Friday Redskins Links – 8/29

  • Another day, another ranking of the fans of the various NFL teams, this time from This one feels a lot more accurate to me than the previous one, largely because the Redskins are up at #6, the Raiders and Bills have both fallen a bit to the level I’d put them at, and the Cowboys are out of the top ten. Also, ESPN uses lots of faux-scientific numbers and statistics to generate their rankings, which feels MUCH more authentic than FOX’s arbitrary approach.
  • In light of the Jon Jansen news from earlier in the day, here’s the DC Pro Sports Report’s argument that Jansen’s ability has declined, mainly for those of you who were completely surprised by the coach’s announcement. Of course, considering that Jansen was ALSO taken aback by the statements, you shouldn’t feel too out of the loop.
  • Tanner Cooley launches the Easterns Automotive Blog by interviewing Clinton Portis about the filming of the latest commercial, including several amusing pictures. The fact that the title of the blog is “At Eastern Motors…My Blogs my Credit” makes me exceedingly happy for no real reason. I hope they record the corresponding blog theme song.
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2 Responses

  1. I’m glad the wave was not done away with.

  2. Thanks for the link Matt.

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