On the Field for Practice – 9/1

It’s the first day of September, it’s Labor Day, and it’s still blazing hot in the sun at practice. Regular season kicks off in just over 72 hours.

  • LaRon Landry looks fired up and ready to go. He’s still making plays, like yesterday, and always adding in just that little extra shove — on the back after the end of the run, on the wide receiver after the catch, on the guy holding the first down marker just because. Never anything too hard or out of line, but plenty of enthusiasm to burn.
  • Someone who is looking better than I’ve ever seen him, for whatever reason, is Shaun Suisham. The field goal drills today were ostensibly about the protection schemes, not about the kicks, but Suisham was hammering them through anyhow, including one from 49 yards. Durant Brooks didn’t seem to be having problems holding, either. If Suisham can keep kicking off like he did against Jacksonville, and he’s kicking field goals like he was in practice (knock on wood) … at a minimum, let’s call that that a definite plus.
  • People who looked notably good in blocking/rushing drills included: Jon Jansen (at left guard) against Lorenzo Alexander; Stephon Heyer working Chris Wilson down and beating the spin move; Devin Clark doing a great job blocking Erasmus James; and Andre Carter and Chris Samuels splitting a pair of head-to-head face-offs.

  • Colt Brennan continues to make unlikely and entertaining throws even in his very limited practice time. Today, heading up the scout team offense, he connected twice with new practice squad guy Devin Aromashodu (wearing number 80, fact fans!), once dropping a corner route perfectly over Shawn Springs, and once putting up a jump ball that Aromashodu got away from Fred Smoot. Probably completely insignificant in the long run of the season, but exactly the sort of plays that earn guys some fans during exhibition games. In an impressive moment during his postgame interview, Coach Zorn even remembered and correctly pronounced Aromashodu’s name.
  • Coach Zorn’s injury updates: Jason Taylor worked between practices and is improving, but is not at full speed and is still a gametime decision for Thursday. Kareem Moore is “not ready.” And Malcolm Kelly is going to be held out for at least one and maybe two weeks.
  • Kept an eye on Devin Thomas today, after the questions from yesterday’s comments, and … well, at the very least, I didn’t see too much to worry about. He definitely made a couple of catches over the middle that will be fearless if he makes them when he knows he’s going to get hammered, and he looked like he was putting in solid effort away from the ball. It all comes down to translating it to the games, of course, but there was nothing that I could see that seemed like cause for overt concern.

10 Responses

  1. Well, what is it? Aroma -sho-du? or

  2. Hey, thanks for the quick response to my questions. I really like all our 2nd rounders, Davis seems to be the best so far, Kelly probably behind him (due to injury), and it just sounded like Thomas was struggling to learn the O. No big deal if that’s all it is, it’ll take some time, but nothing to worry about. Now, when you hear someone is “soft” that’s something to worry about, but I hadn’t heard anything like that, until yesterday, so I was wondering if there was anything to it. Thanks for debunking it, at least until further review.

  3. Appreciate all the info. Keep the Colt updates coming……

  4. Thanks Matt. Your report keeps is like a fix inbetween games.

  5. Sorry. Your report keeps us informed and is like a fix in between games. I’m so pyched for the season to start I stutter when I type.

  6. So when did we add this buff new #11 to our team? And how long before the surprise of the draft turns out to be a totally different Devin?

    Ah, yes. You can’t keep a good Colt down…

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  8. i saw jason taylor on his birthday yesterday at radioshack. looks good, no knee brace. said hes ready to go.

  9. Given all the talk over the offseason about getting bigger at wide receiver….how are we better off now?

    Anthony Mix….6’5″, 243….a legitimate special team contributor last year…and biggest receiver we had…gone.

    Billy McMullen….leading receiver in preseason…gone.

    To date were left with two unknowns on the pratice squad and two draft picks who are under performing.

    Now were go into the first game with two small receivers…one with a broken hand….and a special teams hero…who happens to be a receiver.

    So…how are we better off now?

  10. […] On the Field for Practice – 9/1 It’s the first day of September, it’s Labor Day, and it’s still blazing hot in the sun at practice. […] […]

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