Welcome Home Luncheon: Slightly Odd Stuff For Sale

One of the purposes of yesterday’s Welcome Home Luncheon was to raise money for the Redskins Charitable Foundation, a goal that was accomplished in an impressive variety of ways. There was the cost of a ticket, of course, but also a live auction, a silent auction, and even some flat-priced merchandise. That latter category contained some interesting things.

The live auction was for experiences — a Super Bowl weekend, for example, or Be The Kickoff Kid!, which emcee and D.C. sportscasting celeb George Michael described as “a chance to be cursed at by special teams coach Danny Smith!” — and was conducted just after people were seated for lunch.

The silent auction was running in the pre-lunch mingle area, and featured autographed helmets, jerseys, and the like, including the Santana Moss jersey above and this Coach Zorn autographed football (which is not, it should be noted, the one he threw at the pregnant girl during his speech).

Then there was a table of separate items that were not for auction but simply for sale. This included the Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund items, as well as some other, more unique merchandise.

For example, the game-worn jerseys from former Redskins Troy Vincent and Nick Novak, from the game against Dallas in which Vincent’s block and Novak’s kick sealed the win.

And there, in the back, there were a couple of other game-worn jerseys.

It wasn’t quite the same surprise it was running into one of those jerseys at the Hall of Fame. This was a Redskins event, after all; there was a signed Mark Rypien helmet, and Ravin Caldwell was signing autographs a few feet away from me. Still, though, no one had bought either of these when I looked back in before departing, and they were starting to look sort of lonely.

Setting aside my much-repeated lack of interest in signed and “authentic” memorabilia for the moment, I keep trying to think of an occasion where I might say something like, “If only I had bought that game-worn Adam Archuleta Redskins jersey….” And nothing comes to mind at all, even knowing that the money goes to a good cause.


10 Responses

  1. Never would hear anyone say that about Archie, but Mark did some good things while he was here. It doesn’t seem likely that he will break into the HoF, but that last second win over Dallas is still going to go down as one of the great games in that rivalry.

  2. You may want to reword the following:

    “…the one he threw at the pregnant girl during his speech.”

    I’m hoping you meant TO the pregnant girl. Otherwise, it reveals a side of Zorn I’d really rather not know.

    Please fix ASAP.

  3. …and oh, yeah, one more thing. He probably tossed it. You don’t want to go THROWING things at or to pregnant women either.

    I’m not the grammar police… just a screenwriter and diehard Redskins fan stopping by.

    — But these things matter!

  4. – But these things matter!

    You’re kidding right? It’s a blog for crying out loud, not an Oscar worthy screenplay. Sheesh.

  5. “The one he lightly tossed in the general vacinity of the female who appeared to be expecting a child within the next nine months.”

    How’s that, Bry?

  6. I love to see blog participants who are so politically corect.

  7. Okay, okay, sheesh. Still… you guys don’t flinch when you read that a guy threw a football at a pregnant woman?

    That’s what I get for spending all day in Final Draft.

  8. It’s not politically correct or gender insensitive. Words have connotations, and some imply the wrong image. This is one of those cases where what gets inferred was surely never implied.

    Okay. Think I’ll stop now.


  9. Bryan,

    Did you read the post in which Matt describes what Coach Zorn actually said/did?

    Are you familiar with tongue-in-cheek humor?


  10. Hi! I am the pregnant girl that Zorn threw the ball TO. I am happy that I still look young enough to be called a girl! and I am very happy that I did catch the ball!!! some women would have been so nervous they would have missed just because so many people were watching! That was a great experience for me! oh, and one more thing – Moe Greene, thanks for making me feel better about my size!! I am about 4-1/2 months and was feeling pretty good that day for my belly not showing as much as it had been! Thanks again! Maybe I should name my unborn son Zorn…. Whatcha think?? LOL

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