Predictive Gameday Links: Redskins @ Giants

Everyone knows that bloggers are enormous homers. We’ve chosen to write about our favorite team because we love them. We are, therefore, completely incapable of being objective, and cannot pick against them under any circumstances at all. Right, guys? Guys…?

So, of eight Redskins bloggers (and one Giants blogger) who made predictions, only four think the team is going to win. Here’s the thing, though: according to the DC Sports Bog (welcome back, Steinberg!), those are the four who are the most OPTIMISTIC about the team’s chances.

“Season openers set a big standard for the team,” Chris Cooley said last year after the dramatic season-opening win over the Dolphins. The thought would seem to make sense, and to be sure, we’ll all pass plenty of judgment tonight. But the thing is, the numbers don’t really back Cooley up, at least not recently. Quite the contrary, actually.

Which leaves the newly-educated fan in quite a quandary.

I’m not usually much for making predictions — like Rich Tandler, I tend to think that it’s an exercise in frustration more than anything else — but I was put on the spot last night and came up with Redskins 24, Giants 21, which I’ll stand by. I just hope I’m not dooming the rest of the season by rooting for the win tonight.


3 Responses

  1. There are 24 of us women, who are watching the game tonight for relatively the first time. We are having a JASON TAYLOR party Go Redskins If he plays anything like he dances it should be a great year and we hope he stays healthy. Some of the ladies said if not healthy at least keep him on the sideline for eye candy

  2. Yo my man…Springs is INACTIVE tonight!!! That means Tryon dresses as the 4th CB. Ugh! Long, long night ahead….

  3. Springs being inactive does concern me considerably.

    And Sylvia, have a great time for me too! I’ll be thinking of that party of 24 ladies watching a football game.

    And I’m sure you’ll get some good shots of Taylor, so don’t worry about that much.

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