Saturday, August 30: Cut Day

Alfred Fincher, still here after a strong performance.

Alfred Fincher, still here after a strong performance.

The team has announced the players that are being released to meet the 53-man limit. Here’s the list, organized by position.

  • QB Derek Devine
  • RB Marcus Mason
  • FB Nehemiah Broughton
  • WR Maurice Mann
  • WR Horace Gant
  • WR Billy McMullen
  • WR Anthony Mix
  • DT Matthias Askew
  • DT Ryan Boschetti
  • T Devin Clark
  • T Todd Wade
  • T Tavares Washington
  • G Andrew Crummey
  • G Fred Matua
  • LB Curtis Gatewood
  • LB David Holloway
  • LB Danny Verdun-Wheeler
  • S Patrick Ghee
  • CB Cedrick Holt
  • CB Matterral Richardson
  • CB Byron Westbrook
  • P Derrick Frost

Some thoughts on the list after the jump.

Durant Brooks wins the punter battle, which should make his lively fanbase very happy. When this competition first started, the conventional wisdom was that Brooks had the inside track because the team had used a draft pick on him. Since neither one particularly distinguished himself in preseason, it seems likely that the conventional wisdom’s reasoning was spot on. Get your “Durant Brooks Is A Weapon” shirts ready to go.

The winner of the competition for the sixth wide receiver is … no one. This one comes as something of a surprise, given Coach Zorn’s comments yesterday on Malcolm Kelly’s injury. You’ve got to think that either they’ve got someone in mind who’s being cut from another team, or Kelly’s doing better than we’re being led to believe.

Alfred Fincher and Justin Hamilton played their way onto the team. Both of these guys have played with a lot of energy in the preseason games despite joining the team after the start of camp, and they both remain on the roster as a result. (Incidentally, Fincher said after Thursday’s game that if he made the team, he’d likely change his number to 51, or possibly 56 if it were available. Just in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.)

The defensive line kept more depth than the offensive line. Chris Wilson, Rob Jackson, Erasmus James, and Lorenzo Alexander all made the roster, which is something of a surprise. If Jason Taylor heals quickly, this seems like a position that might shed a player. On the other side of the ball, Chad Rinehart and Justin Geisinger are the only two of the young offensive linemen to make the roster, although I’d think they’re hoping to get at least one of the other guys onto the practice squad. With Jason Goode, Andrew Crummey, and David Holloway all gone, the team is 75% less Terpy.

The roster is never really final, and there’s sure to be plenty of churn as the front office sees who’s out there and as practice squads are filled, but this is where things stand at the moment.


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  1. Go Fincher!

  2. would’ve thought they’d keep billy mcmullen? marcus mason will get signed elsewhere and durant brooks better perform… we’re going to need great teams play this year

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  4. im not suprised by most of these cuts
    but justin tryon needs to step up his game
    and wish the best for these guys especially Marcus Mason

  5. I’m so mad about Mason being cut. He is so much better than Cartwright. Mark my words, the Redskins will come to regret cutting him.

  6. We need some grown ups in the front office and we need to keep people who can play their postion well it should not come down to special teams or salary cap it should be based on rather or not they can play that it ,

    But since we have bunch of kids runnning things we will end 0- 16

  7. here we go again! I’m almost certain the Cowboys will pick up Bill McMullen or Maurice mann and of course it will come back to bite us as usual! I’m still having a hard time understanding our 2nd round picks. We didn’t address the defense or offensive line situation or the corner back situation when it is a known fact that all of our corners are injury prone!! We picked up 2 laims in the 2nd round and come sept. 4th, we will still have the same 2 small recievers to start the season. Billy Mcmullen should have made the team. PLEASE RESIGN VINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why didn’t keep McMullen since Kelly is injured? Im puzzled

  9. Agree the situation is fluid. But taking the roster for what it’s worth –

    They’re going into week one with 4 WR who can play – two of whom who didn’t show game during the preseason? Kelly is a scratch from all we’ve heard – so that’s 4 – and did Thrash catch a ball this preseason – coaches love 83 but he’s a practice warrior not a game day guy – and Devin T looks ready for the practice squad. Maybe Cooley or Davis will line up as a WR? Interesting. McMullen performed on the field all preseason – really surprised he was cut – maybe he can catch on with the Seahawks or another West Coast team.

    Sorry to see Mason, Wade, and Frost go – with Rudi Johnson and Shawn Alexander looking for work it’s going to be tough for Mason to catch on right away.

    Frost outplayed Durant but the upside with Durant makes the move make sense. Wade can still start – I would rather see Wade on the roster over Jansen.

    But it’s fluid right – we’ll see over the next few days. Thanks for the update Matt!

  10. Marcus Mason will get signed elsewhere and put up 200 yds on us. Glad to see that Fincher made it. A little surprised about the 6th WR spot, although i think they made the right choice because none of those guys had that right swagger, they just caught the ball and had no moves to get away from anybody.

  11. Settle down, McMullen will clear waivers and be on the practice squad soon. Mason is a hard worker with average talent at best, no way can you keep him over Rock, who is a SOLID teams player. I wish Mix could’ve played more, injuries really hurt the unproven.

  12. Don’t think McMullen can be added to the practice squad. He’s a Vet with a few years experience. And what good would he do on the PS against the Giants? Gonna trust the Z-Man on this one – but still skeptical about letting go of Mix and McMullen with the current WR situatiion. But if DT and MK show any game at all as a 4th WR then it’s a moot point. Just looking at week one – El Gnome thinks it’s going to be a one game at a time kind of season.

  13. Too many DEs not enough wide outs. Simple as that.

  14. Tryon must have looked great in practice, because the 4 preseason games I was able to see down here in NC, he was dreadful. It seems unbelievable that Tryon’s performance on teams was better than Westbrook or Richardson.

  15. The only surprise to me is that Justin Tryon made it. Thurs. night he couldn’t even chase his tail without getting beat. I thought Matterral Richardson had a better camp. Otherwise lets wait for all the cuts…hopefully Z-man has a plan.

  16. Mason had to beat out Betts not Cartwright. Cartwright is a special teams Ace and was not going to be released.

    The fifth wide receiver needs to be a quality special teamer and that’is way McMullen did not make it

    For those upset about Frost being released. You must be forgetting his performances, or lack there of during the season last year

  17. i just hope that the redskins made good decisions to the roster. i wish them all the best this year. and no matter what happens,im still the fan. go skins!!!!!!

  18. Glad to see Fincher hang on. I watched him at linebacker with UCONN several times. He’s a good guy who didnt get much opportunity in New Orleans.

  19. Some of the cuts make sense, some of them dont. Marcus Mason is good, but nobody should be mad about the release of him because we already have Betts and Portis..There is no way he would ever see the field. Plus Rock is a leader, a great special teams player, and a true Redskin. I am really suprised about the exclusion of McMullen or Mann. I thought McMullen was a lock. But if we kept him then that would mean the release of a bubble guy like Fincher or a guy like him, but I’m still really suprised to see his name on the list of cuts…I think Tryon should have been cut for sure. Even though we spent a 4th rounder on him, he’s never going to be anything special. He is just too undersized…Happy to see Fincher, Chris Wilson and Erasmus James on the roster though..


  20. I agree that Fincher was a good pickup, but I am flabbergasted that Tryon made it over Richardson. For this Skins sake, I hope no body else had an eye on him so we can at least get him to the practice squad.

    Also a little surprised at the O-Linemen, seemed to me that Crummey wasn’t all that crummey, and Washington had a pretty good preseason too.

  21. Cut Mason? What madness. How do you just keep going with the same failures CP RB and RC and expect a different result?

  22. man you guys are crazy all around its alot of players that could be on any NFL team… the front office did an exceptional job in the draft and also with the cut… marcus mason is unbelievable but what can the redskins do with him? nothing so we have to let him go…. we already have 3 outstanding running backs… the only other option would be to cut betts because cartwright is irreplaceable on special teams for the fact that devin thomas right now banged up and randel el and santana moss or the best returners and we need them for offense… we have to stick with the front office… look at the last 2 trips we made to the playoffs everytime of defense stepped up and what was lacking everytime….. OFFENSE what is the purpose of drafting needs of defense if the perform exceptional! the problem is mini receivers… face it… randel el is slot at best and primary returner… not a #1 or #2 receiver. and moss can play all positions… devin thomas as well and Kelly once heathy can be the big possesion receiver…. with the kelly hurt the only receiver i would keep would be Anthony Mix due to he is real big and we will need him in scoring situations in the endzone… McMullen is a veteran so he should perform with the 3team as he was doin in preseason. Mann will make a practice squad. Have faith My Redskins will make it to the Big Game… i stick with the front office

  23. How Justin Tyron, made this club is beyond me,
    Tyron couldn’t cover a bed with a blanket.

  24. Evenbleeskin, you must be bleeding too much, CP a failure? This is why so many people think SKins fans are idiots.

  25. I liked Frost, but I’ll never forget the 14 yard “klunker” against the Bucs in the divisional round a few years ago. Tryon must of had some excellent practices, He was downright awful in preseason.

  26. Gnome, good comments, but I tend to agree with others, surprised about Mason. Too bad about Matterral, Matt.

  27. I wonder what WR is on their way here.

    Did Joe Horn pick up somewhere yet?

    And obviously the people that know football for a living, such as Cerrato and Zorn decided that Mason wasnt good enough to make the team.

    Evanbleedskin, I love every Redskins fan, but im sure they know alot more than you.

  28. I almost forgot , congratulations to Fincher.

    Fincher is going to be the next “Big War Daddy” for this team.

  29. wow given the shape of the team and the way zorn handles games i love my redskins but am ready to see snyder spend again

  30. treday28, great thought, who would you go for?

  31. Practice squad moves will factor into the mix – agree with all that Tryon looked like a future allstar for the Philly Soul. Maybe he’s got promise on teams, or they kept him to cut him after the bulk of roster moves so they can release him without concern of him being signed to another team’s PS – so they let the smoke clear, cut him and then sign him to their practice squad? Speculation for sure. Glad as can be that all the draft choices made the team however – nearly 1/5 of the roster are rookies. About time the Skins started getting younger. El Gnome loves that for sure.

  32. Come on Tryon must be cut

  33. I love the skins. But how in the HEEEEEL! did Tryon made this team over some other CB’S.

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  35. No real surprises except the 6th wideout. I thought McMullen did enough to be the 6th guy but he also missed some easy catches. Mason will make some other team but will not be a feature back anytime soon. I think this will be a team of growth, that is they will start off slow and get much better toward the end of the season. That being said, I think it’s too bad since they have such a tough early schedule (3 division road games) in the first 5 games.

  36. the fact that so many people are upset to see these cuts just speaks to the depth the redskins have…I agree it’s a shame about mason, but there is no other choise…he’s not gonna beat out portis or betts and they need rock on special teams. period. not to mention rock does fine when needed on offense as well…it’s a good problem to have to cut a running back that APPEARS to be as good as some starters in this league…(against back up defenses in preseason). I know he played with the ones against jville, and he did fine. but he didn’t beat out cp or lb.

    as far as the receivers go, you cannot cut thomas or kelly based on preseason performance cause they were injured and didn’t get a chance to learn or adjust to the nfl…wide receiver is the second hardest position to make an impact in as a rookie. and as far as keeping six, it’s too many…look at it this way we still have what we had…santana, antwan and thrash but instead of loyd, we have great upside in thomas and kelly down the road.

    I was shocked by several of the names, but when you really examine it objectively what would be the alternative? somebody has to go and I can make an arguement for any of the last 53

  37. too many haters. Keeping our rookie class is a smart move. and scar face is a two way player. so our offense and defense are taken care of.what other spots do we need? look if you all know how to run a successful football team, why dont you? What do you do? oh you bag groceries, you sell cars or wait, you sit behind a desk all day sneaking looks at behind your it depts back, dont you?! before you say oh were going 0-16, or this guy shouldve stayed or left, ok think for a second. wait……. there’s nothing …ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do about it. So where to go from there? Here’s a thought to enjoy and revel in….Look for what can possiby be good and stick with that. if your a pessimist you should stick to fantasy football ladies. A realist would take all angles. not “well, were screwed” and giving up before we play a game. your are what is wrong with the world as we all know and live in. Haill to the Redskins.

  38. well said thurgood,


    for those of you who don’t think the front office is doing a good job. just be thankful you’re not a bengals fan…if you want to see a real train wreck look no further than cincinnati

  39. i would much rather have mason on my roster then rock or betts!!!i am a huge skins fan but i hope he gets picked up by someone that we play and he runs all over us!!!! Good Jobs front office!!! Hope you regret ur choice!!!!!good luck!!!!!Im pissed!

  40. keeping tryon is defintely a mistake. he is not useful in a game. all the other team has to do is put a bigger body on him and they have a completion, even if he makes the tackle they would have gained yards.

  41. The only disappointment here is that Justin Tryon made the team. He should be nothing more than a practice squad player.

    Mason was a good runner but could block well enough to keep a spot on this team. RB’s are a dime a dozen right now.

    Sad to see Boschetti get cut after having a solid showing in preseason. Would like to have kept McMullen or Mix (McMullen preferably) but will wait to see what happens over the next few days.

    Can’t get over Tryon though. Can you say Kenny WHO? Horrible flashbacks of two years ago with his coverage skills.

  42. Correction: Mason could not block well enough to keep a spot.

  43. I posted this thought on another site and call me crazy but….do you think the front office has one big move up their sleeve…like trying to get Boldin from the Cards? He is not a happy camper there

  44. J.T. Tryon should be gone! Bad draft pick and bad keep on cutdown day.

  45. Tryon is a bum, why do we keep a guy like that. He got burned all preseason by everybody he lined up against. We should have kept Jimoh at least he could play teams for us..

  46. ditto again Thurgood! with as much negative and sometimes hateful language I see in fan mail, I wonder why those people root for ths skins anyway. “For the love of pete”,sports is for pleasant diversion for us fans, even season ticket holding fans. I know its a business, but relax and enjoy our team. Lets leave the acidic comments to Giant and Eagle fans.

  47. I agree with each of you that is defending what the Skins did, but, Tryon did not handle game situtations well, period. Richardson was EASILY a better corner through camp and in each preseason game. That’s the biggest one for me. The other one I don’t like is McMullen. With Kelly perhaps sidelined, we go to New York on thursday with only 4 wide outs. I am sure Zorn can make things work that way, but that’s far from ideal. And even if Kelly is healthy, he and Thomas can’t be trusted with the offense right now.

    I think these 2 were BIG mistakes. They may well overcome them just fine, but mistakes none the less.

  48. I’m curious why we didn’t designate tryon or rob jackson to the practice squad. It would make great since to put them there for a year to develop and freed space to keep a mcmullen/mix and another corner such as westbrook/richardson, or OL. Also I like keeping the talent of brooks over frost, but we could have even put brooks on the practice squad for a year if they are willing to “waste” that spot for him. Overall though, everything thing else looked about like it should

  49. Practice squad assignments are made Monday

  50. I think the ‘skins would have liked to put Brooks on the p’squad and kept Frost, but Brooks was the Ray Guy winner in college and I somehow doubt he would have made it through waivers or whatever before someone else plucked him.

  51. I can’t believe they kept Tryon and cut Mason, also they should have cut Jackson and put him in the PS and kept Boschetti.

  52. Tryon stink’s. He is too short with poor cover skills for the NFL. I think he will be cut…hopefully.

  53. Tryon stink’s. He is too short for the CB or S position at 5’9″ and has poor coverage skills for the NFL. I hope he get’s cut. Practice squad..maybe yes, but roster spot….NO!

  54. McMullen should clear waivers and if Kelly is not able to give it a go, don’t be surprised to see him on IR and McMullen back on the active roster. The Bengals, Bills, Ravens and Seahawks may express an interest in Mason. I hope he gets a shot as he really played his butt off this pre-season!

  55. I agree with Jeff. Tryon is not very good and he should have been cut. He would have cleared waivers and trhe Skins could have placed him on the PS. Oh well, guess that’s why I’m a pencil pusher and not a GM in football.

  56. i am sorry guys but you have to understand the hardest position to play as a rookie is cornerback. Tryon has had exceptional practices so he has an upside… downside is that… he is not a strong side (lcb) and look at everyone in the redskins secondary vets, but all of them have been hurt.. he needs time and he needs to be under veteran tutelage. Redskins have made a strong pick in him.. he played horrible, but who really stepped up at cornerback in preseason? youth is key a veteran back up at corner is a waste of a roster spot… Honestly Tryon wont see too much time on the field this year and if called upon it will only be as a nickel, but you have to understand the formula for strong redskin corners… Darrell Green(the greatest redskin ever) taught champ bailey…. Fred smoot learned under Champ Bailey… Tryon shows a certain flash and to cut a rookie draft pick because he wasnt taught right would be a waste of a draft pick… all of the players that got cut at corner didnt perform in practice better than Tryon and if they played that much better than him they would not have been cut. i understand what we all witnessed in preseason games, but we dont see everything in practice so i trust the staff on this pick.

    The Front office has done great!

  57. Hey THURGOODMARSHALL, before creticizing your fellow redskins fans, would you please tell me what this franchise achived the last 17 years?
    we all love the skins ,we all like to see them winning the big one, but lets face it under DANNY and VINNY it won’t hapen period.

  58. I have lost faith in Zorn. Mason should not have been cut; cleary the Turk was influenced by team politics. There is NO question that Mason is superior to Cartwright, and at the risk of losing some credibility with the readers, Mason is a guy I would rather have than Betts who lacks toughness and is injury prone. I can’t wait to see Mason come back to haunt the Skins. They deserve it for making such a poor decision, and this is coming from a season ticket holder. I can’t believe they kept Tryon….he looked horrible all preseason…geez…I am very disappointed in the decisions made today.

  59. I was surprised by the release of jason Goode, but the release of Wade is also confusing because they didn’t keep Crummey or Devin Clark. Cutting Billy Mullen is a head-banger for me because of the unflattering comments from the coach about Malcolm Kelly. He should just be put the PUP list. Personally, I liked Matt Sinclair and wish he was still here. I like Fincher, Horton was an enjoyable surprise. Poor Westbrook. The culmination of the practice squad will be interesting. I say they should bring back Sinclair, Mullen, Crummey and Goode at the very least. Incedentily, there is no way on the face of this planet or the next two, that Stephon Heyer is better than Jon Jansen! I like Heyer, but he will never be as good as Jon Jansen! I think Zorn is having opening night jitters.

  60. All in agreement Tryon Stinks

  61. Depth chart has ARE as punt returner…….

    Sure would have rather seen Westbrook back there. At least when he fields it clean he goes north an south.

  62. tryon could use some practice squad time forsure GOSKINS

  63. Frost is the most likely ‘player’ cut to be starting in the NFL this year. My comments when he was drafted was that he should ask for his release, but the skins did give him a chance to show off for other teams.

    Wade was a but surprising of a cut, despite his injury problems just because of his experience. I’m not among those thinking he is better than jansen, though clearly jansen had his worst preseason ever. People forget that when thomas and jansen are healthy they are what make the run game go…

    Not surprised by mcmullen, he always makes plays on every roster, but frustrates coaches to death with his inconsistent routes and hot reads. He should hook on somewhere though. Basically fred davis and the injury to mix is the reason there isn’t a 6th WR.

    Mason is a guy they’d like to keep around, we’ll see. I think he lost his job to the 7th round defensive end to be honest.

    I thought Crummey would make it over Geisinger, but I think the Redskins were thinking experience and that they can get the local boy as their top priority for the practice squad.

    Westbrook was just caught in a numbers, game. Played as well as Tryon and Torrence, but which one can they cut and hopefully pick up later if they need him? I think they still are high on Westbrook.

    Clark should be on practice squad. Richardson also has a shot. WR for practice squad could be any of three guys they had or another team’s cut. They like Mann and Mix, and to some extent toler and gant.

    Askew will play for someone this year. Boschetti will be on most teams short list when an injury happens because he knows the position and he won’t cause problems. The Redskins will certainly keep watch of his status as the season progresses.

    Devine could be kept in mind, but is one of the most raw QBs I’ve seen on a training camp roster in a long time…making former college backups like hamdan and rosenfels even look experienced. What all three had was strong arms that make people drool, but take a lot of patience and special coaching time just to get ready to be a 3rd QB within 2 or 3 years.

    Broughton outplayed sellers as a blocker, but never really had a shot at the roster without an injury. Doesn’t have the receiving or running skills of Sellers (not that sellers is a standout NFL player in either area). I don’t know if enough teams in the league need a fullback for him to get a job, but he’d probably be top of the list if sellers gets hurt for the Redskins.

    Richardson is athletically deficient for his position, but he’s a player. I thought he should have been at safety more. If he practice squads I’d expect it to be safety.

    Fincher was no surprise making the roster, as he’s like the only healthy body qualified to be the backup OLB. Campbell and Blades have stepped in there before, but…they don’t belong at OLB in the NFL. I expect there to be a OLB signing before game 1, which would probably get fincher, hamilton, or jackson cut. Don’t be surprised if you see some Carter and Taylor at LB, especially if Washington and McIntosh continue to have nagging injuries.

  64. Would Gregg Williams have kept Tryon? I also think McMullen and Mix add size to the WRs. The Skins need big WRs especially in the Red Zone where they have struggled at for a few years now. More and more teams are starting to get it. Teams are starting to add Taller and Bigger WRs these days. Gotta have S. Moss though!

  65. So I’m supposed to believe that because we didn’t keep a couple guys at the bottom of our depth chart we’re going to be 0-16 (joevick), Mason is going to get pushed to the front of someone’s depth chart this year and run for 200 yards (how many RBs have ever run for 200 yards) on us (Andreas), and McMullen or Mann is going to get picked up by the Cowboys and decimate us in our games against them this year (ron). Seriously? I think you guys are overreacting a little.

    I don’t like some of the cuts but these guys were going to be burried on our depth chart. Now that they’re gone they might (MIGHT) get burried on someone elses depth chart. I wish we could have kept Mason, McMullen, Richardson. I’m glad we gave the boot to our “Idiot Punter.” And, I wish we would have cut Tryon. Though I don’t like some of the people we kept underneath several other players, I don’t think we’re going to get run on by Mason (not for 200, though maybe someone else will do it) lose games because of McMullen or Mann, or go 0-16.

    Come on ya’ll it’s not THAT bad. You guys are acting like we moved the team to Puerto Rico or gave up our OL for kids in sweatshops or something.

  66. You Mason fans that say you prefer him over Betts or Cartwright aren’t serious are you?

    Mason isn’t close to the special teams player Cartwright is, on both coverage and return teams, and Mason isn’t even the runner Cartwright is. You did see Cartwright’s 53 yarder didn’t you?

    The comparison to Betts is so laughable it isn’t even funny. Betts has an 1,100 yard season to his credit and is the best receiver out of the backfield we have.

    I liked Mason also but if he was to see any time on the field as a Redskin this year then the season would have been an unmitigated disaster.

    Keeping Tryon is disturbing because I felt there were better players that could have helped the team. Keeping all the draft picks when at least 2(Tryon & Jackson) should have been cut and signed to the practice squad does indicate a potential front office ego problem.

    There were mistakes made in my opinion but no major ones and the idea that we should have kept Mason over Betts or Cartwright is utterly laughable.

  67. I am very surprised to see that Tryon made the team. Unless Kelly is not as bad off as the Washington Post is saying he is I would have thought PUTP or IR would have been the best place for him. Disappointed Mason didn’t make the team as he appeared to do everything they asked him in the preseason.

  68. This is my favorite “freak out” quote of the night:

    joevick, “We need some grown ups in the front office and we need to keep people who can play their postion well it should not come down to special teams or salary cap it should be based on rather or not they can play that it …0-16.”

    Come on man. If we don’t pay attention to special teams people will be running it back on us all day long, like they did during Norv Turner’s tenure. He did that, kept the best players regardless of their special teams abilities and our special teams suffered drastically a couple years, til he learned. And if we didn’t pay any attention to the salary cap? This just isn’t sensible.

    I can feel your frustration man, but we need to pay attention to all of these things. None of the players we got rid of would have made us a drastically better team.

  69. Is there a full moon tonight?

    Mason had a great pre-season and showed some very good skills. But, lets not forget they were not against any starting defense!

    To compare Mason to any of our RB’s is a sin!! Cartright is as consistant teams player as they get. Betts is great (don’t know where “injury prone” came from), and CP a bust…I think not! CP is probably the best blocking RB in the league!! Not to mention the late season burst he gives us when it’s time for that play-off run.

    Tryon??? Don’t know how he made it, but none of us see him everyday…that’s why the decisions are left to those that do. Hopefully they’re right.

    I think we should all be a little more concerned with the fact that Campbell can’t seem to get the ball out of his hand!! These last two games were horrific!!


  70. So glad we kept Durant Brooks. He’ll be a pro bowler in the near future. Very sorry to see Marcus Mason leave. But, he’ll run for glory with another team. There are other backs out there waiting for a phone call. But, I think Mason offers the greatest upside than any of them.

    I didn’t think any of the receivers that got cut shouldn’t have been cut. They just don’t have NFL caliber skills. Todd Wade was a hard cut. But, the business of the NFL is sometimes…wait for it…unfair. He’ll catch on some where else. Or, eventually, he’ll be back here with us.

    Hail to the Redskins!!

  71. I don’t understand why would we cut mason or mcmullen instead of cutting someone like tyron and putting jackson on the practice squad? I mean come on people don’t make excuses to the front office and coach zorn. I know we all wish that these moves were good moves but OUR TEAM keeps making the same mistakes over and over! For instance Ladell Betts running game isn’t all that he doesn’t look hungary since he signed his contract. Everyone comes to DC doesn’t do well then they leave and do great. Did you guys see TJ DUCKETT he looks good in seattle. Ok I am not bashing down our team and I don’t want anyone saying a fan is fake just because he/ she criticizes the team, but you have to admit what the heck why are we keeping 5 WR that are injury prone. I mean you would think the people that prove they can do it on the field in pre-season to be part of the team! So I never in a million years thought we would cut Mcmullen…I can sorta of bite Mason but still CP, LB, and RC aren’t proven to the NFL yes they aren’t . They are average but aren’t elite and in a couple years we will end up trading CP because he will be getting older and we will want something for him and same goes with LB so why not have 4 RB instead of 6 DE. You know we could’ve had a few players that we kept on the 53 man roster in the practice squad and they wouldn’t be signed by anyone. In my opinion, the Redskins haven’t done their 100% effort into these cuts and it will bite them during the season. Besides that we showed we had no offense I don’t see us going far this season and thats me being honest to myself! I hope they prove me wrong and do well this season. I really do more than anyone.
    HAIL TO THE SKINS and wish them the best this year!

  72. Mark P,

    I am totally serious about preferring Mason to Cartwright and Betts. Cartwright is in his 7th year. There is no upside to a 7th year rb…you absolutely have seen the best of him. Compare Rocks performance at the same stage of his career as Mason’s, sorry there is no comparison. Betts will miss too many games this year….You know what you get with him as well. We havent improved our team at RB…..and we need to get better in that position. Mason gives a chance…

  73. I forgot to mention I am happy we kept Durant Brooks as our punter and I am happy that the team is planning to keep some of the OL Rookies on the Practice squad. Honestly You could tell that Dan Snyder made us draft two WR that won’t get us no where! because he wanted Chad Johnson for any price! Redskins need Dan Snyder and others in the front office to leave football coaches to do their jobs. Also, I think we should go after Willie Anderson because he looks like a good pick for OL.

    Hail to the Skins

  74. “Mark P,

    I am totally serious about preferring Mason to Cartwright and Betts. Cartwright is in his 7th year. There is no upside to a 7th year rb…you absolutely have seen the best of him. Compare Rocks performance at the same stage of his career as Mason’s, sorry there is no comparison. Betts will miss too many games this year….You know what you get with him as well. We havent improved our team at RB…..and we need to get better in that position. Mason gives a chance…”

    I totally agree! and I want to add that we will I know this for sure we will have to trade CP in a few years if not couple due to his injury prone status and if we are smart franchise we will probably try to get some draft picks or good players for him!
    thats what smart franchises do… We should try to use each player’s talent we know that doughty can’t cut it so we shouldn’t let him start. we kno that Jansen isn’t doing it anymore then put heyer in. Dont waste time. and we kno CP is going to be done for us in a few years in then have mason back these RB’s up.
    I mean come on now. Fans know this and the front office and coaches should too. Also I honestly think the best draft pick this year was Colt Brennan the kid is amazing and Jason Campbell isnt the future QB everyone should know that he is too slow for a WCO … So for your information if we don’t admit that our front office and owner got controlling foolish issues then we will keep having these 5-11 and 6-10 and 4-12 seasons! and maybe occasionlly 8-8 or 9-7 if something motivates us cuz the Redskins don’t look hungary for the game. None of them look hungary including some of the coaches like Blache..Our DEFENSE is worse this year I can see it and our offense god knows!

  75. i would like to say that heyer might be a better fit for the redskins starting out.. heyer stepped it up and made big strides while jansen was out last year. also i would like to see jansen get a little more comfortable with the ankle… now we are men and even when we are in pain we will say i am perfectly fine, but i think jansen needs a better feel for that ankle while heyer is in..
    in saying that i feel like he would also be able to work with young rheinhart while backing up.. so incase our linemen get winded or injured we are secure like we were when they had to step up last year.

    no i am sorry, but you guys have to let go of the marcus mason story the only way he would have made 3rd rb is if he returned better than cartwright remember that fumble? thats what hurt him. but if you his biggest fans then cheer for him, because now he gets to make a team and not a practice squad

    clinton portis is the best receiving back we have. the best running back and the best blocking back and passing back. sorry guys. now i know we are not used to seeing he big runs from bronco days, but remember thats not on him that was on the offense “power running” but all these things happen for a reason. now i think all around he is the most complete…
    its going to be a great season for the redskins.

  76. I think justin tryon should be put on the practice squad. McMullen and Mason have proved themselves to be on the 53 man roster.

    Mason made it last year and was reduced because of O-line injuries. I can live without McMullen for right now but its gonna hurt us later. Mason needs to be on the roster asap.

    If Portis cant play that would leave us with only Betts and Cartwright. Cartwright gasses out quicker and will not give you a continuous speed burst that you need.


  77. Hamiltion and FIncher definitely earned their spots. Especially Fincher. I think he should go with 56 since Gatewood isnt around anymore.

  78. injury prone? name 1 running back that hasnt been injured in the last 3years. now look at Portis’ injuried… due to many changes in coordinators we have to play our starters time and time again in the preseason.
    i want you to understand this now… the redskins starters will play a total of 21 games this season..
    look at chargers LT… no preseason games played!

    6DE’s i dont understand, but at the same time 2Versatile DE’s i do… just imagine on passing downs having Taylor, Carter, James and Wilson or Jackson in the game? thats a different threat…. because with pressure like that it can lead to 1 or 2 things sacks or turnovers i just hope Blache is that smart to do it.

    now i want to bring it to you guys attention… mcmullen was good in preseason, but whats so different? y do you think he made all those other teams in the past… he performed good against 2nd and 3rd teams… now he played with the eagles who hasnt had an elite receiver since TO and got cut… so if he couldnt stay on a team with scrubs for wide receiver corps why you bargain for him?
    i feel we need mix if he can get healthy i can see a big threat with cooley, fred davis, s. moss, d.thomas, and Mix a 6’5 receiver if m kelly wont be available til late this year.

    no i do feel like Campbell is the future of this redskins team he is very sharp we just have to give him time. i can understand the quick read, but those plays can only happen with 2players in my eyes s.moss and d.thomas. randel el responsibility should be primarily special teams.

    now as far as injuries with wide receivers…. the most common injury is hamstring… the terrible thing is they are injured the positive is they are extremely fast… d.thomas is a play maker a bigger s. moss

    have faith!

  79. I can’t believe they cut Mason and McMulllen! I was sure that both Mason and McMullen would have made the roster because they were pre-season leaders.

  80. I can’t believe they cut Mason and McMullen! I was sure that both Mason and McMullen would have made the roster because they were pre-season leaders.

  81. Are you people crazy! Mason played against 2nd and 3rd team players. I would hope he would perform. Have we forgotten what Betts did just 2 years ago when Portis was hurt?? And Portis not proven in the NFL?? I can’t believe someone said that. He’s only averaging over 1400 yards in each season he’s been healthy and even with the one season he missed half the games(06) he’s still averaging almost 1300 yards a year. Plus he the most devastating blocker out of the backfield. I love to watch him layout those blitzers!! And Cartwright, what can I say about the little ROCK. He’s only the best return man we’ve had since Brian Mitchell, a special teams jugernaught!! You cannot give someone up that is that valuable. I agree they should’ve kept Mcmullen and let one of the 6 DE’s go. But you absolutely must have depth on the Dline. We already lost two for the year and almost another(Taylor). I think it will prove to be a good move as the season wears on. As for the offense. Once we have a coaching staff that isn’t chaging every couple of years, then you will see production. Remember when Gibbs came back it was not until the second year that we did anything, and then they brought in Saunders and we started from square one again, then last year we made it back to the playoffs. Now this years we change it up again. Granted it was no ones fault. I had a feeling Coach would hang it up after all that happened last year. I just think it was too much for him to come back for one more year. The good thing for this year is they did not change the running game so it should not take as long to get it going, but it will still take some time.

    PS- Don’t get me wrong I love all Skins fans, but I think some of you are severely over-reacting the these roster cuts. None of those guys were going to make or break this season.


  82. damn…
    about 90 percent of these comments are sayin they want mason or mucmullien(misspelled)
    they couldnt help us even if they were on the team especially mason because we have quality running backs
    but i agree with everyone about tryon he should have been in the practice squad

  83. The only reason Tryon is on the team is that he was a 4th round pick, and the front office does not want to admit there mistake. I don’t mind the other cuts, just confused about he front office line of thinking.

    ps. just because you have 7 d-linemen, does not mean you have 1

  84. that should read- the front office line of thinking

  85. Lets see, Marcus Mason Really stupid move, He’s better then Rock Cartwright, Tryon is completely garbage, Derrick Frost is a much better punter, No 6th receiver um….Malcolm Kelly better perform since Zorn said he could be making his way to IR. Aquan Boldin wants out of AZ could we be seeing something here possibility…Who knows.. Only time will tell….Zorn really risky calls hopefully it pays off. At least they did a couple smart moves by keeping Hamilton, Fincher, Jackson, Thomas, Kelly, Davis, Horton, Reinhardt, And Our new starting QB either at the end of this year or the beginning of next COLT BRENNAN!!! MARK MY WORDS…..JASON CAMPBELL IS FREAKING GARABAGE….!!!

  86. I hope the draft picks do as good as the coaching staff has put faith in to them. We got rid of a lot of good players to keep these guys, who may I add has not looked to well. I hope they know what they are doing.

  87. Darell Green looked bad and could hardly cover his rookie year but the rest is history!..Not comparing Tyron to DG but give the man some time!!…sure he got toasted during the preseason but its not like he was 5 or more yards behind the guy he was covering!!!!


  88. Mason performed admirably.

    But he can’t pass block or play Special Teams. This is the NFL, if you can’t do one or the other you’re going to find it hard to hang around.

    If no one else signs him, he’ll be on our practice squad tomorrow and no one will have to worry about wishing he runs for 200 yards against us. He’ll be running against our starting defense every day….as a member of the scout team.

  89. I think it’s funny how every year during preseason, fans want to start the 3rd stringers.

  90. Most of you probably never played football in your life and you are entitled to your opinion but to say that a person only played against the 2nd or 3rd team is average is a total insult. Have any of you watch pro’s vs Joes? if not, you have atheletes who are over age but in shape going against hot shots who think they’re great. Point is everyone in the NFL exceed the level of excellence which entitles them to be called pro’s. Personally, I was a Redskin fan but after these decisions coupled with some of the things I’ve seen on the tube. I can no longer stomach. So keep all your pacified players and at best you may end up 5-11

  91. The only surprise is that tryon made the cut but heel see the PS. before it’s all said and done. Richardson by far is a better CB who hit’s harder,is bigger and showed more upside! CP is a top 5 back and Betts is a proven back-up even though I think he fumbles to much. Give the front office some credit they maximized the draft with much needed O-Weapons and once again found a young promising late round steal on the D-Line in Jackson not to mention who found fincher and signed him in the first place. V-Man also was quick to get Taylor on the spot when the cowgirls and philly were after him too. It’s nice to see the Skins are building for now and the future and not trying to just patch up some holes with every other teams old stars or Young Loyd and Adam Arch. BUMS!

  92. I like Fincher he seemed to be all over the field that last game, Letting Mason go had to be hard, but RB is not a problem and Cartwright is a threat to take it to the house on almost every kickoff, but I think we should have kept McMullen, and this may sound crazy but if Jason Campbell dont tighten up Brennin will be knocking at the door in 2 years, I know he was playing aganst second and third stringers but he was also playing with second and third stringers he has ALOT of football smarts. Kinda reminds me of Farve, bad mechanics but he gets the damn job done

  93. Tryon is garbage the 5 games he has played has been awful.. why did Zorn keep him?

  94. After digesting the moves – no indegestion here, el Gnome’s tummy is feeling fine.

    Practice squad moves will factor in to the final roster. So no use freaking about the outcast island portion of the roster. And Mason lovers – really? Better than Betts and Rock? Seriously? Betts and Rock can and have started and produced when it counts. Both are still in their prime. And CP is the man anyway. Four RB is a luxury a 53 man roster can’t absorb. Not to mention Sellers is also a beast and can tote the rock.

    And seems to el Gnome this year there has been a FO philosophy shift predicated on a) believing in their scouting and the potential they saw and have seen in younger players b) a commitment to building through the draft and getting younger c) coaching up kids instead of relying on vets who need less coaching.

    Nearly half the roster is made up of rookies and players with 1-3 years of experience. About time. Gibbs/Allen never met a vet they didn’t love. But a healthy mix of youth is the wave of the present – Giants and Pats seems to prove that to be true.

    Tryon isn’t ready to be on the field but that goes to points a,b, and c. So makes sense and no indegestion after digestion. HTTR

  95. i agree with the fact that the 2 highly drafted recievers havent shown anything so far injuries or not. i disagree with releasing marcus mann and mcmullen, because portis hasnt been the same since the injury and no other recievers have stepped up but mcmullen that whole pre season. also why did we draft tyron with jimmy king still out there he has been getting beat every time he steps out there. i do like all of thee young safeties and thought they earned there spots on the team. plus whats up with goode and crummey thought both played well in preseason i mean i understand that yoder is a vet and a good blocker, but i think goode was a better all around player he seemed just as good as davis. crummey to me played well at center which we need depth at. i hope we know what we re doing because some of these players might come back to haunt us. we could have got alot better value with thosse 2nd rd picks on defense. the guard geslinger was holding all during preseason and false startes from him was killing us but we kept him.

  96. Billy Mac and Mason were surprises. they were the stars of 08 camp. The biggest surprise is that I did not see Greg Blache on this list.

    Snyder will always regret that decision

  97. They better know what they were doing with this cut list. I know people were surprised about B Mac and Mason, but I kind of saw that coming. It’s really going to suck when a year from now Mason is beating us to death when he’s playing for the Eagles or someone but oh well. I am really disappointed that we decided to drop Todd Wade so that we could keep another DE. Like the article said, once Jason Taylor is healthy they are going to cut one of those guys anyway. Also, I wanted to see Durant Brooks start; however, I don’t feel like he earned it. I saw his stats during the JAX game and Frost was playing better than he was. Granted, neither one of them was playing spectacular Frost was performing better.

  98. Get back Mason & Mix before it bites us(Redskin fans & team) on the backside

  99. Mason? Mix? I don’t get it??? That sinking feeling in my stomach is back!

  100. Also, let me say that Tryon did look pretty terrible at times during the pre-season, but he had flashes of hope in there. I think he didn’t really prove himself during the games but the coaches know something we don’t. As far as his coverage goes, he isn’t any worse than Reed Doughty will be in the Safety spot. And remember how bad Leigh Torrence was when he first started with the Skins. I didn’t even think Torrence should be in the NFL and then he had to step in because of the injuries last year and did a fantastic job. Some players just need room to grow (especially when they already have an abundance of talent). An even better example of a player that got a chance to grow is Heyer. He was absolutely terrible to start out and after a few games he was holding his own against the Giants front four (even though he still got beat a little, he was lights out by the end of the season). I’m not sure if I am willing to part ways with Jon Jansen yet. He’s one of my favorite Redskins.

  101. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB……… welcome to another losing season boys,,,,I wanna know witch dumb F@#! cut mason?????????? JT TYRON SUCKS!!!!! I saw him get burnt everytime…..WE Got Nothing on the cowboys Now… Thanks ……..I am SO glad I sold on my Game tics this year for the first time….At least now I done have to make the LONG walk of same from fed ex everytime we get killed at Home…..Redskins will NOT win more then 5 games!!!!!!!! that with this second hand roster…………..I am Now a NEW tampaBay Bucs fan and I feel good about it………Goodbye skins and Good luck…….

  102. OK woke up this morning and it wasn’t a dream…. correction nightmare.

    Tryon made the team? Is it April 1st? he’s the 5th CB so he will never see the field for defense …..hopefully. He better be an ace in teams.

    They didn’t choose between Jackson, Wilson and James, they kept them all. Leaving two overlooked positions under manned(LB & FB).

    They kept only 6 LB’s and one starter is returning from major injury (McIntosh) another starter has a bad hip (Washington) and the main reserve (Blades) has been hurt this preseason.

    They didn’t keep a second FB. I love Sellars’ reckless abandon play, but that will get him hurt. When that happens Yoder will be in the back field, and everyone knows that he ain’t getting the ball handed to him. Broughton did not set the world on fire by no means, but he can carry the rock and play teams.

    Lastly, are you serious? ARE is returning punts again!

    Maybe they will put ole’ JT back there

    53 roster spots and I’m happy with 50

    That really isn’t that bad

  103. Ryan………… calm down……….relax……………..

    Mason looked great this preseason…….
    against guys that are unemployed today

    Masons KO return skills were good but his teams play KO & punt coverage were only average at best. Cartwight is one of the best in the league on teams

    Sooner than later the Redskins will have to realize Portis, Betts and Cartwright came into the league in the same draft class. The guy with the most mileage (Portis) is the youngest in age.

    I have been expecting a Betts trade ever since he ran for 1000yds, when he took over for an injured Portis

    Obviously the Organization was not comfortable with relinquishing the backup duties to Mason and severing ties with Betts.

  104. I like Heyer, but I know Jansen is better (even hurt). It’s a great feeling to know we have him ready to take over for Jansen when the time comes (the time is NOT NOW). I think Fincher will quietly stick around for 2-3 years. I made a case for McMullen earlier, because we have not seen A SINGLE PASS CATCH from Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly! Billy McMullen has been in camp and knows the playbook (and played better) than any receiver that was put out on the field this pre-season. I agree with giving JT Tryon a chance to calm down and learn the NFL game. He has enough athletic abiilty that could be coached into becoming a solid 3rd CB anywhere in the league (hopefully with the skins, no one likes to admit failure). I still feel like Matt Sinclair is a solid player and should have been kept. I am really hoping that Andrew Crummey and Devin Clark are signed to the practice squad to develop for the future. Clearly, Chad Rheinhart is ready to backup now! As far as a punt returner goes……well, I certainly hope those non-starters that “were” kept on the final 53, have taken to practicing blocking for Randle-El because if not, we are going to have the worst return average among the entire league. Somebody has to show he can make it through the seems and be a potential “block, away” from the house!

  105. Ryan,

    Nice approach to the upcoming season…way to keep it positive. Every team out there has things to worry about this year. SKINS fan rule!! Don’t give us a bad name….GOOOOOOO Skins!!

  106. You know what, now that you mention it, Mat Sinclair is solid and he had a great preseason, for that matter so did Ryan B, he always penetrated the O line and he had great hustle, I think its better to have some average guys on your team who will scrap every down than to have stars that play when the mood strikes them or when their contract is up. As far as CP is concern show me another RB that can block like him. Lets not forget how he hurt himself, that was a Sean Taylor type tackle in the preseason when it did’nt matter. Speaking of safetys I think they all played like they were in the reg season they all deserve props, Alot of people forget that Reed did not take Seans place Landry did, and Reed got moved to SS and did very well, If we do have a losing season I think its because we are in the hardest division bar none and look at that crazy scheduale

  107. If the Fing Ravens get Mason, I will be doubly upset. I am telling you, the rap about his poor pass blocking is incorrect. He was quite good at picking up penetrating oncoming defenders who got past the oline. He did this numerous times. Sonny even commented on his solid pass blocking skills. His fumble against the Bills probably didnt help his chances, but aside from that his KO returns were very good. His tackling left al lot to be desired, but still I think back to the Giants game last year. 3rd and goal, betts stopped for no gain; 4th and goal…Betts “tripped up for a loss”. I have never been more disappointed in a cut in my 45 years of watching Redskin football. The kid runs very similarly to a former Giant who used to kick our arses. Mark my words.

  108. Jake you are the man, I totally agree but more importantly. I just watched a clip were Zorn was blasting Mason I assume for a mistake he may have made. Throughout the whole preseason not once did I see or was it reported were he laid into one of his pacified player or 1st stringers. That’s ok because his true colors are showing and it will reflect in the upcoming season. Go Ravens!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Jake I’m not saying Mason is not a good blocker, I am saying CP is an exceptional blocker and as for the Giants game cmon thats the Giants. Ely is an ok QB but defence is what got them those rings, that line kicked Tom Bradys a%*. I do wonder what would have happen if they would have handed the ball to BIG MIKE but you know what they say about hindsight. As for Tiki well he just had our number, but think about this , for all his skills they didnt get their SB until after he left.

  110. Gameday,

    Fair points. CP is an exceptional blocker and is a guy I would want starting on my team this year. The image of losing to the Giants because we couldnt get the ball in from the 6 inch line still haunts me. My rant is really in support for Mason, who may not have tremendous open field speed, but has great vision, excellent balance, explosiveness, and “quick burst” speed that allows him to get extra yardage. These traits are a lot like Tiki’s. As much as I hate to say it, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way he played and how white and straight his teeth are.

  111. THEY ARE VERY WHITE AND STRAIGHT! happy to see him in the broadcast booth hope he stays there.

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