Redskins v. Jaguars – First Quarter Thoughts

  • That might have been the best kickoff I’ve ever seen from Shaun Suisham.
  • Alfred Fincher, who a number of people have been projecting as a potential sixth linebacker since the injury waiving of Matt Sinclair, busted through the line and made a stop on the first play, and has been jumping around like a crazy person ever since. Looks like quality sixth linebacker material to me.
  • Reed Doughty came across the field and made a great play to break up that pass, ending the first Jaguars drive. That was nice to see, and much more pleasant than when he caught my attention last week.
  • The interception on Jason Campbell’s first pass is pretty much exactly the opposite of reclaiming momentum after last week’s debacle. Yes, it really did look like defensive pass interference, but that doesn’t really matter. I guess we’re getting at least two series of the first team offense.
  • Matterral Richardson clearly moved to line up offsides there, negating yet another good play by Alfred Fincher and setting up the Jaguars touchdown. That is really not what an undrafted free agent needs to be doing during the last preseason game.
  • Derrick Frost looks like he’s picking up where he left off last game. I think Durant Brooks has a real uphill battle on his hands.
  • Fincher just nearly took Matt Jones’s head off, and it was even quasi-legal. That guy is really trying to get one of those roster spots.
  • Another nice play for Doughty on that interception. It’s like he’s actively trying to set my mind at ease.
  • Third series for the starting offense. Coach Zorn REALLY wants that positive momentum going in to next week, I guess. And they go three and out. How many times can you put them in before it becomes actively demoralizing and starts generating negative momentum?
  • After one punt for each guy, I still score Frost in the lead.

3 Responses

  1. It’s going to be a long first half of the season. One thing I’ve learned over 40 years of watching the Skins. The preseason positives often are misleading. The negatives rarely are however. And the first team O isn’t good enough to score right now.

  2. Yeah, not looking great overall. But interesting Matt, at one time, a couple of weeks ago, I thought you were obsessing on the punting duel, but that’s really coming down to all or nothing tonight. Pretty cool.

  3. Why have you left us Joe?

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