Thursday, August 28: Gameday, Redskins v. Jaguars

It’s the last preseason game, which means that the main thing to watch for is no one getting hurt. Here are a few other things I’ll be keeping an eye on tonight:

  • The momentum of the starting offense. I’ve heard a lot of skepticism about Coach Zorn electing to give the starting offense a series or two this evening, the main counter-argument being that they’ll be going against Jacksonville’s second- or third-string guys, so why bother? I’m a big believer in momentum, though, not just in-game but across multiple games, and it couldn’t hurt the offense to have their most recent action be something — ANYthing — better than last week’s display. I’m just not going to think about what happens if they struggle here.
  • Malcolm Kelly in the game. His first preseason action, the main thing I want to see is if it looks like he trusts his legs. Sure, it’d be nice to see him do something impressive, but I’d settle for successfully running a few routes, maybe taking a hit, and jogging off the field to prepare for next week.
  • The defensive backs and linebackers. With cuts looming and the defensive starters not scheduled to play at all, it’ll be instructive to see which of the young defensive backs and linebackers makes any kind of case to make the roster.
  • And, of course, the punting battle. Both punters scheduled to punt tonight, for the first time this preseason, and this one is likely for all the marbles. This will be the most attention I have ever paid to the person holding on extra points and field goals in all my years watching football.

Mainly, though, I’m hoping the team gets through this one clean and injury-free. Thanks to the extra preseason game, I’m even more ready for the regular season than I usually would be by this point.


6 Responses

  1. Why don’t they wait to put in Kelley til a real game? I’d hate to see him get hurt again because they put him in before he was really ready and just for a preseason game…

  2. Hey Matt — love the blog, keep up the good work. Here’s to no injuries tonight! I’m glad preseason is finally over and can’t wait for Sept 4th!

    Was thinking about the final 53 man roster and all the talk recently about keeping 6 WRs, finding a spot for Mason, how many DBs, etc. But seeing how only 45 players are active on game day isn’t it more complex than that? Can you give us a sense of what positions typically have inactive players? For example, if we did carry 6 WRs and / or were able to keep Mason (4 RBs) would they all be active? Seems like a strange rule to begin with, why not have all 53 players available.

  3. Hey Matt, great blog. I’ve been reading daily from boston and couldn’t ask for better coverage. I love the balance of the random behind the scenes stuff and the reporting of the practices..

    One more thing to watch would be the KR battle, I think its safe to say that so far nobody has challenged Rock for his spot.. Don’t get me wrong he’s great at consistently getting us to the 30-35 yd line but I would love to see some talent that is a threat to take it all the way every time… Then again maybe its not the returner but the blocking

  4. Um, the thing about Rock’s returns lately is that he looks, um… slow. I love his consistency — always knowing we’ll get the ball around the 30 or 40.

    But man, I’m starting to think that Mathis should have hung around awhile. He might have made this team!

  5. The last preseason game always makes me so nervous…and especially this year since we start the season a few days early. I am really nervous about our starters playing at all but I am not the coach. I will be praying they all get on and off the field safely!

  6. […] the four things I was going to look at tonight, none of them have yielded any particularly great news. Starting offense momentum? None. Malcolm […]

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