Day After the Game: Two Reactions

An interesting (albeit completely anecdotal) fact about last night’s game: everyone I’ve talked to today who missed the first quarter thought the Redskins looked so-so, but not like something to inspire insane panic. This measured reaction has been nicely offset by people who DID see the first quarter, many of whom walked away incredibly concerned. (Including me, I might add — it doesn’t come through as clearly as I expected it to, but I was deeply unhappy through that part of the game.)

Plenty of those folks are still actively worried. Here’s a quick sampling:

Sportz Assassin at FanHouse:
I left this game extremely unimpressed with Jim Zorn. I know it is early on (first game and all) and he must be given some time to install his offense. I get that. But the playcalling and clock management were horrible … and there are enough veteran coaches on that sideline that know better.

Chaz at the Player Hater’s Ball:
Here’s all I have to say: It was as much of a drubbing as any 16-7 game can be. The offense looked terrible, Jason Campbell looked almost as clueless as Jim Zorn, Chris Cooley was unused and the offensive and defensive lines looked every bit their age. Throw in a no-show from Jason Taylor and most of the secondary (who were only busy when they were dropping picks), and it’s pretty amazing the ‘Skins had a chance to get back in the game.

Lee Gibbons at The Redskin Report:
It was an ugly opener for the Redskins. Offensively there just isn’t much to build on. Jim Zorn is going to have to loosen up his play calling and let the offensive line and Jason Campbell earn their pay cheques. Its just one game, but until the offense can show even a smidge of potential, its hard to feel positive going forward.

Chris Mottram at The Sporting Blog:
New York totally and utterly dominated the contest. But it’s hard to say if this is because they’re just that good or the Skins are just that bad. I’m gonna lean more towards the latter for now and just hope the Burgundy and Gold can pull out at least a handful of victories this season.

MWP at Sons of Washington:
I’m hoping the overall effort on display last night isn’t indicative of what we’re in for this season, because if it is, it’s going to be a long one.

It’s the mainstream media, too. I linked to Dan Daly’s column earlier today, but at least one other writer was in a similar headspace.

Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post:
Yet the Redskins were never even close to winning this game. In fact, they were clearly overmatched by halftime. The statistics reflected a landslide that could and should have been much worse. The Redskins gained just four first downs to 14, and gave up 241 yards while gaining just 51 themselves. The Giants did not punt in the entire half — every possession ended in a score. It was just that three of those four possessions ended in John Carney field goals.

Most of these points are accurate reads of the game, at least from a certain point of view, and they’re hard to argue with. When the bus pulled away from the stadium last night, I was pretty firmly of this opinion.

But here’s the thing, and this goes back to the people who missed the first quarter of the game: the rest of the game really wasn’t THAT bad. Oh, it wasn’t particularly good — I’m not leading some sort of pollyannaish, “Hey, there was a lot to like from that game” charge — but I’m also not ready to hit the panic button just yet. It was a loss, and nothing more or less significant than that. Plenty of people put forth this view, too.

DW at Riggo’s Rag:
You probably don’t want to believe it yet, but it you go back and look at the tape again (for those who haven’t burned it), the Skins were beaten by the little things last night. The good thing about this is that a good chunk of them are fixable, coachable errors.

Ben Folsom at The Curly R: (who also has my favorite picture of the game)
Redskins defense does its job, offense has not enough flashes to matter; Plaxico Burress is still a stud and Brandon Jacobs is goddamn hard to tackle; special teams shine; mechanics and injuries are mattering.

Skin Patrol at Hogs Haven:
We lost 16-9 against the Super Bowl Champions in their house filled with nearly 90 thousand motivated partisans. Is that really so horrible? I don’t know that it’s any worse than losing to the Giants 24-17 in our own house, which is what we did early last season and still managed to make a success out of the entire affair.

BurgundyNGold at Hail
Fear not, Redskins faithful, this team will get better. Whether or not Jason Campbell is the long term solution under center, he will get better in this system. The offensive line will get better in the new pass blocking schemes. The defensive front four will get more pressure than last year. And while Greg Blache may not learn from his mistakes, Jim Zorn will.

And this, as you’ve probably gathered, is the side that I was surprised to find myself on this morning. Here’s what I think happened to me as I watched the start of that game: during the first quarter, the Giants marched down the field, converting third downs like there was nothing to it and finishing with a touchdown. Then the Redskins went three and out themselves, and I think in my head, I decided that this wasn’t just a rough start to a game but a continuation of the previous two preseason debacles. And I think that impression colored everything that came afterward.

After that initial touchdown drive, the defense held the Giants to field goals on two trips inside the ten, followed by a second half shutout with two sacks and an interception. Or, for example, Jason Campbell. No, I’m not going to argue that he looked terrific. That would be completely ridiculous. But even in a really mediocre-to-poor performance, he was sacked only once, didn’t fumble, and threw no interceptions. These are minor compliments in the face of an offense that could barely convert third downs, but it’s still not the debacle described above.

It was a loss, and — offensively, at least — not one that offered much to be excited about. But I’m going to hold off a few more games before I really start to worry.


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  1. I have two dogs fighting inside my head this morning…one is named “The season is over…put in Todd or Colt”…the other is named “The Giants looked worse than this the first two games of last year, and they went on to win it all”…long names, I know, but which dog will win? Ask me after 8 games…

  2. I was unimpressed and deeply concerned!!!! The defensive backs were pathetic, especially Fred Smoot!! Yes, he got an interception, but how many yards came against him in the air?? I like Moss and El, but didn’t we draft some guys with some size?? These two could not get any seperation! We also need to get some tight ends in to block and not just run routes! Cooley got spanked last night on both sides of the line! I know it is early in the season, but if this is the look of the future then we are in for a hell of a ride.

  3. I agreed with many. I was unimpressed with Jim Zorn play calling and clock management. The west cost offense . Look more like high school offense and Jason Campbell. I don” t know if he can not move does want to move, but did not look the quarteback of the “future” for the Redskins

  4. Thanks Matt for explaining the Inactives List.
    Looking at the “long floating pass” by Eli to Plaxico, it was the shoulder fake that Eli made first, that made that pass possible. However, if Favre made that pass, it would have been more on a “rope” (bullet pass); Plaxico had to wait for it. The reason why I am mentioning this, is because it directly relates to what Zorn was saying that Campbell needs to do…OR BRENNAN…

  5. The Redskins performance (and this goes back to the last couple years) starts and ends with our lines. I was concerned about our draft and not getting more young OL and DL guys, and they appeared to prove me right last night. They were just getting beat, out-muscled from the snap. Combine that with poor blocking on offense, and poor tackling by the defense (Doughty?!?), and you have a recipe for disaster. There were constantly players out of position, and the corners were biting on the fake EVERY damn time, which left Landry having to be the last line of defense…the Alamo position, if you will.

  6. My GOD people!!! Where’s your sense of a 16-game season!? I know we looked terrible in the first half and only lukewarm in the 2nd half, but it’s like I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen all throughout the preseason, “Three things: 1. They need time to gel as a starting offense. 2. The west coast offense is not a quick offense to learn. and 3. This was the first time the starting offense has had a chance to truly adjust in-game. All throughout the preseason they had a series or two and then they were pulled. Not to mention that when they WERE in, there was always a guy or four out b/c he bruised his fingernail or some other such nonsense.

    They’ll be fine in the long run. It was a tough first game for the fans, players, and I’m sure most of all, Zorn. He’s got a lot of pride, the players have a lot of pride, and we’ll get the ship righted soon enough. Remember he’s not only a rookie head coach, but it’s also his first time being the playcaller. I agree with the reason for the apparently poor clock management that the Z man gave in his press conference, but if you’re going to take that approach (I’m talking about using the timeouts when & how we did) you HAVE TO BE WITHIN ONE SCORE!!! C’mon Zorn.

    Chalk it up to a rookie mistake, and a gamble he lost.

    Trust me, while we won’t be going 15-1, we’ll be a team that other teams will have to take seriously and we could easily contend for the playoffs in the NFC if the players come together soon enough.

    -Trevor in L.A. (But FROM D.C.)

  7. coach zorn look like he did not know what he was doing, also 4q we were running the ball what the heck jason cambell has a arm please use it ,if they keep playing like this its going to be a long season c’mon zorn!!!!!

  8. J. Campbell has too slow of a delivery to suceed in a west coast offense at the pro level. His talent is wasted here. AND HE DOES HAVE TALENT!!!

  9. I am as big a Redskins fans as the next person, but I guess I have been looking at this season different than most. I know it takes time to implement a new system. I’m not sure how anyone expected anything different then what we saw last night. I was actually pleased that after such a rough start the offense did accomplish some things. Since when did fans start expecting a new offense to be installed and running flawlessly in 5 months. It’s a new offense for EVERYONE not just the quaterback, including Jim Zorn. He may have concepts that worked in Seattle, but he is learning his version and how it will work against a live defense as he goes along. If you look back at Coach Gibbs first season you’ll see that he lost his first 5 games. I guess he wouldn’t stand a chance to win 3 superbowls with today’s fans. Fans are calling for Jason’s head, but in the same breath we criticize management for having a quick hook and not letting a coaching staff build a successful program. Sounds like we fans aren’t that different from Vinny or Danny after all. Funny if you think about it, or maybe a little ironic.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  10. Mr LAW, you took my points, so I’ll simply agree with you, well put.

  11. I don’t think the Redskins fully realize what they have in Colt Brennan. If Brennan left the University of Hawaii after his junior year, which he was considering doing, he would have been drafted much higher, and starting right now in the NFL…
    Because Brennan played for the University of Hawaii people dismiss his talent…Ludicrous…
    Actually, Brennan was to be the Quarterback at Colorado, but to Hawaii’s Luck, he got dismissed because of “off the field” false accusations…
    In the long run for Brennan however, things will work out even better for him, because his hip is stronger now, compared to if he never got injured…
    All he needs to do now, is to “assume the roll”…knowing that he is the best Quarterback…When you Believe It, and Know It, That is when You Do It…

  12. Best Quarterback in the League…
    Assume The Roll…It starts in the Mind, By Beleving It…

  13. Have a little faith. Yes the Redskins did not look very good however the Defense improved as the game went on and the Offense scored a TD with a WR.
    Jim Zorn is new and learning as well as everyone on the Offense. It will take time but it will come around.

  14. Best Quarterback in the League…
    Assume The Roll…It starts in the Mind, By Believing It…
    (P.S. I misspelled Believing before, that is why I posted this again, please post the one with the correct spelling, Thank You)

  15. 2 thoughts….

    ONE….. Who was calling the plays last night? I thought this was a west coast offense. Why did we go… run, run, pass, punt EVERY play drive? Even when we were down by 9 with 4 minutes and we were on the 20?

    TWO…. If it is going to take Campbell another year to figure out this offense then put in Colt and let us suck with him while he learns the offense. At least he plays with passion and the team comes alive with him. Or at least let Collins guide us while Colt takes some more time.

    Last year we finally came alive when Campbell wasn’t playing and we finally starting passing. DO IT AGAIN!!!!

  16. What bothered me the most is the attitude of the whole team. In the interviews I saw last night after the game, only player who was devastated with the team not playing well and not winning was Jason Taylor..

    Teams have to be hungry to win, the Skins aren’t. What the players need is a leader who is hungry. (Not talking about the coaches here)

    A player who will play his heart out, give it his all, be devastated when the team loses because he and they have given their all, and one who believes that winning is what it’s all about. A Jason Taylor type. That person needs to be the quarterback. The Skins have that leader, but now is not his time, so Jason Campbell needs to just do it!

  17. Well put LAW, my sentiments exactly. Everybody needs to settle down

  18. Just watched the game again. The run game looked like an after thought. Mistake in the NFC East.

    In his first season way back, Gibbs tried West Coast smooth, not the West Coast offense but a West Coast pass first mentality, in the NFC East and it failed. He tweaked and tried to teach mechanics and technique and went 0-5. See Spurrier for another great example of the run as an after thought. Desperate, Ginns scrapped his plan, focused on the run, and tough defense and field position, special teams, and taking shots down the field, and finished 8-8. Gibbs 2.0 did the same thing any time they were in a hole – play Redskins smash mouth football. It still works. Ask Landry.

    My gut is that Zorn is no better than Gibbs, and please don’t be a Spurrier who never accepted the fact the Redskins are a run first franchise, and he’ll have to do the same thing – kick butt with the basics of a violent run game and build from there.

    Portis and Betts with Sellers leading the way can be the focal point of the offense. Jason can accent them to keep the defense honest when they stack 8 in the box. It’s coming – but will it be in week two, eight, or when Cowher comes in next year? Up to Zorn.

  19. IT all starts up front; the same snap count; they where in the back field the whole game,they no the count dont go under center so quick, no wonder Jason cant throw with a 3 step drop. An for the last 5 yrs. all we run are five out plays; Jason has a strong arm throw the ball down field until then 9 in the box .In baseball when someone cant hit the ball the outfield comes in to make the play.No team will respect u until you throw the ball down the field, often ; not at the end of the game. DIE HARD REDSKIN FAN ! lets GO ZORN leave it on the field

  20. time to trade JC to Baltimore or Minnesota and get something while he still has some value. I’m sure its crossed Vinny and Dan’s minds.

  21. To clarify – design of the running game looked like an after thought, not the number of attempts.

    Unimaginative and seemed to be more of an accent for a passing scheme. When the passing game malfunctioned, the run game wasn’t designed to be the main cousre.

    Again, that won’t work in the NFC East unless Farve is your QB.

  22. To clarify – the game plan for the running attack looked like an after thought not how often they ran the ball – like it was supposed to supplement a dynamic passing attack. When the passing game went for nada – the running scheme suddenly became the focal point and it looked like they prepped it as accent rather than the main course. Mistake in the NFC East.

  23. Good comments Law.

    16 game season, guys…don’t panic after one game. New coach and new system…don’t panic after one game.

    Goodness, Romo threw 6 picks in the Buffalo game last year – should the Cowpuffs have panicked and traded him or ditched him for a raw rookie?

    Patience is a virtue. Good things take time. Gibbs the First started 0-5. Patience. Patience.

  24. I’m not sure if having concerns = panicking, but other than that I agree with above comments.

    The recent emphasis on skill players over linemen, however, is starting to bear nasty fruit, and I don’t see a 16-game season helping that. I worry that age/health/general talent dearth on lines will supercede any benefit from “chemistry.”

  25. 1. Campbell has looked tentative in his last few starts…he thinks too much and becomes tentative in his game.
    2. Football is a game of emotion as well as techniques and knowledge. the leader of the team, Campbell, is un-emotional and thus the team feeds on that. We saw it last season until he got hurt in Chicago and Collins came in. The player/team fed off of Collins and inturn played awesome into the playoffs.
    3. EMOTION = MOMENTUM. The team/players/FANS all fed off of COLT in the preseason. I would like to keep Campbell for a few more games, maybe 5, and see what happens. If the offense continues to sputter put Collins in and give COLT some play time too.
    4. To those that are not from Hawaii, let me tell you a little about COLT. Even with the Warriors down 21 points, you still could feel his energy and you just believed he would lead the team to victory. Check out the Washington vs. Hawaii game.

  26. After all is said and done Cambell is the weak link and always will be, His reads are way to slow and he doesn’t have a clue about check downs, He says
    all the right things to the media but we can’t win with him at QB, it’s that simple.

  27. LIke so many others, I was frustrated with the way the Skins performed Thursday. It seems like the west coast offense style of play is going to be a uphill climb.
    Obviously Jason Campbell has a ways to go as starting QB. It just makes things that much more difficult in trying to win a game. I think Jim Zorn is a great coach, and maybe Thursday night’s loss will be a wake up call. The sad thing is, Chris Cooley played literally no role in the pass game. Isn’t he our bread and butter on getting those 1st and 10 opportunities?
    Randle El has no excuse for getting 2 false start penalities. To me, the guy who really put it out there for the team was Rock Cartwright. Yeah, Portis put in some decent trucking, although the Giants D had his number overall. The team needs to regroup and put in a good week of practice and look ahead to game 2.
    It’s way early in the season still.

  28. 3. EMOTION = MOMENTUM. The team/players/FANS all fed off of COLT in the preseason.

    Exactly, Losalio. You knew Colt was going to make something happen.

    It would be in Colt’s best interest to watch and learn right now. But he will be playing sooner rather than later.

  29. All thes people who say the team should have drafted linemen I have two questions for you…

    How many linemen are you talikng about? If you draft two OLinemen and 2 Dlinemen maybe one of each pans out.

    Who should have been taken where the drafted in each of the neglected drafts you talk about?

    You fairweather fans are all the same no matter the sport. People were killing the Washington Nationals FO and team unitl about two weeks ago when they got on a ot streak. Now the can’t say enough good stuff about the “young team”.

    I was not a fool who thought the Skinz would win last night and I certainly do not think they will go 15-1. I do however think that they will go somewhere between 6-10 or 9-7.

    I don’t know what you whinners want or expect from this team. They are not a top tier team. They may be top tier someday but it won’t be this year.

    Patience people. HTTR

  30. Yes losalio you are correct. all of us that watched Colt at UH know the deal, and Colt is it! All he ever did was win and bring electeicity to aloha stadium. He did the same thing in pre-season; 36 of 54, 0 Int’s and 3 TD’s for 414 yard’s. Sound’s like typical number’s for one UH game. Funny thing is If coach took the rein’s off him it would have been alot more! He’s scary good folk’s! He also had the 3rd highest passer rating of the 120 or QB’s that played. Campbell is somewhere near the bottom. He’s1-6 in his last 7 start’s. Skin’s fans you will live in hope and die in despair with JC at the helm .

  31. Never watched Colt play @ UH but am a Brett Favre fan. Met Colt at TC and watched several TC practices . Before the HOF game, called home and told them to keep an eye on on the Redskins QB called Colt.

  32. You should try to get some tape of Colt. You wiil see performance ‘s just like the hall of fame game. over and over again. Barring a carrer ending injury he will end his NFL career where it started! Gotta trust us Hawaii fan’s on that one. The kid is flat out electrifying.

  33. Colt Brennan is a rookie. If he had been out there Thursday night it may have been worse. Jason Campbell will get ample time to figure this thing out.

    Stop overreacting. HTTR!

  34. Couldn’t be much worse. How many of JC’s performance’s are willing to suffer through? He’s almost painful to watch.

  35. And did we forget about Cooley because apparently the offense did. One catch for 7 yards! come on guys, he doesn’t go to the Pro Bowl from just one catch. We have the talent and skill, we just need more attention to detail. What say you?

  36. I like Campbell’s talent, but he should be a little more proficient at the QB postion by now. Forget about the offensive scheme, he should be able to read a defense and feel the game better. I’ll give one more game at home, we need to see some kind of progress.

  37. Zorn need’s to leave the play calling to someone else.

  38. Im getting sick and tired of analysts bringing up the fact Jason Campbell has had seven different offensive coordinators in the past seven years. He could have worked with Bill Walsh for the past seven years and would still be a horrible quaterback. He is incredibly slow at going through his progressions, has terrible field vision, makes poor decisions, is indecisive and is inaccurate. If he plays a full season the skins won’t win more than five games and Zorn will probably be fired. The only chance the skins have to salvage the season is to immediately start Colt Brennan. He is by far the best quarterback they have and gives them the best chance of winning right now. He is farther along than Campbell and Collins in operating the West Coast offense and is a far more talented quarterback. He has shown that he is exceptionally fast for a rookie at going through his progressions, can effortlessly find the open receiver, has tremendous accuracy, has a far better command of the offense than the other quaterbacks and reminds me of a blend of Drew Brees and Brett Favre. Given the chance he will put huge numbers for a rookie quaterback and will be a first ballot hall of famer with Zorn’s help.

  39. Stone,

    How do you know all of this about Colt Brennan?

    I know you can’t be making these assumptions from preseason games.

  40. I have been a lifelong REDSKIN…as a kid I loved watching Riggins Bull people over, Green was awesome for a little guy covering recievers, the superbowl where we came back in the second quarter to destroy the Broncos was historical and monumental. Since the first time I watched Coach Gibbs announce his retirement our team has rollercoastered. Than Coach Gibbs comes back and we automatically have electricity in our team. I have watched Colt come to Hawaii. At the first announcement that he won the starting job, I was…who is this kid? Than watching him play I realized what he was about. The reason why we in Hawaii love this guy so much is that, he is like all of us when we were kids….playing to have fun. You watch him in any of his college day games to now, when he is having fun…it is electric. I could not believe on draft day…my REDSKINS, drafted our HAWAII warrior. In regards to Jason Campbell, I have watched him from the first time they started him, he has his good days and his bad days, and it seems like the offense does not “GEL,” with him. I am sure in the right offense he is great, but he was drafted to be a different QB than what Coach Zorn wants. I dunno but the same thing keeps happening to Campbell, game after game. Its as if he over thinks everything and does not have a natural feel for the game around him. To Quote John Madden, “some quaterbacks see pressure, Colt Brennan sees recievers.” In this league you need to feel pressure and see recievers, to be successful.

  41. Skip, He threw for 131 Touchdowns, 14,193 yards and a 70.4 % completion percentage at Hawaii. You can argue about the level of competition he played against in college but a 70% plus completion percentage in college coupled with the obvious ability he has shown in the pre-season throwing to guys who didn’t make the team and one guy who made the practice squad makes it obvious this kid is going to be a special quarterback. Hey Skip, maybe you can ask John Madden about the assumptions he’s made about Colt Brennan’s ability.

  42. I only have one thing to say COLT BRENNAN !!!

  43. Yeah baby!!! Bring on the colt and thie will go giddy up!!

  44. Jason Campbell completed 70% of his passes as a senior at Auburn, which won the SEC, was undefeated, and arguably won the national championship. So if we are going to talk about college stats, there is a strong argument for JC.

    But college stats don’t matter – this is the NFL.

    Have you been reading the blogs about all the picks Brennan has thrown in practice? He is not ready for prime time. Campbell did not do much to win the game, but he didn’t throw picks which lost the game, either.

    The defense of the U of Georgia mastered Brennan. What do you think the defenses of the Eagles/Cowpuffs/Bears etc. would do?

    As for Campbell, remember that Hasselback played so poorly while learning the WCO that he was benched for Trent Dilfer. Now he has gone to the Pro Bowl.

    Luckily our coaching staff has more patience and sense than all the people calling for Brennan.

  45. Here’s the deal folks. For all of us that had the gift of watching Colt play in Hawaii his pre season was average by his standards. W e have see him go like 50f or 60 on numerous ocassions. He was always having these 500-550 yard games with4-5-6 TD’s and tD’s and I’d just sit there in amazement going are you kidding me. In 06 his rating was 186.0 career it was 160. He threw over 1600 passes and if you count all his years including 2600 JC yard’s, Colt threw for over 16,000 yds. and 31 NCAA records. Knock the strength of schedule, but who else has ever done that. UH ran a 4 wide attack and colt was alway’s working from the shotgun and no tight end. He always knew where all of his reciever’s were, and he has a way of finding the open guy. Let hi throw to Randle El, Moss and Cooley and throw it 35-40 times a game ,400-500 yds and 4or 5TD’s, and You too will love this guy like we do. Zorn just has to have faith and turn him loose. If he doesn’t win he will be gone. It sound’s as if the bullseye is already being painted by some. He drafted Colt and that will be his guy when the hour of darness arrives. That day is coming real soon,and I think I can vouch for the rest of the warrior now redskin nation when I say “Our boy Colt will deliver!” Enjoy him, you are blessed to have him, wait and see!

  46. I have not doubt that Colt is good. I think he has feel for the game, but his is the NFL and I do not think Colt would be able to do all of these amazing things that he did in college.

    That said Zorn did draft the guy but it is not his time. The team will be ok in time.

  47. jason is a good person and has some talent but hes had his chance. give colt the same chance and we will see the points on the scoreboard.if the skins can put up 20 to 24 points we will prbably win with the d we have

  48. Sugar Bowl? Well our Oline wasn’t up to protecting Colt in the Sugar Bowl…However, dont we have a Redskins Oline that is better at protection than what we had in Hawaii? Colt had Three receievers…again, 3 recievers that had thousand yards in catches in 2007…that answers the question about him seeing recievers and knowing where they are at. He reads the defense and checks off recievers to find the one that is open. He can do all this here as a Redskin. It may be early to put him in but I am tired of riding the rollercoaster week in and week out. Campbell is just like all the other Redskin QBs that could not cut it but was kept just because. here is the cold hard fact! look at the offense when Campbell is in there…he does not lead them and they do not “GEL” with him. The team will not work for someone they do not trust. Its in there eyes, just look. Every time Colt is in the Team/Fans/Sportscasters get jacked up and fired up. Jeez you can feel it through the television!

  49. Well if not turning the ball over is all that matters, the skins can bring back Mark Brunell and have him throw 1 yard screen passes all game long. They may only win three or four games but at least they wont do anything to lose games. At Auburn Jason Campbell had Ronnie Brown and Carnell Williams to run the football and threw a whopping 20 Touchdown passes his senior season. Jason’s previous college statistics are mediocre to put it kindly. Colt Brennan may have had a bad outing in the 2005 Sugar Bowl but I would hardly say because he played on a team that was so overmatched in talent when compared to Georgia that they could have been a high school team that Georgia mastered him. The truth is that with the exception of the Detroit game, the 2007 skins offense was anemic with Jason Campbell as their quarterback. Had he not been injured against Chicago they probably wouldn’t won another game that year. When Todd Collins took over, the skins offense looked like a completely different offense. The difference was Collins could make quick decisions, find the open man and was fairly accurate all things Campbell can’t do. It may or may not be true that Colt is throwing pics in practice but an inexperienced Colt still has a much bigger upside than a bust like Campbell and a system quarterback like Collins who is having diffuclty learning the West Coast offense. Maybe Lotus can mesmerize opposing defenses with his spin and buy Jason Campbell the two minutes he needs to find an open receiver.

  50. Indy and the jet’s were just a taste. He was responsible for the game winning points in all three wins. Just think of the cry’s without those .As I watched all of pre-season, especially after the first game, it seemed like Zorn had him on a short leash. Gotta let him go. Again, his play was no suprise to us. what I forgot earlier was that he can really make the throw’s with a game on the line. He has gut’s. Incredible at the at the 2 minute drlll. Give him great reciever’s and look out! Look at it this way. He’s spent three years almost entirely in the pocket. twice as much as the guy’s in front of him. He’s comfortable there. JJ ran a hybrid run and shoot, similar to the WCO, shoot, shoot ,shoot and run. that’s why Colt appear’s so much more at ease than JC or TC. If you wanna win, Colt is the guy!

  51. If you have not seen any of Colts Hawaii games, just watch the Washington vs. Hawaii game, to see why all of us Redskin Hawaiians are just so strong in support of Colt.

  52. Dont, for get Hawaii bowl 06 vs ASU. 550 yd’s 5 TD’s al lin the second half after being down 14-3 at halftime. pure electricity. Those are just two of about 30 God only know’s how many more to come. No dis on JC or TC, they are good football players, Colt is a great Quarterback.

  53. Cooley caught only one pass because of exactly what Zorn was talking about…”zoning” in on only one receiver, and not getting “rid” of the ball fast enough. On the very first Redskin offensive position, the pass should have, and would have gone to Cooley, if Brennan was in. Remember the Jets Preseason Game when Brennan went to Goode, instead of taking the Sack, throwing off his back foot, to Win the game 13-10. Imagine what he could do playing with the First Team Offense…Pass Protection, throwing to the “Open” receiver…Regarding the Sugar Bowl against Georgia, kind of hard to find the open receiver, when your face is in the ground looking at grass…

  54. To those that support Campbell (Voice of reason says he should play about 5 games to show us what he trully is), he was supposed to be our savior, thats why we drafted him so high. But that was a different coach and different offensive scheme. He hasnt shown me the leadership qualities that is necessary to take our team to the next level. I hope and pray that he can do it this season. I would gladly wait to see Colt start in a few years if Campbell can lead us to the playoffs. He still hasnt. Collins has. Go figure. We had some good teams that came together and played together to go to the superbowl. so far the only spark I have seen in our games, came in the preseason when Colt was playing. Like I have been saying all along, players feed off of him. Sheez…even John Madden said he liked Colt and how he plays. I dont care who you are…thats some awesome stuff. Even the last time Colt played in the preseason MADDEN says,in part, sticking his neck out,”we are looking at one of the greats,” in Colt. Take it or Leave it DA WARRIOR CAN PLAY!!!!

  55. Das right!!

  56. Fellow Peeps . . . we should all chill on the Cult of Colt.

    He may be the answer. He may be a nightmare. But he certainly isn’t ready to start right now and when he does start in the future, here or elsewhere, he’ll suffer the same growing pains every single QB does in this league . . . unless he’s Tom Brady take 2 and I doubt that ver seriously.

    I’ve said this here before – the immediate question is Jason Campbell. Will Zorn adapt to HIM and not try to make JC adapt to a system.

    The single greatest coaching decision in the HISTORY of Washington Redskins football was in Joe Gibbs first season as a head coach. His team was a disaster as he tried to fit his players to a system imported from the west coast (history repeats itself) and he decided to eat his concepts and ego and re-tool everything he did to fit his players. Riggo and counter trey and 50 Gut and Joey T. as personality and THE HOGS were born. The offense went from dysfunctional to the single most punishing unit in the league . . . for the next decade.

    History will repeat itself and Zorn will invent a new system designed to work for his players here and now. They are all talented. They are all dedicated. They can win – playoffs twice in the last 3 years – so it’s 100% on Zorn.

    Same goes for Blache. Williams was a master of designing systems to work for his players. In my heart I wanted Williams and still . . . Ahhh forget it . . . it’s going to be another long year. What is this, like the sixteenth long year in the last 18 years? Geez it’s hard to be a good Redskins fan sometimes.

  57. Well said Gnome. I think colt will be the answer eventually, but not now. Even Peyton sucked for the majority of his rookie year. As far as G. Williams, if the Redskins wanted to win THIS year, Williams should have been head coach. Being the majority of this team is older than younger, I as a fan would have welcomed one more playoff run with this team.
    The only thing that gives me hope after that loss to the giant is the fact of 5 pre-season games, an early training camp start, an early reg season start and playing a team full of emotion on the road. I think the schedulers…….kinda wanted the skins against the wall? Lets face it, not too many people outside of the players in the nfl like Snyder.

  58. The core of this team is too old to install a new set of coaches and schemes, which takes a couple years. For this team to win THIS year G. Williams should have been head coach.

  59. Agree bigO. I’m still miffed double gg got the middle finger.

    But we got what we’ve got. And now it’s on Zorn to take a lesson from Skins history as I’ve been harping on for the last three weeks.

    We’ll see – Gibbs is in the HOF because he was in the exact same position Zorn is in – nearly identical except that those Skins weren’t a playoff team. And Gibbs made the adjustment of a lifetime.

    Some reporter should write a book about that adjustment. It has to be one of the boldest, smartest decisions in Skins history – NFL Net’s America’s Game about the Skins first super bowl team in 82 touches on it in their opening . . . it’s all on Zorn . . . time to buy a cot and start living at the Park Mr. Z.

  60. Regarding Tom Brady You Cannot Take his Past Performances as Valid Because He Knew what the Defense was running before the play started(SpyGate). They called down to him the Defensive Scheme 30 seconds to 20 seconds before each play got run. He knew where to throw it, before the play even got started. People are so easy to forget this, or just dismiss it…

  61. Skip in Va = The Voice of Reason

  62. Gnome = voice of reason.

    Adjust the offense or . . .

  63. Beautiful fake hand-off by Favre to get Cotchery open for the TD Bomb. The Jets are afraid of Davone Bess with that short squib kick, kick-off, after Bess made a nice punt return before. How does this relate; Bess did the same thing after catching Brennan’s passes.

  64. Favre looks good.

  65. Here’s my take on the coaching job that Jim Zorn has done so far relative to Jason Campbell.

    Jason has been exposed to this offense since February when Zorn was picked and I mean come on, that is 7 months to learn this offense and he should already be better than he has demonstrated. But he is being hampered through incessant over-coaching during the games and is totally swamped with picky details from Zorn. There is no other explanation for Jason not going through his progression of reads because he is fixated on Zorn’s comments leading up to that play.

    Zorn has to back-off and not be in Jason’s face between every series in the game. Jason needs to think for himself during the game and not be bombarded with technique pointers and criticism. If he has all this junk running in his head, his performance will suffer.

    It is no coincidence that Jason did well against the Colts and Bills. Criticism was minimal during those games, but the moment that one bad play occurred against the Panthers that was the beginning of an endless string of in your face consultations with Zorn between series. Jason’s a pro and you Coach Zorn are not a quarterbacks coach for the University of Minnesota.

    Here’s advice to Coach Zorn: Coach him up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but let him play on Sunday. It’ll work.

  66. Hang in there Gnome. You make a lot of sense. Gibbs looked like a big mistake until he made the adjustments. Have faith man. We’ll see what happens. GO SKINS!

  67. Okay. In a sports bar watching as much NFL as a pair of human eyes can see – on blackberry so I might have a misfire post here because my mega-fat pal, who I love like a wookie, keeps smacking me on the back.

    First, el Gnome has faith . . .

    But in what I don’t know.

    Second, Farve and Pennington both look freakin’ great in offensive systems after 3.5 weeks. So what’s up with JC? Sorry the 8 systems in 8 years arg falls wicked short. Those two cats prove either you’re first string or a really sweet back up.

    I think JC is first string but the kind like Joey T or Doug W or Mark R that needs a system fit to him.

    Ahhhh – coach Z please adjust your game plan because JC ain’t going to adjust to you.

    And I have to say this, and with no anti-homer vibrations, the Skins are the worst looking O out of all the games me and the fat pal (who wears his brand new Farve jersey drenched with Pride and salsa) have seen this glorious opening weekend of football.

    Coach Z buy the cot, sleep in your office, and re-invent the freakin’ scheme!

    Cowboys suck. HttR!

  68. If you were a new head coach and you had to rely on a quarterback who has shown that he does not deserve to start, how would you feel? How would you like to have your coaching career hinge on a guy that another regime reached on and you have to play him because the owner wasted a first round pick on him along with the other first round bust Carlos Rogers. How would you like watching him show zero ability in reading the defense, hold the ball too long , not be able to locate wide open receivers and be absolutely horrible on third down conversions and running the two minute offense and you get blamed for it. Zorn is in a no win situation here. He has to play a quarterback that gives him virtually no chance of winning and when Campbell doesn’t progress he will be fired and Campbell will still be there. Campbell will be fortunate to have a job as a backup within three years and no decent coach will want to touch the skins head coaching job with a ten foot pole. The reason why you have so many busts at quarterback is teams care about how tall a quarterback is, his 40 time, his arm strength and what school he played for instead of looking for accuracy, the ability to make quick reads, mobility within the pocket , a high football IQ and heart and you wind up with a Ryan Leaf, Dan McGwire, Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell instead of a Joe Montana, Tom Brady , Drew Brees and a Kurt Warner. I don”t care if a quarterback can throw the ball 200 yards, is 6 foot five, can run a 4.3 forty and can throw the ball through a brick wall if he is inaccurate, can’t read a defense, has poor field vision, is slow with his reads, has a slow release, has no leadership ability and can’t handle pressure he will be a bust guaranteed regardless of the quarterback coach he has or the system he plays in. Jason Campbell does not have the skill-set Colt Brennan has and he never will. For those of you that think a team is better off with a veteran quarterback simply because he has more experience I guess you think the Dolphins would have been better off with David Woodley over Dan Marino or the Steelers with Tommy Maddox over Ben Roethlisberger or maybe the Patriots with Drew Bledsoe over Tom Brady.

  69. Andre Ware, David Klingler, and (so far) Alex Smith are all examples of QB’s who put up ridiculous numbers running a spread offense in college yet were terrible in the pros. The NFL is a very different game.

    Given this, and given that Colt has not even thrown a real pro pass, we really don’t know anything about Colt in the NFL – whether he can handle the pressure, whether he can read pro defenses, etc. We do know that he has been throwing many interceptions in practice. We do know that he got away with several dangerous throws in the preseason. Therefore we have no reason to mention him in the same breath as the rare Marino. We don’t yet know that we won’t be mentioning him in the same breath as Andre Ware. I hope that this latter does not happen but anyone who guarantees us that it won’t happen is, at this point, full of you-know-what. Everything being said now about Colt was said about Ware – for a limited time.

    Rookie QB’s, including Peyton Manning, have a long track record of being rotten their first year. Roethisbergers are few and far between. Brady did not get the baton from Bledsoe as a rookie.

    Campbell made several good throws against in NY which did not result in first downs because his receivers did not run past the first down sticks – this is not his fault. Santana Moss had yet another egregious drop – not Jason Campbell’s fault.

    Campbell definitely does need to show something this year. He has had seasoning time. But an 81.3 passer rater in his first game in a new system, on a night when NY was pumped up in celebration of its Super Bowl, is actually not so bad. Of course JC needs to do better. But his performance was still better than a rookie throwing pick after pick.

  70. How long will the redskin nation suffer behind poor perfance affter poor performane with JC? He Will never lead the skin’s anywhere but the cellar. Colt is the key. The 08 UH offense looked painfully similar to the Skin’s. Colt’s heir apparent Tyler Graunke was supended for academics. We wathched 3 OB’s painfully struggle. Last night against Weber State, UH was down 17-7 at the half. 14 total yard’s in the 2nd quarter. Enter TG . He threw for 218 yard’s and 3 TD’s in a span of about 15 minute’s. all of a sudden it was A DIFFERENT TEAM! The only difference between he and Colt is 2 inches. This contributed to CB being labeled a system QB, When CB was out TG was every bit as succesful . Here’s my point, when you have a guy with the intangibles, like standing in the pocket, finding open reciever’s, throwing TD’s and winning game’s, you gotta play him . Colt faced a pass rush 50-60x a game in college. That’s why he look’s so comfortable now. He’ll make the Skin’s a different team and bring the same electricity to fed-ex field that he brought to Aloha stadium. I promise! The kid is a winner!

  71. We don’t know for sure what Colt can do against first team defenses in this league unless he is given a chance. Lotus makes a valid argument about quarterbacks that have played in a spread offense in college but I can’t agree about his analysis about Jason Campbell’s performance in the Giant game. If the Giants had not allowed the dink and dunk passes underneath in the fourth quarter Jason Campbell would not have even thrown for a hundred yards in that game. His quarterback rating was worthless when you look at their awful third down conversion rate and their inability to move the football. While it is true that Devin Thomas should have made sure that he was beyond the first down marker and Santana Moss dropped a pass that does not change the fact that Campbell cannot read a defense, is incredibly slow with his reads, doesn’t see wide open receivers , is inaccurate even when throwing screen passes, locks on to a receiver and makes bad decisions like the two pics he threw that cost the skins wins against Dallas and Tampa Bay last year. The honest truth is that it is completely absurd that after his performance last season and when Todd Collins showed what a decent quarterback could do in the Al Saunders system with the weapons they had that Campbell would be declared the starter after the season. You compound the problem when continue to play a bust in order to justify your drafting him. If Campbell plays the rest of the season the skins won’t win more than 3 to four games and Zorn will receive all of the blame and almost surely be fired. I don’t care how good of a coach you are, if you have a terrible quarterback you have a zero chance of being successful in this league unless you have a defense like the 2000 Ravens. Just ask Bill Bellicheck at the end of this season. Colt Brennan may or may not be throwing pics in practice and may have gotten away with throwing dangerous throws in the pre-season but there is no way he can be worse or even as bad as Campbell. He is far more accurate, is much faster in his progressions, has far better field vision and has a better command of the offense. If you think I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to Colt than I guess John Madden doesn’t know what he’s talking about regarding Colt either.

  72. anyone here ever have there nee pop out on the job and then miss work for a few weeks then have to go back to doing what you were doing when you got hurt? Did it take you a few days to get over the thought of you might get hurt again in some way? Has anyone ever had a job where thay changed bosses every othere year and the boss change every thing about how you were to do your job? How long did it take you to learn the same job but to do it a new way? It might just be me but i kinda feel bad for Cambell. Eli was what 19/35 and i heard some guy say the he has picked up right where he left off from last year?!?! Dint he finsh the season off realy realy strong and didnt throw no int’s in the last 5-6 game’s? Cambell might not ever turn out to be what some of you want him to be but please dont be like zorn! I realy do hope this man does a good job but i did see that he messed up a lot and maid some mistakes but guess what, this is his first year here so let him learn from his mistakes. oh and ps. zorn if you read this please step up to the plate and take some heat for some of the many mistakes that you made. If all you do is point out your players for the mistakes that thay make then please call your self out for the ones you make. If not all you will end up with is high dolloer player that dont give you 100% come game time! oops one more thing in what i just said, dont put all the blame on your self like Gibb’s

  73. Agree with gnome, skins offense was the worst opening day. On the other hand, some bad teams have looked good, and some good teams have looked bad, after all there are week one superstars. Remember “half my stats come on opening day Jimmy Smith” of the Jags? that can go for teams too.

  74. Redskins will be OK. Zorn is gonna be fine. It really isn’t the play calling. It’s the execution…of course a good QB makes Coaches look good. JC needs work. If Zorn decides to call a bench QB ..then I think he should choose by Pre-season performance and Practice. ..that would probably lean towards Colt. But if Colt does bad Zorn looks like a loser..soooo…Collins is In.
    In any case Zorn was one of the Best QB coaches in the NFL and should be a fine NFL coach. ..hopefully.
    Problem is..he doesn’t have much time cause the Redskins fans, owners, etcc,.. are just hungry for the Glory Days…sooooo ..He probably will make tough decisions..and maybe a gamble or 2 ??. would that mean Colts in? One things for sure..Colt is making things interesting.

  75. Right, bigO, watching the games really brought home the fiasco of the past three weeks? Week 2 has to be better I hope. And that brings me to . . .

    Colt = Hope.

    So I can’t be freaked by all the Cult of Colt rumblings because as Skins fans Hope has become the mainstay of our Nation. In the Snyder era how many of us actually look forward to the off season just because the moves inspire so much hope and seem to make so much sense?

    Then week one rolls around and it’s S.O.S. Same Ol’ Skins.

    We’re addicted to hoping the next thing is finally the thing that makes the regular season amazing.
    So the Cult of Colt makes perfect sense but don’t expect turning to him to turn out to be anything other than S.O.S

    But if and when they do turn to him in the future, let’s hope he’s finally the answer at QB. Until then I hope Zorn takes that lesson from Gibbs and changes his scheme to max out the talent on his roster.

  76. The definition of Insane is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

  77. Jason Campbell has only been an average quarterback at best in the NFL. Zorn decisions on quarterback are who and when? Unless the Redskins fix the quarterback problems and get the new receivers going, the skins will finish last in their division with a 8 and 8 recorded at best!!!!!!!!

  78. I am sorry, but I am not sure that Jason Campbell will be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

  79. Colt is the cure fo what ail’s the Skin’s. Just as we have seen so have all of you. We’ve just seen more of it, 38x more of it. When you see a guy perform like Colt, You almost don’t Know if you should belive a QB is that good. Go ahead. pinch youselve’s. what you saw in pre season is exactly what you got only better. Let Colt loose and he will set the league on fire. As John Madden said: ” you are looking at a future great!” Colt has been through a lot to get there . As he told Jim Rome on his prospect of not being drafted. ” People always doubted me and I’ve killed itat every level. give me a shot and I’ll kill it in the NFL.” JR’s reponse after Indy: ” I dont know if this kid’s a star, if he’s here to stay or what, but he killed it!” Risky throw’s means throwing the ball downfield . Any time you put the ball up there is risk, but also reward. At UH CB put the ball up 50-60x a game with an AVG of 1 pic every 45 attempt’s. He didn’t throw one in 54 pre season attempt’s. Come on guy’s when have you seen a rookie play like that? I’ll answer for you, never. He was the same old Colt, just with Zorn’s rein’s on him. Let him make alll the throw’s he want’s and look out NFL. You are all about to see one of the greatest ever. Go ahead pinch yourselve’s, now he’s yours. Prediction: Colt start’s by week 6 and turns it all around! Too bad it will have to get to that point before Colt get’s in there cause JC can’t and won’t get it done. GO COLT!

  80. again we are at the bottom of the division looking up

  81. So let me get this straight, Colt does well against scrubs and already hes the hope and future of the Redskins?

  82. Jason is lost, Todd is confused. Colt all the way

  83. Colt did it with scrubs! And my last name is Riley too! Are we related?

  84. Yes Colt did well against scrubs, he didnt see a first team defense at all, half the guys he threw to in pre-season arent on the team(Redskins) and the guys ghe played against arent on an NFL roster. He may develop in time but he is nowhere near ready to take over the Redskins.

  85. Wow. Leave to us Redskins fans to act like the sky is falling after losing 1 game on the road AGAINST THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. Keep in mind that just last season that team started 0-2(looking much worse than us btw). Didn’t they beat us by more last year? I can’t really understand why people are so concerned about the first quarter. In all honesty I expected them to look that sloppy for at least the first 2 full games. Luckily there is still plenty of time for this team to progress and plenty to be optimistic about. Why get so down already. Isn’t football just for fun?

  86. Wow. Leave it to us Redskins fans to act like the sky is falling after losing 1 game on the road AGAINST THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. Keep in mind that just last season that team started 0-2(looking much worse than us btw). Didn’t they beat us by more last year? I can’t really understand why people are so concerned about the first quarter. In all honesty I expected them to look that sloppy for at least the first 2 full games. Luckily there is still plenty of time for this team to progress and plenty to be optimistic about. Why get so down already. Isn’t football just for fun?

  87. I know it is only 1 game and it will take some time. Then again it was against the Giants, and I hate losing Division games and Conference games. It just puts us in a hole. I am a Diehard Redskins fan and I will cheer for them forever!! There was a part of me thinking that Colt should be put in….who knows it might happen before the season ends. Anyway I agree with what was previously said, if I didn’t watch the 1st quarter I would have left the game not feeling the way I do. Looking over everything past the first quarter it wasn’t all that bad. We had our chances, and Zorn will learn, and he needs to learn quickly. Lets march forward and beat the Saints!!!

  88. Hey I have the same last name as JC and I think its no fluk that he will bring me a superbowl before I die lol. But Give him sometime he will shock people this year. Colt yes u look like a very great QB but he has to earn the top spot not just one pre season the east will eat him alive. JC im with you Go GET ME THAT RING On Zorn you have 3 time out use them and another thing u had a shot to beat the G men and u ran every play let JC throw the ball will get that go rout to Santana

  89. Who knows..Campbell might be the MAN!…Hes got a good arm.

    I’ll bet Zorn gonna decide on this next game. I’d like to see the practice sessions…are the backups getting more reps?…Zorn is no softy … he’ll make tough decisions soon.

  90. riley your right all the way, colt looked good against the jv team but he’s no where near ready to handle a game against a defense like the pats. His head will spin, and he might turn out like david carr. let him learn the system for a year, then if were still talkin about this next september throw him in and see what he can do.

  91. trying to remember, didnt the skins keep Trent Green on the bench to play Heath Shuler. Just saying this whole deal seems eerily familiar.

  92. Let me just say something about all the redskins drama thats going on, the bottom line is that you guys need a QB. Jason Campbell is good qb but he is not the qb for the west-cost offense that Zorn runs because he is not confident as a pocket passer,doesnt read the defence,doesnt have a football IQ and is not an accurate passer. It seems like jason campbell is a slow-learner. I dont buy that bull$$$$ OH!!! hes been in 4 0r 8 different offense in his career thats why you get paid millions of dollars. So i think if all you redskins fans want to get back to the exciment days that you guys had in the Art Monk and the Darrell Green era when they won the superbowl i think you guys should convinced Vinny and Dan Snyder to let COLT BRENANN lead you guys to the promise land and i will guarentee that Colt will deliverd because the kid has a big heart and has a very high football IQ. The people in Hawaii loves and will support Colt were ever he goes because every time he step foot inside Aloha Stadium you can feel the energy and the exciment that he brings in every game the warriors played. Much-Mahalo to all you redskins fans. Colt just be humble and dont worry youre time will come soon to shine cause i know that you will be the next Tom Brady!!!!!!! in the making.

  93. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like that bad of a loss considering some teams were blown away in their first games. There is much work to do, but the Redskins will get better.

  94. Ok so i guess alot of us skins fans are un happy with campbell but any way you look at it i think it would be best if Colt stays on the sideline for now. Colt looked really good when he got in for the first two preseason games but in are last two blow outs how many points did he get us? He might of moved the ball better then campbell but he had way more time in the game then him; ; If we were smart we would try to suport jason and stop all this talk about Colt. Colt will be there but look at some of the good qb’s out there now like homo from the cowgirls. he sat on the bench his firat 2 years? Rodgers sat the bench 3 years? WOW just had a flash back when all us skins fans wanted to see patrick ramsey! yeah that turned out real good didnt it. I still hear peapole talk about how we screwed him up by just throwing him out there and not giveing him no OLINE. Hmm think im going to search youtube to see if i can find a clip or two of the hits he took. Mr hawaii can you name me 3 good qb’s that have ever had to learn 3 diffent play books? Jason might not be as great as some of us skins fan want him to be but please give him time. His first year he sat, second year he sat the frist 5-6 games before he got put in, thered year he goes out with a banged up nee only to have todd come in to look good! He should of looked good if you ask me becouse he was only in that office for 10 years to leard the 700 page playbook. Then he had to sit on the side line with all of us fans talking about how todd should start next year; ; What do you think that did to jasons mental? Then you add the fact that he is comeing off a banged up nee and no one wants to think that he just might be a little uncofterbale in the pocket for a few games, takeing the time to look around before he might take a hit like ramsey did. Ok well i guess thats all i have to say about that. One more thing lol i had to work last saterday and on my break i was tuned in to espn 980 redskins redio and i dont know what show it was but some guy said that eli picked up right where he left off from last year. I was like WTF is he on. He was like 19 of 35 with one int and should of been at least 3. I think his qb rating was 54. something and jason’s was 55. something. We all seen how bad jason looked and if he had a better rating then eli then where does he get off talking about jason

  95. I think the bottom line is, right now, who’ll get you the most wins…I think CB would be able to match JC in wins this year, or even more! He has the upside, much more than JC now and in the future!

    I don’t think JC would’ve put up the kind of numbers CB in preseason, by the way. CB led 2 come-from-behind wins.

  96. ..Give Zorn and Cammbpell a least another game or 2.

    Colt will have his day to shine …but they gotta pull him out of 3rd string and place him 2nd stringer. Other wise it’s Collins.
    Actually Collins might be good Trade Value. He proved he can Lead the team to wins last year. With all these QB’s going down and Vince young,. Collins is a much better QB than alot of these guys. He is probably an immediate starter on other teams. And right now other teams are lookin for immediate starters..experience.
    Colt….rookie ? no trade value not there..not yet. Give em time…and the he’ll prove himself..once again. Thats his Character..

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