On the Field for Practice – 9/2

One of the things I’ve had to get used to this week is everyone resetting the day. Since the game’s on a Thursday but the traditional NFL practice week runs from Monday to Sunday, there’s been lots of “Well, since today’s a Wednesday” (on Sunday) or “It’s just like every Friday” today. Since I haven’t become accustomed to the regular NFL workweek to begin with, this tends to be unhelpful in the extreme. Nevertheless, today is a Friday, which means (apparently) that practice takes place earlier in the day. And now you know.

  • The big story: Jason Taylor was out at practice with a brace on his knee, doing some work in individual drills and a bit of work with the team. After practice, Coach Zorn said Taylor “wasn’t at full speed” and was “not at fifty percent yet,” both of which seemed to square with my observations. Good to see him out there, though.
  • The first team defense seemed pretty happy to be out there as a unit, bouncing and hollering and just generally looking fast and motivated. Fred Smoot was happily shouting about bringing the lumber (“It’s just one of those terms that came to the forefront right now,” he said) and the squad as a whole looked sharp, batting down passes and getting after the running backs.
  • In the ongoing Devin Thomas Watch, I noticed him fighting LaRon Landry for an underthrown ball that was behind them both. Neither one made the catch — there really wasn’t much of a chance to — but it was exactly the sort of thing that people online have been worrying if the rookie would do.
  • Shawn Springs got kicked in the side of the leg or shin earlier in the day, according to Coach Zorn, and was off getting precautionary x-rays. The results had not yet come in.
  • It’s looked to me like Jason Campbell has been getting rid of the ball a little quicker, and Coach Zorn somewhat confirmed that today, saying that Campbell had been picking up the tempo. “I’m very pleased with how he pushed this week,” Zorn said.
Defensive and Special Teams captains.

Defensive and Special Teams captains.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update!!

  2. It’s good to see D Thomas getting after tough balls, let’s hope it translates to well to the regular season.

  3. Matt your Blog ROCKS!

  4. COLT ON WARPATH : After reading Colt Brennan’s latest blog (Friday August 29), he is way to hard on himself (but that is what makes him a Great Quarterback)…
    Can’t blame Brennan for stalled offense in the last Preseason Game on Thursday August 28 against the Jaguars…there was no running game…and because there was no running game, bad play selection by coach…John Madden stated that “Brennan’s number should have been called instead”…”that you have to go to the guy that is going to win the game for you” (paraphase)…
    Interesting comments by Madden on Brennan’s Throwing Motion as well…he said that he liked the way Brennan is able to throw from all angles, and that that ability is an advantage…he also said by throwing that way Brennan is generating his power from his hips and not his arm…
    Also, Brennan said the more he throws, the more accurate he is…sounds like Madden is right…

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