Likely Practice Squad

EDIT: The top seven of these — the guys who were cut yesterday — have been confirmed by the team. Still haven’t heard confirmation on Ecker. (Nor Mason, but I don’t expect to hear anything official about that unless and until it hits the news. Clinton Portis spoke very highly of Mason today, and of the team’s decision to let him find somewhere to play.) Original post follows.


I haven’t heard anything official from the team yet, but these guys look like the likely practice squad, as they’re all in the building and still have lockers set up.

FB Nehemiah Broughton
OL Devin Clark
OL Andrew Crummey
WR Horace Gant
LB Curtis Gatewood
CB Matteral Richardson
CB Byron Westbrook

Also back and on the practice squad is TE Tyler Ecker, the team’s seventh round draft pick last year, who spent last season on IR and was released earlier this summer after surgery.

A completely unconfirmed rumor had RB Marcus Mason heading up 95 to the Ravens, but that’s even less firm than the practice squad list.


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  1. Ecker returning is a bit of a head scratcher, unless they figure he will replace Yoder next year. Surprised Clark made it, he looked terrible in game action. And did Gant do anything? At all? Maybe being from the OC’s college helped him out and the fact that he made it through all of camp and the preseason too, making him a quick step to the active roster with time in the offense if necessary.

  2. Will you give us another ON THE FIELD practice update? Jasno says Taylor isn’t participating but Randle El says he’s a go.

    More importantly, how do our #4/#5 wideouts look?

    How is Swishy reacting to Frosty’s release? Any word from Brooks?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. Mason in purple is a good thing for Mason.

    What’s up with Ecker? That’s sorta crazy seeing he wasn’t in camp at all. Was he with anyone after being cut? Maybe blue collar you’re right and it’s a replace Yoda move.

    Glad to see two OL being developed and Matteral and Westbrook as well. Both are more game ready than Toast Tryon. But hey, I’m a Gnomish moron (sorta like J-Lac only I’m better looking, have an IQ, and don’t have the urge to play ‘mean girls’ with Vinny and write nasty things about him in my diary – aka Redskins Insider) so what do I know.

    As for Horace Gant – seems like a case of who you know. Mann out performed him from what I saw on the tube. See above.

    Also am excited to see Heyer starting – getting younger on the OL is a good thing. HTTR

  4. we need young guys on the practice squad and the team
    because our team is gettin old so we need alot from next years draft..
    and mason is not gonna be a star on any team in the next 2 years
    because he was not running against starters in preseason

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  6. I can’t believe no one left this comment yet … EXCELLENT job listing the likely practice squad members in advance of their official confimation. Thanks for staying on top of this.

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