Redskins v. Jaguars – Zorn Postgame

All right, that ended on a bit of a downer, didn’t it? Let’s look at the one major positive of this whole thing: the preseason is over, and there haven’t been any major injuries since Phillip Daniels went down on the first day. That’s a very good thing.

Coach Zorn took a few more positives from the game, although it’s definitely finding a slim silver lining on a mighty large dark cloud. “It’s not so much a confidence booster for me, but it was a matter of getting them back out there and not having what happened the week before. I think we accomplished that — [not having] a guy in Jason’s space,” he said. “From that standpoint, I was absolutely pleased. If there was any redeeming quality about putting that first group out there, it was that.”

It’s an optimistic take, but let’s be honest: you want the coach to have an optimistic take. If he took the podium and said, “Well, that’s it, we’re doomed,” that would be a fairly major cause for concern. Zorn seems to believe that all the problems are fixable, and that consistency will develop. “They were out there for seven plays,” he said of the starting offense. “SEVEN plays.”

As far as the punter battle, he noted, “I watched it close. I think there was only one poor punt, one short one. We tried to directional punt most of the night, and I thought it went pretty well. We had them back there a couple of times. The decision won’t be made on one poor punt tonight, or one great punt tonight.” For whatever it’s worth, the fact that they were focusing on directional punting leads me to believe that they were trying to test Durant Brooks, because that’s always been one of Frost’s stronger areas.

He also acknowledged that the rookies all had a lot of development to do. “Ready to step in there for a big league game?” he asked rhetorically. “We’re fortunate that they’re in a supporting role right now. We do have a veteran team, and we can play the guys that we’ve been itching to line up and play a whole game with.”

Now we have the regular season to look forward to, when Zorn theoretically opens his playbook and utilizes his best guys. Me, I’m just glad the preseason is over.


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  1. Zorn’s headspace has to be a little weird after another loss in which so much that he preaches as fundamental just didn’t seem to happen. From that bizarre completion-turned-interception in the first quarter to the overall lackluster performance of the first unit passing, it was a game in which few things really did go right. Some things just didn’t go as wrong.

    The only real positive memory I have is Doughty’s interception, other than that, it seemed like the pass rush did not achieve good penetration for the most part and blitzing seemed to allow quite a few quick passes to be made for moderate to large gains. Mason had some positive moments moving the ball forward for big yardage, but it reminds me that there is very little to having him around except as a replacement for 2 other very talented players and that without a spot on the roster where he probably won’t play, he could go to some other team and probably start.

    Other than that… well, I guess I have to agree that they made it out of the preseason fairly unscathed on the injury front, but it would have been nice to see some kind of sustained passing attack after the first 2 preseason games. Especially in games billed as dress rehearsals for the regular season.

  2. If Colt Brennan played with the First Team Offense his Completion Percentage would be at or near 80%…
    Brennan reminds me of Marcus Allen even though Allen played Runningback, in the sense that even though Marcus Allen had a great college career, people said he would not make it in the NFL; that he wasn’t the right type of Runningback. And of course Allen had a great career in the NFL, and won the Super Bowl…

  3. […] provides a game wrap.  Check out Matt Terl’s blog post on Zorn after the game at the Redskins official […]

  4. Matt, nice summary and good assessments. Keep up the good work! I’m just glad the preseason is over. Now they count. Now I care. Hail to the Washington Redskins!

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