You Are Smarter and Richer Than Giants Fans

Also, you are more likely to be a woman, and you probably drive a Lincoln.

All of this according to a study by Scarborough Sports Marketing, as reported by The Final Score blog at

From the quoted press release:

Redskins Fans Are More Likely to be Women
Forty-four percent of Washington D.C.’s Redskins fans* are women, versus 31 percent of New York’s Giants fans. Redskins fans are also more educated. Thirty-eight percent have a four-year college degree or higher, versus 33 percent of Giants fans.

The Redskins also win when it comes to income. Forty-four percent of Redskins fans have an annual household income of $100k+, whereas 39 percent of Giants fans are at this income level. However, Giants fans are 21 percent more likely than others in New York to make $100k+ annually. By contrast, Redskins fans are just six percent more likely than others in Washington D.C. to have this income.

Giants fans and Redskins fans are avid investors, and are more likely than other consumers in their market to have household financial investments. Thirteen percent of Giants fans have household investments (excluding real-estate) valued at $500k or more, as do 14 percent of Redskins fans.

I’m a little shocked that the drink of choice for Redskins fans is cognac.

Sami Keinänen.

Photo from flickr. Author:Sami Keinänen.

For all the drinks I’ve had during games, and all the drinks I’ve seen — or even heard about — other people drink during games, I don’t think I remember a single one involving cognac.

Then again, I don’t golf either, and Redskins fans are 43% more likely than other people in our market to do that. I may just be an outlier in this particular survey.


9 Responses

  1. Very interesting. I like cognac very much. And I invest, have multiple degrees, do reasonably well for myself, but am not a woman. As a lifelong NYer, I’d have to agree with the article’s data. That being said, I think it’s troubling that less than 40% of both teams’ fans have a college degree. Everyone should go to college. Except for maybe Cowboys fans; an elementary school education should suffice.

  2. Crown Royal > Cognac

    Though I have seen some bottles of VSOP being handed around in the lot from time to time.

    Smarter? Of course?

    Richer? Maybe.

    A Lincoln? I doubt it.

  3. You forgot to mention that all Giants fans suck

  4. The women, the money, and the intelligence. Besides a new Super Bowl trophy life is good.

  5. WooHoo! I get to see the defending world champs in person! The offense looks extremely promising going into the year AND…AND the defense is still loaded up even after losing two DE greats. If there are any other Giants fans out there looking for last second tickets today…I got my tickets for $80 yesterday and they arrived today! I just love how Eli is MVP of the Super Bowl but isn’t even the QB that anyone cares about in NYC right now! How great…It’s actually possible for the Giants to fly under the radar again in 2008! I am not worried about the Eagles or Redskins this year but I do think the Cowboys pose a real threat as well especially with that “O”…

    Giants in 2008!

  6. Sorry to break it to you Fed Ex king, but crown royal is actually Canadian Wiskey.

  7. I believe that is a greater than (>) sign, rather than an equal sign (=) indicating that Crown Royal is vastly superior to Cognac.


  8. Since we are in correct people on the internet mode……….

    What the hell is “wiskey”

    You went out of your way to try and correct me by pulling up the Crown Royal webiste, you might as well take the time to spell whiskey correctly.

    For the record, I know Crown Royal is Canadian Whiskey.

    For the record, and also pointed out by PIT, the symbol I used means greater than, not equal to.

    So back to “correcting

    1. I am The Mayor of FedEx Field, not the King. The DTC is a democracy, not a monarchy.

    2. Whiskey is spelled whiskey. Not “wiskey”

    3.( > ) means greater than. (< ) means less than. (=) means equal to.

    But it’s all good Big T, cause if you are a Redskin fan, I love you.

  9. I guess we are both idiots. Crown Royal is technically “whisky” not wiskey or whiskey.

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