Redskins @ Giants – First Quarter Thoughts

Okay. I’m still having trouble posting pictures, despite the best efforts of the Giants Stadium IT people, and I can’t consistently see the published version of the blog itself, oddly enough. But I can get to this page, and people are telling me they can see the one pregame post I managed to get up, so I’ll put up my quarter-by-quarter thoughts like usual and hope they get through. I really expected to have worked out all these kinks in preseason.

  • Interesting note about the press box: they had the stadium noise coming through the speakers as the Giants did their Super Bowl trophy pregame presentation, so it felt for a minute or two like being in the stadium. When they switched the audio off, it was like a curtain slammed down — really made it clear just how soundproof it is up here. (Very. Very, very soundproof.)
  • Special teams runs down on the opening kickoff and Mike Sellers makes a quick, effective tackle — much crisper than anything I saw in preseason. I guess maybe there’s something to the whole “special teams in preseason is made up of guys who aren’t gonna make the team” thing that I’ve been hearing for the last week.
  • Also, Shaun Suisham maintains his hot streak from the last few games, kicking the ball three yards deep into the endzone.
  • The defense looks strong for the first two plays, and then gives up the third down conversion by about a half yard. Third downs were becoming terrifying to me in the last two preseason games, and that is really not a trend I’d hoped to see continue.
  • The Redskins cornerbacks are having serious trouble defending the pass (giving up passes of 30 and 19 yards to Plaxico Burress on consecutive plays) which is sort of a bad thing for people at that position to have trouble with.
  • The touchdown run by Eli Manning actually wasn’t quite as disheartening as it might’ve been — Jason Taylor got good pressure and was able to give chase, which was good to see, and Rocky McIntosh did a good job shadowing the QB, right up until he slipped trying to make the tackle. Less than ideal, but probably not as bad as it would look on paper.
  • The first play for the offense, however, was every bit as bad as it would look on paper — looked to me like Stephon Heyer didn’t expect Jason Campbell to roll the direction that he did and so didn’t stay with his guy. Painful start, whatever the reason.
  • And a false-start penalty on Heyer one play later. Two out of three plays very quickly did not look good at all. (And
  • Durant Brooks‘s first punt as a pro comes up a bit short, although it would’ve been slightly better if the first two tacklers hadn’t overshot. On the whole, that first drive looked a little too much like the end of the preseason for my tastes.
  • The subsequent Giants drive hasn’t really done much to change that perception, the Giants moving the ball well and converting another third down in the process. (Also, Brandon Jacobs ran over LaRon Landry like he wasn’t there, resulting in Landry being checked out by the trainers on the sideline. That was just brutal.)
  • Nice stop by London Fletcher on third and one to force the field goal, though. That’s actually a huge swing, with the Giants threatening inside the Redskins 10. (Looking for that silver lining, I guess.)
  • I guess Durant Brooks actually IS a weapon — he just generated the first Redskins first down by getting Jerome McDougle’s helmet rammed into him at high speed. Way to move the chains, Brooks.
  • Despite that, though, the offense goes three and out on the new set of downs. In their action in the Jacksonville game, they saw seven plays over three drives. So far today, nine plays over two drives, including an automatic first down via penalty. Obviously, it’s too early in the game — let alone the season — to become too concerned, but that is not an encouraging statistic.

7 Responses

  1. no way! if someone knows where the redskins are kept, please let me know or bring them out because those people out there in the field playing are not the redskins, no D and Offence, COMMON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  2. Not with Jason Campbell!!!

  3. Were the redskins replaced with my high school football team?

  4. Can we please find a coach that knows how to manage the clock? Does he know what quarter it is? It’s the 4th quarter with 2 1/2 minutes to go and we’re RUNNING the ball. Do they even want to win? What about Cooley – did they forget he’s a Redskin? What the heck – I couldn’t be more angry or frustrated. They are so well known for needing 15 yards and throwing a 10 yard pass….how does that math add up???? Someone please help me understand. I’ve never played a down in my life, but even I know if you need 15 you gotta throw at least a 15 yard pass. Simple stuff and we can’t figure it out. Here’s to another disappointing season.

  5. Skins 47 go it right…..Brook’s punts of 27 and 34 looked like a high school punter’s work. Maybe Vinny really drafted high school players to save his boss some $$$

  6. Jason Taylor shouldn’t have played. he looked horrible all game long. It may not be true but he seems like he was playing just to keep his streak alive. Blache shouldn’t have let him play. Carlos didn’t look like he was healthy either. He was playing so soft bc of his knee. so all the giants had to do was throw a bunch of curls and stop routs on him. Springs being out killed our defense. Hopefully next game we’ll look better and hopefully zorn won’t be running the ball on consecutive plays with barely any time left and still go into a huddle every play.

  7. the defensive scheme is terrible. Too much cover three leaves open the short routes. if we don’t shore that up the most efficient QB(brees) in the league is going to have a field day.

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