Practice Squad Update

Tyler Ecker did NOT sign to the practice squad, despite the rumors to the contrary (including the one that I myself propagated). The team has instead signed their third Devin (alongside Thomas and practice-squad O lineman Clark) in Devin Aromashodu.

Photo by J. Glover - Atlanta, Georgia, via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo by J. Glover - Atlanta, Georgia, via Wikimedia Commons.

Aromashodu played with the Colts last season and was in their training camp until Saturday’s cuts. He will forever be immortalized in Colts lore for catching the first Colts touchdown in new Lucas Oil Stadium, a 94-yarder from Quinn Gray. (Note that neither of those guys was immortalized enough to actually, say, make the Colts roster or anything. I’m sure the play will still live in infamy, though.)

Like departed fan-favorite Anthony Mix, Aromashodu played with Jason Campbell at Auburn, which is probably the most relevant thing about him — in fact, the two connected for a touchdown in the 2005 Sugar Bowl.

Aromashodu is the eighth and final player on the practice squad roster.

5 Responses

  1. How weird would it be if Anthony Mix comes back and Campbell finds himself throwing to his two Auburn receivers?

    Has that EVER happened in NFL history, where a pro QB played with his two college WRs???

    This new drama will help make up for missing Mason…

  2. @ Redskins sign Devin Aromashodu.

    1) Matt’s employed by the Washington Redskins, which makes him offical.

    2) Matt’s got you on his Bogroll so no need to post “look at me” comments. Thats what the Website block is for.

    Don’t be a hater

  3. seriously, its annoying as hell. if wanted to read your blog i’d go to your blog

  4. I wonder if this decision was made at the request of JC? This guy wasn’t overly impressive in college, or in the preseason. He’s got great size and must have speed for a 94 yard reception, but other than that he doesn’t sound special. I’m not bashing the choice, just thought it was interesting that of all the WRs available we’d go with another Auburn guy from the same team as Campbell and Mix.

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