in your opinion’s. obviously you are a young punk that know’s absolutely nothing about football.. Hey guy’s, only Benji is allowed to b e a Skin’s fan Act your age and not your IQ. If you Knew what you were seeing when you watch a football game then there would be some merit ti your post’s, ut you are just an outright moron, 5-0 and Losalio stop responding to this mahulani, it’s pointless, It’s time for baby Benji to get his diaper changed or give him some good slaps. I’m more than happy to give the slap’s.

  91. hahaha, name calling is the act of a desperate man. Someone comes on here and has a different opinion about your precious man crush and all you can do is think up terrible insults (terrible in the since that they’re not funny). Go surf and stare at the Colt Brennan poster thats on the ceiling above your bed. People who would be a fan of any team a certain player is on is not a real fan of that team. They are a fan of that player. I don’t care who it is. Your opinions show how biased and immature you are. Oh, and btw, I’m not too comfortable with someone called “chaddyboy” wanting to spank me. I’m sure you’d much rather spank Colt.

  92. sense*

  93. Hey, Ben thats OK that you are Hating on colt and his fans because they know the truth,and don’t you worried about my steelers cause they are the best there is. Infact i don’t have to write about my steelers because i go to all their games to watch my cousin #43 playing for the steelers VIP style. Hey, Ben i might come to the dc area{depends on my schedual} to watch my steelers destroy your skins check me out at the VIP booth…. if they let u through. One more thing that is great news if they let Zorn and Brenann go in 2 years cause they don’t belong in your loosing team. I have alot of family in the DC area that are die hard redskins fans and they all believe that Colt will bring energy and excitement to dc area….. so keep your head strait Ben the hawaii people don’t hate you or anybody because thats not the “Hawaiian Spirit” my bradda!!! the hawaii people will love you nomatter who you are,where you from, so take it easy my bradda enjoy your life to the fullest and have fun at the games on sunday….. ALOHA!!!!….. GO SKINS!!!!.

  94. Troy Polamalu’s cousin huh? Lucky you. You are right about the Steeler’s being a good team. But you make my point for me. If anything the Redskins need to follow the Steeler’s plan for success and instill some stability into this franchise. Calling for a QB’s head after the 1st game into a new offense isn’t exactly being patient and staying the course. I come on here and speak nonsense to give you Colt Brennan fans a taste of your own medicine. I actually like Colt and hope he does well, but he shouldn’t play this year at all. It all depends on how the team progresses from week to week, but you rabid Colt fans haven’t given any time for progression. It annoys me to see your blatantly biased posts, so I come on here and make fun of you for it. In 5 weeks if there is no progression on offense, I couldn’t say anything to you. If you were true Redskin fans you would be rooting for Campbell to succeed, not calling for his head after one week. So go talk about your cousin with other Steeler fans and leave the Redskin talk to the real fans.

  95. Ya know 5-0 you got it straight.. Ive been trying to rationalize with our boy benji , but there is no use talking to a brick wall, seeing how he’s the only real redskin fan on this board. TP is your cousin? That guy is phenomanal! Definitely the the inspiration for all the bruddah’s having hair hanging out their helmet’s. I saw big Ben play against UH in colllege, He lost, but had a great game. I knew that he had a future in the NFL. No suprise at all to see him lead steel town to the super bowl.( seing as how I know Jack s@#t about QB’s, and am not a real redskin fan, because I know Colt will lead them to the super bowl.) A real fan love’s to wallow in mediocrity, or less. Our boy Benji will probably be the only one there on sunday. How doe’s he get so loud? Glad to see you know a true great when you see one. Alot of so called expert’s called Colt’s performance against the Colt’s the greatest ever by a rookie QB. Obviously the real redskins fan’s didnt think so. Better to lose and beat your chest about how real you are. I’m willing to bet within 2 year’sColt will be the starter, lead the Skin’s to a super bowl, and JC will be out of the NFL. Alot of talk in the media that if he fail’s to deliver this year that the Skin’s will not renew his contract due to Colt’s, as the expert’ say( Madden, Theisman , Jim Rome etc, etc) “Colt’s rising star.” I’m sure JC will be ok, He’s made enough to retire comfortably for going 8-13 and counting. And in Hawaii we don’t spank, And we only slap those that are not worthy of a beating. Wasted energy! Hey maybe Benji should send Colt an e-mail so He can tell Colt how he feel’s. I’m sure all the boy’s on the line at UH that cried when Colt announced he was staying after his junior year, would love to respond in person. Just the kind of guy Colt is, Loyal and true! Only one like Him!!!!!! Aloha spirit still reign’s supreme. But no suprise why we don’t like some haole’s. And I am a born and raised haole.

  96. You would be a fan of whoever Colt got drafted to. Case closed. Go spank it to your Colt poster.

  97. LOL!!

  98. Is there a Colt poster?

  99. Hey, come on Ben you are still hating on us uhh! well let me tell you something man… nobody dislikes Jason Campbell he’s a good qb and a good talent. Now if the redskins win aginst the saints and Jason goes for 23-25 360yds. and 3 td’s kudos!!! to jason he is learning the system. All i’m saying is that i don’t buy that “krap” saying ooh!! this is his his 3rd offensive coach or system… thats why they get paid alot of money. For example look at the Miami Dolphins… they have a rookie coach with a new system not to mention they picked up Chad Pennington in 3 weeks or maybe 2 months before the first game of the season. Chad P. he had to learn a new system and went out and put up good numbers in the season opener against the Jets even though they lost the game. So Ben watch your local news and open your ears and listen to what Sonny Jurgensen one of thee… great qb’s from the redskins and the dc area sports experts are saying why Jim Zorn’s WCO is so easy to learn,but they don’t understand why jason is having a hard time getting rid of the ball fast and seeing the football field fast… u might learn something from sonny ben. Oh! by the way ben this is what jason said to the dc media after loosing to the Giants “Quote,” I had a hard time seeing santan moss and antwan randel[ ohhhhh!! those are fighting comments} on the play that he got sacked by jason tuck thats why he was locked on one target… Come on man he is 6’5 and he can’t read his other options on the play, so ben go listen to Sonny Jurgensen or go talk to him since you live in the dc area and he will tell you what he likes about Colt Brenann,plus why he thinks colt will fit jim zorn’s wco. So i suggest that you ben should do some research before you open youre mouth don’t just feed off colt’s fans comments and think you know something about QB’s. Oh! yea one more thing Ben don’t tell me why i can’t post a comment on the redskins web site cause i’m a steelers fan. Me and the hawaiian people are just showing some love for our warrior colt brenann because alot of people and the media don’t know what the people from hawaii see what kind of talent this kid has… the next Tom Brady in the making so don’t hate ben. Unless you “Owned” the web site or the redskins franchise {“which i know you don’t”} then i won’t post anymore comments. But till now people can make their opinions or comments cause this is America were not in Russia or the Middle East my bradda!!!… So, Ben be humble and have a good heart you might meet some hawaiian friends in the dc area man thats all i got to say you won’t hear from me on this board again untill Monday. Aloha!!!…

  100. Some good trash talking Ben. I like it!
    I’m a Colt fan from Hawaii…

    But your right…Give JC a chance. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The team was not in sync. The o-line was not in sync.

    I can’t trash talk cause I like da Redskins! They were great back in the days! Joe Jacoby, Mark May, Russ Grimm..thats TOUGH!

    Colts tough though. And those espn guys will eat there words someday…especially JAWS.!

  101. I have nothing against Colt Brennan at all. I believe that eventually he is a better fit in a WCO. But again you make my point for me 5-0. You call Colt the next Tom Brady, but did the Patriots throw Brady in as a rookie?? Noooo, they let him learn the offense behind veterans and learn what it means to be a pro football player in the NFL. And you can bring up Big Ben, but look at the team he has around him. The Steelers had Bettis and only asked Ben to throw 15 times a game. The WCO is completely different. I’m a believer in the “sit and learn” approach for rookies when it’s possible. So give Campbell a chance to improve each week. Calling for his head after ONE meaningful game is insane. True Skin fans are rooting for him to improve and lead this team. Hopefully he can, if not we have Colt learning and waiting for his chance. You all just need to realize it’s a much longer process than you think it should be.

  102. Ben what have we been saying all along? You just made the point. Best for JC to play well, and Colt to learn!! Come on, We are all wanting success. I want Colt to succeed, But better for him if JC CAN GET IT DONE! I agree completely with your last post. Can we make peace or what’ When I come to DC to see a game, I’ll be more than happy to buy you a beer. Can we bury this thing once and for all? Sorry for my part!! GO SKINS!! ALOHA!!

  103. Ben’s Right for the most part. He’s the true Redskins FAN.

  104. Everyone has their points…Now lets get crazy cause tommorrow is game time. I dunno bout you all but I cannot wait for DALLAS!!! Hopefully we can demolish the Saints and move on.

  105. Dats Right! Game Time ..this will be a true test! Da saints are awesome and the Redskins will be clicking.

  106. Anyone who has the best interest of the Skins in mind is ok by me. Hopefully the Saint’s mediocre defense can get us on track. GO SKINS!

  107. Right on Ben, let’s keep it positive. Hopefully during the week of practice, the light bulb went on for JC and WCO. If he can move the chains and put some point’s on the board, it should benifit the defense greatly. If they can stop RB and DB, Aint’s aint gonna win. GO SKINS!!!

  108. Ben You da MAN! Skins Got in TRACK! So did JC and ZORN! Electric!

  109. If you agree COlts are going to lose become a fan of FB page Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!

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