Coach Zorn’s Press Conference – 8/29

  • Well, this should address the concerns of a number of people who’ve emailed me: The big news from Coach Zorn’s press conference has got to be that the right tackle position is “a battle, a very close battle,” even though he said that Jon Jansen has been “solid this preseason.” But, he noted, Stephon Heyer “helped himself last night. He shored things up for us…. He has a chance to compete for the position.”
  • Also newsworth was the discussion of Malcolm Kelly‘s status. Last night, Zorn clearly used the words “physically” and “unable,” so the line of questioning centered around the option of putting Kelly on the PUP (physically unable to perfom) list, which Zorn called “a possibility.” He actually said the same thing about injured reserve, but you would think that would have to be an absolute last resort. “Malcolm’s knee is sore,” he said, “We’ve gotta develop a plan for him.”
  • Other injury notes. Kareem Moore is “wait and see” on the extent of the strain. Zorn is hoping that LaRon Landry will be able to go this week. (“We need him in there,” he said.) Jason Taylor has to progress well and practice this week to avoid being held out, which is consistent with what has been said since the injury occurred.
  • No decisions have been made about the cuts, including the punter battle. Most of the most recent predictions on the final 53 I’ve seen have seven guys for the final four spots (not including the punter issue), and a few of Zorn’s comments seemed to confirm some of that speculation. Alfred Fincher “helped himself, he did very well” and “there’s a really good handful of guys that I still to have a two to three hour meeting about” with the trainers, player personnel people, and position coaches. We want to “get the right mix.”
  • He also confirmed that Rock Cartwright was just being rested last night to get a longer look at Mason with the first as well as second team offense.
  • As far as Jason Campbell, Zorn says that he has clearly improved over the off-season and looked “fine last night.” With regard to most of the starters and concerns about the offense thus far, he remains confident and optimistic. “Now we get to really find out who we are, and really play for keeps,” he said. After he talked about reviewing the video in detail to isolate the problems, Coach Zorn answered with a flat “yes” to three consecutive questions: do you know what the problems are? Are they correctable? And will they be corrected? Made it all sound very cut and dried. For another week, at least, the much-discussed candor, optimism, and confidence are still very much in place. Roll on the regular season.

8 Responses

  1. The Giants have to be feeling pretty confident right now.

  2. I think our time for the pre-season was just up. we’ve had 5 games and we were really rolling with the punches the first 2 games. The third we won by luck of that field goal gone wrong, and the others we just didn’t win at all. I am still feeling good about the upcoming season. Once we get this first game out of the way and things start to become second nature we’ll be on a roll and there will be no stopping us.

    Redskins Nation let’s back our boys up and let them know that we are going to be here ALL SEASON LONG for the ride.

  3. Well the Giants lost almost all their preseason games last year and the 1st two regular season games and look where they ended up. We’ve all just gotta have faith in our boys.

  4. Fincher was pretty much the only player worth watching last night. He was all over the field, gotta love his energy and intensity. Hope he makes the team

  5. Why is Zorn even talking about PUP for Kelly? He should know the rules, and Kelly is ineligible for PUP, which can only be used for a player who failed the pre-TC physical. Kelly passed, so the only options are IR or being on the active or PS rosters, period.

    I’m shocked Zorn doesn’t know the rules.

  6. Why Jason Campbell is continue to play on QB and he is too stinks!! Please pick the right of Todd Collins #15 and Colt Brennan#5 to play QB is the best do PLEASE change right the QB.

  7. Why Jason Campbell is continue to play on QB for all years and last year also he is too stinks. He is not good play and messed up. I do not like him to see play anymore.

    Please pick the right who will play on the QB for Todd Collins and Colt Brennan?

  8. Why Jason Campbell is continue to play at the Redskins on QB. Why don’t you grabbing of Todd Collins and Colt Brennan!!

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