Welcome Home Luncheon: Kicker Conference

Shaun Suisham and Mark Moseley.

Shaun Suisham and Mark Moseley.

At yesterday’s Welcome Home Luncheon, someone or another suggested that I go talk to Mark Moseley. “He’s always an interesting guy,” I was told.

Moseley was the third of the first three Redskins whose names I learned as a kid. (Joe Theismann and John Riggins were the other two, and Joe Gibbs was the fourth.) He’s still the Redskins all-time leader in points scored, and he’s the only placekicker ever to win the NFL MVP award — a campaign that was named one of the Top Ten Season Performances by the NFL Network. Also, there wasn’t much else going on at this point in the luncheon, so talking to Moseley sounded like a doubly terrific idea.

I made my way across the room to Moseley’s side of the dais. He was deeply engrossed in conversation with current Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham, so I sat down to wait. He was seated at the end of the table, which seemed like it would make it easier to for me to wait for him, but it quickly became clear that the door to the kitchen was hidden behind the drapery right near where I was positioned, and I found myself constantly dodging waiters bearing four plates of steak apiece. Still, I stuck around and played dodgewaiter. I mean, really, I figured, how long can these two talk for?

A long, long time.

If you check out that NFL Network highlight video that I mentioned above, you’ll notice that roughly 80% of the talking is done by Joe Theismann, even when he and Moseley are on camera together. I vaguely remember this being something of a running joke back in the day (although I was six, and my memories of such things are probably not to be trusted). Watching this conversation made it seem like Moseley is determined to never let that happen again.

I don’t mean to imply that Moseley dominated the dialogue or that Suisham wanted to be elsewhere — every time Moseley finished, Shaun asked another question — but … the conversation showed no signs of ending.

I never did get the chance to talk to Moseley; his conversation with Suisham ran until the speeches started up. I did, however, speak to Suisham afterward to see what the two were talking about, if there was anything specific that had so occupied them.

“Oh, I’ve spoken to Mark on several occasions now,” he said. “Nothing too specific, just catching up, talking about how my season went last year.”

Long conversation for that, no? “I’ll talk to him any chance that I can get. That’s a guy that I would look to, where … I would love to get to that point in my career. It’s nice to be able to talk to a guy so highly regarded among Redskins fans. If I can do even half of what he did, I’ll be proud.”


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  1. I didn’t know Matt Damon was on our roster.

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