Monday, September 1: Mason a (Practice) Raven, Frost Speaks

Following up on some of the recently cut Redskins…

Marcus Mason is officially on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. It’s probably small consolation to the Redskins fans who believe he should’ve been elevated to the number three or number two RB spot here, but Baltimore almost certainly offers a better opportunity for him to play. (Especially considering that, according to David Elfin at the Washington Times, “a team source said that Mason couldn’t master Zorn’s offense and wasn’t a good enough special teams player to stick around”.)

Derrick Frost sent an email that clarifies (and somewhat recants) his comments from yesterday, making for much classier parting words. An excerpt, via Jason La Canfora’s Washington Post Redskins Insider:

While I believe that I performed well enough to have earned the punting job this preseason, the ultimate decision does not belong to me. The fact of the matter is that playing for a professional sports team is a privilege. Durrant Brooks is a fine young punter and I wish him great success here in Washington.

Also, an NFL rule that MIGHT account for the absence of Billy McMullen or Todd Wade from the roster at this point is that salaries are guaranteed for veterans who open the season on the roster, but not for veterans signed after week 1. I haven’t heard anything indicating that this would be the case with either of those guys, but it certainly seems like a possibility.


3 Responses

  1. Good point on McMullen and Wade. Though I personally think it’s more applicable to McMullen and Mix, not Wade.

    As long as McMullen and Mix aren’t signed on with another team, they have a good chance of being brought back.

  2. Mason ran the ball well but did not do as well on special teams. That is where he would end up playing the most. Rock is better in that role. It was a
    good decision. I like mason I hope he can make it as a raven.

  3. I understand it’s a business but don’t make excuses for why you release someone to try and justify yourself. It is what it is! For all those individuals that were released good luck and hold your heads up high. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you hear such comments about how good Cartwright is. If he was all that people say he is then the fact still remain, why wasn’t he pick up by another team when he was on the open market?

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