Sunday, August 31: Some Reaction to the Reaction to the Cuts

While much of the reaction to the cuts here has focused on Justin Tryon’s presence on the 53 man roster — and, wow, the commenters do NOT seem pleased with that choice — the bigger story to the local mainstream media is the Durant Brooks decision, especially given Derrick Frost’s comments after the fact.

Essentially, Frost told both the Post’s Jason LaCanfora and the Times’ David Elfin that the competition was “a sham” and that he was never given a fair chance to make the roster. More specifically, he said to LaCanfora:

I want to thank [special teams coach] Danny Smith for the three years he gave me here, and I feel like he always treated me well, and I will continue to think that. But I think we all know who made the decision, and when you’ve got a draft that isn’t starting to look so good, you’re going to do whatever you can to make it look as good as possible.

Those quotes in turn inspired Mike Wise’s column today, which spins Frost’s comments forward as foreshadowing a locker room revolt against Vinny Cerrato and Redskins management.

The blogs, on the other hand, have not taken the news quite so negatively.

The Player Hater’s Ball spent three posts on the subject yesterday, from grimly steeling himself against disappointment to giddy rejoicing to trying to be graceful in his happiness.

The Redskins Report is a bit pithier, but expresses similar sentiments in their analysis of the cut list:

If you are one of the worst punters in the league, you’re going to have to whip the competition to win a camp battle, Frost didn’t. It was close and tie goes the guy who might not suck.

Sportz Assassin at Fanhouse softens the blow even more, although the idea is still the same.

The key is consistency. Frost hurt the Redskins at various times last year with gawd-awful kicks … including a key punt late in the Redskins playoff loss to the Seahawks.

The ever-meticulous Rich Tandler, though, is the one who takes the most umbrage at Wise’s column, and also the one who makes the most cogent argument rebutting it — essentially that the Redskins drafted looking past this year, and made their cuts the same way. It’s an optimistic take on the whole situation, but it rings much truer to me than the apocalyptic scenario Wise concocts.

(Tandler also uses the same argument in favor of Justin Tryon, which I’m sure will convince everyone here that the decision was a good one.

I think that the Redskins got exactly what the expected out of him when they drafted him. They knew he had good speed and suspect coverage skills. You can teach the coverage skills, you can’t teach the speed. Keep him on the team as your fifth corner, work to hone is coverage skills, and see what you have in 2009.

Convincing, right? Or maybe not.)

Anyhow, reports expect Frost to catch on quickly with another team, possibly Seattle, which — as DC Pro Sports Report caustically notes — means that the correctness of this decision would be made very clear in the stat column this season. Which might be less amusing than watching writers spar about it, but is probably much more accurate.


17 Responses

  1. that is great idea about tryon.
    smoot ,springs, and rogers should help over the year
    maybe he should go to deion sanders
    but if he doesn’t improve we really need to draft a corner next year in the 1st or 2nd round

  2. Frost needs to accept that even at his best he isnt that good and the last 3 years he was looked at by most around the league as an average punter and when you have a guy like Brooks who has a much higher ceiling thats an easy choice. Brooks has the tools to be great.
    I have read alot about how Richardson should have beat out Tryon for the 5th CB spot, but those people apparently were not watching the same games I was this preseason. Every time I looked MR was getting beat deep and I cant say much more for JT but he has speed. The skins will be looking hard at CBs next year due to Spring’s age so right now I think we are fine.
    Other cuts… mason has potential to be a back up…I think there is a WR coming soon….Hamilton was a CB at Virginia Tech…..Too many DLs, someone has to go….If Suisham only has an OK year he knows he better look over his shoulder…..

  3. If Frost would have played better last year we would’nt of had to get another punter. How many years does the guy need to get consistent? That the Washington Post reports his little tantrum as an inditement against the Redskins draft and Vinnys way of saving grace is typical. I guess Frost is one of the Post “sources”. Pathetic.

  4. Somebody tell me, please, why Seattle would make the Shankman their guy?

    What happened to Plackemeier, one of the best young punters in the league?

    If that dude isn’t hurt, then there is another layer of cruel irony hidden in this story. We draft the best punter in the NCAA to replace Frosty who replaces the best punter in the league from a few seasons past. Couldn’t script that one any better.

    I wouldn’t look back, though. You can’t. I like that the Redskins are putting a premium on the future for a change.

    This is a statement move as much as anything. When I read the Post’s statements and Frost’s statements in comparison, I don’t need any more convincing that this was the way we had to go.

  5. You can teach coverage but you can’t teach height. WRs were consistently able to use their height advantage against Tryon. He made Matt Jones look good, and that’s saying something.

    I was surprised Brooks got the job over Frost. Hopefully he can show more during the season than he did during the preseason.

    Does anyone really think that all ten draft picks deserved to make this team?

  6. My comments were a little more negative than I feel about this team. So, GO SKINS!

  7. I do still have issue with the Tryon/Richardson deal. But, really, a punter becomes the voice of knowledge and reason to the press?

    Wise can do better than that for sure.

  8. I am fascinated by “experts” like Mike Wise who do not deal with the players on a day to day, first hand basis but pontificate about the coaches judgement calls on personnel. The punter situation required a strong, clear decision and one was made. Please let time alone judge the correctness of the decision.

  9. The Durant Brooks for Punter movement was successful. Frost is a baby who needs to get over it.

    Although I do hope there is a revolt on this team as it has looked awful as of late.

  10. Tryon…Failon

  11. Frost’s attitude is probably a good reflection of why he is no longer here. Maybe he should try playing professional soccer, where all the players act like they got decapitated every time they get kicked in the shin—he’d be a natural. Go Durant!

  12. stop all the crying about the cuts. im sure the redskins saw something on the roster that many of us didnt see. so lets just see how we gonna do against the giants this thurs. i still think we can beat them there. 27-17 redskins. good luck skins!

  13. The local media was obviously waiting for something like this so they can spew there venom towards the front office. But to run this story based on a statement from Frost? If he was even an above average punter, he might have a case. But he’s been mostly disappointing with the Skins. He should stop whining and act like a man. Other people who didn’t make the team have a much bigger beef than he does. You don’t hear them crying.

  14. Hamilton was not a CB at Tech. He was a FS, RB and WR but never a CB.

  15. the reason frost was cut in my opinion, was because most of his punts didn’t have enpugh hangtime on them, allowing for big returns by the other teams. not to mention skins’ fans have had to deal with horrible punting for the last three years. it is time for a change.

  16. Deez wins this thread.

  17. I’m upset about keeping JT Tryon! He got picked on like a little kid during the Jags game. What the HECK!? I’d rather be short on CB’s and keep 5 RB’s with Mason, than keep Tryon who broke up a few passes that my grandma could’ve done but got beat badly on more than a couple of plays.

    Can you voice the fans disapproval of this to Zorn for us PLEASE!!!!!!

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