Tuesday, September 2: Another Cake

It’s been a serious few days, what with the cuts and the associated fanfare, so it seems like something a little lighter is in order. In honor of yesterday’s three Redskins birthdays (and Jamie Mottram’s of Mr. Irrelevant as well), here’s another Redskins decorated cake that turned up in the inbox.

This one was designed and created by Sherry Gold, of Sherry’s Cakes & Bakes, to celebrate the start of football season. “It took me 2 days to make it,” she says. “It’s a chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling and covered in Swiss buttercream and rolled fondant.”

Gold is a lifelong Redskins fan who trained to be a baker for two years in preparation for opening her own business. “I enjoy the challenge of making a cake that looks like something real,” she says.

If you had asked me before I took this job what food product I was going to receive the most pictures of in my email … well, I initially would’ve thought it was a fairly bizarre question. But even if I had come up with an answer, it wouldn’t even have been close. Apparently, making cakes that are tied to your favorite football team is a far more pervasive trend than I had imagined. I feel like the league is really missing a crossover promotional opportunity between Taste of the NFL and the Food Network here.


8 Responses

  1. Just pretend the cake was for you.

    Happy Birthday, Matt!

  2. That’s much better than the last.

  3. First thing I thought when I saw the helmet, If the Geico Caveman played football.

  4. Happy Birthday, Blog Boy!

  5. I’m hoping that the next cake will be a Super Bowl trophy or ring! It’s good to dream…..

  6. Hail, ya’ll.

    Man, I love that she included Sean’s 21 on the cake/helmet. True fan.

    Thanks for the blog, Matt; the background stuff is great.

  7. Hey I agree, happy birthday Matt!

  8. Great cake!
    Happy Birthday Matt Terl!

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