Redskins @ Giants – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • I have to admit, I’ve been skeptical of Eli Manning for his entire career, but he’s looked sharp tonight, even with guys ready to hit him as soon as he throws. The ball still wobbles in flight, but it’s arriving consistently on target. My football world has been shaken to its very core.
  • The closed-captioning on the TVs in the press box is in Spanish, for some reason. I’m a little surprised to find that the Giants become Los Gigantes — I would’ve thought team names would’ve just been reproduced phonetically rather than being translated. Being in the press box is educational.
  • The Giants are held to a field goal again, and yet again it feels like a very (very, very) small victory. I just looked up and saw that the score is 13-0, and I was actually pleased to see that it was that close. The offense needs to get it together quickly, though, or else it’s not going to matter at all.
  • I can’t decide if I should be happy that a short pass to Chris Cooley gained yardage even though it was negated by a penalty. The fact that I’m even considering this is somewhat grim. (Not as grim as yet ANOTHER three and out, which just happened, but grim nonetheless.)
  • LaRon Landry makes up a bit for getting road-graded earlier, making a shoestring tackle of Brandon Jacobs to prevent a 24 yard run from turning into a touchdown.
  • A big stop on third down leads to another Giants field goal. Somehow, 16-0 does not feel as close as 13-0.
  • Press box chatter: “They need at least a field goal before the half.” “Would you settle for a first down before the half?” Disheartening!
  • Rock Cartwright, special teams captain and last year’s Redskins special teams player of the year, is single-handedly trying to keep the team in this thing with a long kickoff return.
  • First first down of the game, first completion for Campbell. These two things are more exciting than they really have any right to be.
  • On the play before the touchdown to Santana Moss, Jason Campbell rolled out of the pocket to throw. It feels like at every Redskins game I’ve watched for the last five years, someone has been screaming that they need to move the QB more. No one in the press box was doing that, but that didn’t make the rollout any less nice to see.
  • Speaking of the press box, the sense of relief from the Redskins staff up here at that touchdown was literally palpable — like the pressure change in a descending airplane or something. That was a good reminder that there may not be cheering up here, but that doesn’t mean people are disinterested.

14 Responses

  1. Its gonna be a looooong season…..

  2. paging gregg williams.

  3. Matt,

    Why aren’t we run blitzing from outside of the tackles (kind of like Marcus Washinginton’s last tackle) and hitting Brandon Jacobs before he gets his momentum going? If he gets to the line of scrimmage he’s going to get 5 yards just due to how big and fast he is. I don’t understand why we don’t loop around outside and hit him before he gets going.

  4. Question, what does the captioning use for the Redskins?

  5. So far, mainly “la equipa de Washington,” although I think I saw one “Redskins,” untranslated.

  6. Ha :D Thanks

  7. I am dizzied by the imaginative playcalling.

  8. is Smoot OK???

  9. Can’t tell — he’s on the far side of the field.

  10. He’s up and being helped across the field.

  11. The skins seem to be the only team that will have a 3rd and 5 and throw a 3 yard pass.

  12. This team has no confidence and are playing like they have not clue. This is the reason why starter should play more in the preseason

  13. The QB has no confidence! It’s evident to everyone watching this game!!

  14. It’s gonna be a long season…the team looked like it did the final two preseason games…completely out of whack with no confidence.

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