Redskins @ Giants – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • Clarifying the last point in the Third Quarter Thoughts post, I’ve actually thought that Torrance has looked reasonably solid in practice. I would’ve just expected that the offense would go after the replacement guy no matter who it was.
  • As LaRon Landry rushed in on Eli Manning and was nearly stopped, a few people in the press box started to comment on the nice blitz pickup by the defense. Which just made it all the more impressive when Landry got right back up and shared in the sack with Andre Carter. More impressive to me, anyhow.
  • Nice job by the defense forcing the Giants to punt. Antwaan Randle El’s punt return for negative two yards was a bit less exciting.
  • And again, the receiver’s route on third down comes up just short of the first down marker. I don’t pretend to be a professional football coach (or even an amateur one), but it really seems to me that something there doesn’t fully make sense.
  • When Jason Campbell drafted Chris Cooley for his fantasy team, I really expected to see Cooley a bit more involved than this. (“This,” as of 9:13 remaining, is technically no receptions, although he did have one solid play negated by a penalty.) As Cooley notes, maybe the guys on the team really don’t have the firmest grasp on fantasy football strategy.
  • Since the first Giants drive of the game, the defense has seemed to play steadily better. Holding them to field goals on their remaining scoring drives in the first half, and notching a shutout, two sacks and an interception in this one.
  • And there’s Cooley’s first catch of the night. For all the talk of tempo in practice, in training camp, and in interviews, I’m a little surprised that the team is huddling up, taking their time between plays, and still running the ball with the clock ticking and two scores needed.
  • The unsuccessful fourth down conversion attempt with 2:02 remaining all but seals this one. The Giants will run, and the Redskins will burn their timeouts, and that’ll be it.
  • Orrrrrr … the defense will hold the Giants to fourth and inches with just over a minute and half remaining, and we can all hang on just a little longer. That’s possible too. (More than possible, I guess, as it’s what just happened.)
  • But, with the exception of a few passing statistics and what looks like a minor injury to a Giants player, the result is exactly what it would’ve been if the Giants had gotten that first down. Giants 16, Redskins 7.
  • Not an encouraging start to the season, and right now that statistic Dan Steinberg came up with about the team’s record after losing the opener seems like the best thing to focus on. Well, that and the solid play of the defense in the second half. But mainly that completely random, arbitrary statistic. It’s going to be a long and presumably unpleasant train ride home.

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  2. Okay I’m definitely biased; however, I think some of the Giants players were exceptionally bad tempered sports tonight. I’ll definitely highlight Brandon Jacobs as it seems as if he was spoiling for a fight for the first half. I don’t remember who on the Giants side was involved in the “face mask” incident in the 2nd half but on the whole it just came across as them fighting dirty tonight.

    Yeah we sucked the first quarter and a half and frankly I think the offense on a whole was pretty bad. I haven’t been one to jump on the “let’s get rid of Jason Campbell bandwagon” but after seeing him tonight I’m definitely not as confident that he can be what we need. Also as another poster said about running the Portis up the middle play, yeah I get that. It got old after the 2nd time it didn’t produce anything.

    I really hope Zorn starts to learn as I believe anyone can learn anything (for the most part) but some of these play calls were absurd. Let’s hope everyone learns from this game.

    On the upside, I think the D looked decent in the 2nd half. At least the Giants didn’t score again.

  3. Another long season….Thanks Snyder…..wish we would of hired Gregg Williams!

  4. this team is not the same as it was. The offense looked lost, the team as a whole seemed uninspired. I do not expect many wins early on. Maybe late in the season when it is too late for a postseason push, the offense may come together. I feel bad for C.P. this guy knows what he has to do physically and mentally, I can’t say the same for the rest of the team. This team is tired!
    I wish the rest of them had the fire C.P. has.

  5. With Colt Brennan on the sidelines…painful to watch.
    (P.S. Why was Brennan listed on the Inactives List…Exactly what does the Inactives List mean ??…Is Brennan OK ??)

  6. Are we forgetting the special teams? Our new punter had a net aveage under 35 yards…Vinny’s other draft choices were visibly absent too. James Thash looks old and his draft pick back-ups can’t play. Too bad, Vinny can’t judge talent.

  7. Another “posting” said “If this is the West Coast Offense, California must have finally fell into the ocean”…My “Add To” Response is: The Redskins should adopt the Extreme West Coast Offense with Colt Brennan (Brennan played for the University of Hawaii)…Even the Giants tonight had a point in the game when they suffered from the “Non-Extreme West Coast Offense”, when they elected to run the ball on 3rd and short, when there short passing game was working all night up to that point. Even John Madden, pointed out that play as a shift in the game, and the Giants momentum. My Comment: “You have to play to Win”, not, “not to Lose”.

  8. HA HA Give it up Washington Foreskins HAHA.
    You guys made Eli look like Peyton!!!



  9. Thank you Vinny Cerato!

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  11. Also in response to Matt’s first thought on this post. I think Torrence is a solid corner. Smoot is good, but I think Leigh has a gigantic upside, he’s young, fast, and learning the defense…yet again. Give him time and he may crack our starters in a few years. Remember, Springs is getting older…

  12. This is the most mealy mouthed crap I’ve ever read, first time/last time – worse than the product Snyder just put on the field

  13. Look on the bright side, we are leading the league in interceptions!

  14. Man this is going to be a long season again. Jason looked lost.
    1.How can you only throw one pass to Chris Cooley?
    2. Jason can’t double pump the ball in the WEST COST OFFENCE, you’ve got to throw the ball
    3. Clinton needs to look at the Giants back, that’s what happens when you lift weights in the offseason. Ask LaRon Landry
    4. Where is the O-Line.
    5. Gregg Blache looks lost.
    6. Thanks again Venny and Dan for another long season :(

  15. Wow after one game everyone is jumping ship. Sure there were things what went bad, real bad last night, but those are things that can be corrected, after all it is only the first game. Give it time and things will turn around.

  16. Hey, It was the Super Bowl Champs. I will start getting worried if we lose the next two. NFC East is tough and losses are somewhat expected to these (playoff bound) teams.

  17. look at the last two preseason games

  18. I have been a Redskins fan for many years now. I have seen the good and bad team. But what gets me is that they dont seem to put their hearts out.

    Last nights game was pitty full to watch. The whole team seem “confused”. Since the the Joe Theisman era. The team has gone down hill…

    the team has to do better….

  19. I’ll give this offense some time, but a few things are unacceptable –

    1. Antwan – you are a WR, STAY ONSIDE.
    2. To all the WRs – When is 3rd and “X”, take your route past the first down marker. Devin, I know you are a rookie, and you did a great job alerting Jason your corner was blitzing, but for pete’s sake, take your route past the marker.
    3. Like everyone else stated, get Cooley involved.

    Zorny – I have faith that you’ll make JC better…this is what you are known for. I’ll give you some time with the play calling and game management – heck, you were hired as O Coordinator, not head coach..well, at least not initially.

    ps – snyder – don’t ever let me catch you in public – you’ve got a straight right coming to your nose. Thanks for ruining a franchise.

  20. Some of these comments are the very reason why I don’t listen to people when they claim to be Redskins “fans”. One game. Just like that everyone turns their backs. Like you all have forgotten everythig surrounding this. Yes Snyder is a doofus. Vinny could have done better…but we move on. Jason Campbell said himself Devin and Malcolm were lazy in the offseason. Now you see the results. We gotta move forward. With the sluggish offense being what it was. I still found positives and am very optimisitic.

    * We did not turn the ball over.
    * Zorn likes to run the ball and get Portis carries.
    * Jason didn’t get beat up (although getting sacked on the first offensive series was pityful)
    * London Fletcher had 17 tackles…lemme say it again. 17 tackles. Holy Moley.
    * Laron, Carlos and Smooty gave up big plays….but over all…in the second half (when Leigh filled in)….they looked realy good.

    Offensively Zorn was timid. He was scared to air it out. I understand his play calling. Silly but I understand it. It’ll be different next week. Gotta take the L.

    I think by Week 5 Devin will show me something. I think Reed Doughty will lose his spot to Kareem Moore. in this first stretch…we’ll go 2-3 at worst.


  21. I agree with everything u just said Ahmad. We didn’t lose to Atlanta or miami, we lost to a very good football team at home the first game after there superbowl victory, it’s not time yet to call it quits on the season. If we won at the end of the game, everyone on this thing would be sayin how good we are, and the first half wouldn’t have meant much. There were positive things to take out of this game.

    *Portis ran hard
    *defense in the second half played really well, and even in the first half i didnt think they played bad. There were some missed opertunities and plaxico had some juggling circus catches that he should have dropped, and the fact, that the offense didn’t help them out at all by going 3 and out every drive.
    *no turnovers
    *O-line played solid except for a few plays

    This is just a game that zorn needs to learn from as a coach and move on to the next.

  22. The subject matter is beyond the fact of this only being one loss. The team was flat out non-competitive. The main problem with this team starts at the very top, Yes “MISTER” Snyder as he prefers, is to blame.When a player sees how quick he is willing to dump any coach, [mainly G. Williams] or player, it is very hard to play for this orginization. Congrats Snyder, you have received exactly what you wanted, a bunch of guys there for a paycheck. And he should keep handing out the big paychecks, that way the Rod Tidwell’s will make sure to bring their best game to play against the Redskins

  23. Colt Brennan time baby!

  24. This team is really out of balance. Jason nor Todd can run this offence. Colt Brennan is the only one that seems to have a clue

  25. Colt Brennan rings in the back of my mind….but for now Imma see what Jason can muster. If he can throw 2 more tds against N.O. and no picks….I think he may have figured things out for himself.

  26. jc can’t makes the reads. if you noticed, he is only good if the first read is open. if it is not there, he is trouble. that is how he got the touchdown to moss; moss was the first read. the system is over his head right now. he needs to learn how to read the defense so that you know right away who should and shouldn’t be open.

    cb knows how to quickly read this system very well. zorn even mentioned that certain passing plays were for short gain, yet cb threw the ball at the deep guy because the defense were set up to prevent the short pass.

    if jc can’t adjust in the next few games, cb should get a shot.

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