Redskins v. Jaguars – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Maurice Williams of Jacksonville was just injured on a play, and it’s good to see him walking off. Looking at the roster to see who that was, though, I noticed that Jacksonville has five guys named Williams on their roster, along with two coaches (defensive coordinator Gregg and defensive assistant Tom), and one Williamson. It’s not quite the same as having more than one guy named Manuwai, for example, but it’s still pretty remarkable.
  • It’s also remarkable — and a bit unsettling — how efficiently Jacksonville is moving the ball downfield. They’re 6 for 7 on third downs by my unofficial count, which is very, very not good.
  • That’s the second TD that’s been in front of rookie Justin Tryon. Not an encouraging sign for the fourth round draft pick.
  • Well, that answers my question from last quarter. The first team offense was in for seven plays over three series, with two three-and-outs and a turnover. I suspect I know what the questions for Coach Zorn tonight and at tomorrow’s press conference are going to focus on.
  • And the crowd goes wild for Colt.
  • Does momentum count if the backup guys are the ones generating it? I suspect not.
  • Not that it matters, as the drive stalls. Here’s our first look at Frost’s hold tonight … and I guess it was fine, as Suisham hits it through. It occurs to me that unless they go visibly awry or you’re standing three feet away as in practice, it’s tough to judge the relative quality of a hold.
  • Another third down conversion, and a long run. This is starting to look eerily reminiscent of last week. Even on the following third down, at third and 21, they gain 13. Not enough to convert, but less than ideal. I’m going to try to chalk it up to it being the backups, after the first quarter of the last preseason game, but I’m pretty sure that it’s still going to make me worry.
  • Ex-Redskin Pierson Prioleau ends the half by sacking Colt Brennan. Not exactly the one minute drill everyone wanted to see from Brennan.

One Response

  1. Regarding how the half ended… not much you could do with just a minute left, pinned deep in your own territory…especially the way the clock “Runs” in the NFL…Brennan needed more time…just a minute more…which would open up more play options…

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