Wednesday Redskins Links – 9/3

Today is a travel day — back to the train again, since we’re returning to New York — which means, as always, limited access to the players and no access to the non-walkthrough “practice game”. Here, then, are some other things to look at as you get ready for the season opener. Also, be sure to stop by tomorrow, as I’ll be posting from the Meadowlands before and during the game.


4 Responses

  1. Where is the picture of Czarniak? Seriously, get on that.

  2. That Mosley guy’s blog sucks. I’ve checked it periodically over the past few weeks and it is absolutely terrible.

    The guy got his degree from Baylor and wrote for a Dallas newspaper for years for Pete’s sakes. Go figure, the majority of his column is Cowboys news and opinions. Even while he was supposed to be covering Redskins training camp, half of his blog posts were still about other teams.

    I can’t believe ESPN would hire someone that biased to cover the NFC East – pretty absurd if you ask me.

  3. Is it time, yet?


    Who’s nervous…

    I think Mosley is expected to post his longer article at 10A today. So…

  4. I am pumped for the game tonight! How awesome would it be to have the Redskins beat the defending Super Bowl Champs to start the opener??? I think the Giants have a great deal of talent but I also think they got hot at just the right time as well last year. I will take our D over the G-mens D and our RB and TE over the Giants as well. It’s great to have the NFL again and with the NFC East going to have 4 great power teams it’s going to a fun season in which I hope the Skins surprise a lot of people. I already got my opener tickets next week vs the Saints. Since I belong to the Redskins myspace page I got a coupon code: RXL5 and I saved like $30 extra on my eSellOut tickets if anyone else might be interested?
    Should be fun, I hope the Eli Manning looks like the Eli many of us have grown to laugh at over the years and not the Eli who was Super Bowl MVP. I think a healthy dose of CP will be more than enough to beat the Giants tonight!

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