Redskins v. Jaguars – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • You know, I just said nice things about the fans staying through the rain, and now they’ve started doing the Wave. Great.
  • Two negative plays in a row for Devin Clark, the undrafted free agent rookie offensive lineman, including one that negated a nice 32 yard catch-and-run by Billy McMullen. Clark had some good showings earlier in the preseason, but that’s not going to help him out at all.
  • Another attempted fourth down conversion by the Redskins, their second, negates the idea that they’re going out of their way to look at the punters. Which, since they’ve failed at both attempts, was pretty clearly the wrong decision.
  • The Jaguars seem to think that they’ve spotted something, and are throwing straight at Matteral Richardson. Giving up a 51 yard touchdown pass is going to help Matteral’s case even less than his first-quarter penalty did when they’re making decisions on the final roster.
  • A 26 yard punt for Derrick Frost isn’t going to help him on my scorecard one bit.
  • Nice to see the defense hold the line there on both third-and-one and fourth-and-one. Still, though, this quarter feels like it’s been going on for decades and it’s only half over.
  • And Durant Brooks pulls ahead on my scorecard, with another punt that was well-placed despite not being particularly long. Actually, that one looked like it could’ve rolled a few more yards before being touched down.
  • Of the four things I was going to look at tonight, none of them have yielded any particularly great news. Starting offense momentum? None. Malcolm Kelly? Didn’t even see him. Young defensive backs and linebackers? Alfred Fincher has looked good. Justin Hamilton has looked pretty good. Matterral Richardson has not looked particularly good. Punting battle? As noted, I have Durant Brooks leading at this point, but it’s not like either one of them has really made a compelling argument. For a game that never seemed that promising to begin with, this still managed to be something of a letdown.

4 Responses

  1. After what looked to be the best off season the Skins have had in recent memory – new offensive genius coach with fresh ideas, lots of draft picks, smart spending, keeping the D and the running game in place from 07 – I’m feeling like I’ve gotten my Redskins reality check a little early this year. I’ve grown accustomed to believing the Skins are a playoff team at week one and by week eight realizing that just isn’t the case. Last year the reality check came in the home loss to the Giants. But Gibbs’ traditional late season magic, truly inspired play after a tragedy, and a QB who played with a quick mind and a confident arm changed that Redskins’ reality into a four week run that will rank in my top ten Skins’ memories of all time. This year I’m getting the reality check, well, as I type right now. What’s reality? Rookie HC who is also a rookie OC, a QB I root for with all my heart but who I watched stink up the joint for three seasons for the Auburn Tigers (his fourth season was a major turn around and as a Bama fan I was stunned) looking less impressive than a side armed short guy from an island halfway to Japan, and a defense missing it’s guru (or gguru) and don’t forget the O-line with old legs.

    Hopefully the Skins will beat down the Gnome and come out of the gate playing with fire and skill and put up W’s on the board. Reality says we’re in yet another transitional year. At least Fassell ain’t the coach. And Z-Man will get it straightend out. But for 08 reality looks 6-10 right now.

  2. Can’t blame Brennan for stalled offense…no running game…and because no running game, bad play selection by Coach…Brennan needs to play with First Team Offense…Brennan 72.2% Completion Percentage, and again some of his passes were dropped…(p.s. please put this comment under Fourth Quarter Thoughts Too; Thank You)

  3. (P.S. If you cannot keep my previous comment under both “Third Quarter Thoughts” and “Fourth Quarter Thoughts”, keep it under Fourth Quarter Thoughts: Thank You)

  4. Gnome…. please do yourself a favor and wait until the 2008 football season actually BEGINS before you have another one of these “reality checks”

    Gnome…. please don’t use a teams perfomance during the preseason as an indication to what kind of a team they will be during the regular season. This goes for the evaluation of Jason Campbell as well.

    Gnome…. please understand that the Redskins are currently 0-0 and that the Redskins have the next 4 months to show us what kind of a team they are.

    Gnome…. continue to have patience and faith. The Washington Redskins will bring home another Superbowl trophy in the near future….hopefully under the coaching & guidance of Jim Zorn.


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