Welcome Home Luncheon: Jason Fabini’s Socks

The Welcome Home Luncheon is an opportunity for the players to appear as a group in public wearing something a little more stylish than a practice uniform. Different people take different approaches to this; some go with a fairly straightforward suit and tie, others with something flashier, and still others with a more casual look.

I’m the last person on earth who should in any way comment on what anyone else is wearing. I am chronically either overdressed or underdressed, and I don’t think any of my sartorial choices are going to be starting any kind of trends anytime soon.

That said, Jason Fabini was wearing some interesting socks to today’s luncheon.

What makes them interesting isn’t immediately apparent from that picture, though. It’s not that they’re light-colored. His suit is light-colored, after all, and perfectly nice.

No, what’s interesting about them is that they’re not actually socks at all. They’re this stuff:

They’re tubular compression bandages. You cut off the the length you need, open it up, and slide it over whatever part of your leg is injured. Fabini remembered to bring his suit but forgot his socks, and found this unique solution. The nature of the compression bandages, though, is that they’re open at the end, which seems bizarre and completely unsock-like.

Seemed to work out for him, though. I certainly wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been told.


2 Responses

  1. LOL. At least it didn’t look like an Ace bandage wrapping up his leg. I suppose if he wore team socks people wouldn’t have said much.

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