Tuesday Redskins Links – 9/2


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  1. Matt, I read that Jason Campbell had a part in getting the offense together (the offensive line, I think?) and talking to them about the offense as a group. And Zorn has said that Jason has done a good job stepping up the tempo this week. In addition to that it was great to see him getting voted in as a Team Captain.

    I was wondering if Jason has become more involved as a leader of the team (not that he didn’t before, I just didn’t know if he did or didn’t) as the offseason/preseason moves into the regular season? Thanks for any info, and no I will not read the DOOM article.

  2. Unsourced quotes like the PFW quote about JC have to be considered tabloid gossip. Anyone willing to speak only off the record doesn’t have the courage of conviction to back up what they’re saying, meaning they lack both courage and confidence in their words. And was it the Jets’ arena league scout? Or maybe Bill Parcells? The quote has no value without sourcing.

    And it’s an inane statement to boot. JC has played in this league and has decent numbers in every column but the Wins Loss column. The question isn’t if he can ‘play in this league’ because he certainly can and that’s fact. The question is can Jason be a winning starter ala McNabb, Manning, Brady, Hassleback OR is he a journeyman starter ala Ferrotte, Harrington, Dilfer OR is he a solid number two ala Ramsey, Carr, Collins, Batch. You can add names to the three buckets.

    Jason can play. The only question is which group will he join – and year 4 seems to be the year that puts a QB into his ‘caste’ so to speak. I think he’s a winner if Zorn can tailor the system to capitalize on JC’s strengths. The same thing happened at Auburn. He was average and mistake prone years 1-3 but came to life with a new system in year 4 and earned his first round draft status.

    As for the NFL, Leaf, Shuler, Ware, Klingler, Druckenmiller, and so on couldn’t play. JC has already surpassed their ilk and is ready to find his caste. Sort of like those kids in Harry Potter when the hat sits on their head – what’s it going to be – Slitherin?

    The quote is inane and the source who uttered it should be glad it’s not sourced because the expressed thought is lacking observational relevance.

  3. Yeah I will still not read that article, but anyone who knows football can see J.C. can play.

    I love how everyone says that he threw interceptions that cost the team the game in Tampa and Dallas, but Jason Campbell was the reason they were even in that game. His two top wideouts were McCardell and Caldwell, he throws the heck out of the ball and gets the Redskins back in the game and everyone who didn’t watch the game says that he throws crucial interceptions.

    Well I don’t buy it. Defenses like Tampa and Dallas can play defense when Moss, Randel El and Thrash are hurt. Jason played heck a of a game, and given time with Zorn will be a heck of a quarterback.

  4. That Pro Football Rumor collumn was nothing but garbage. That person obviously didn’t know what they were talking about – two of the people he mentioned on our O-Line don’t even start!? What was he thinking?

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