Wednesday, August 27: On the Madden Cruiser

When the Madden Cruiser pulled up outside Redskins Park yesterday, I had one immediate thought: “Wow, somebody really likes Australia-themed chain steak restaurants.”

The somebody in this case is John Madden, broadcaster, former player, Hall of Fame coach, spokesman for the eponymous Madden Football videogame (along with hundreds of other things over the years), and legendary non-flyer. The Madden Cruiser is the bus that gets him out of flying, and has for the last two-and-a-half decades. The bus itself is replaced every few years; this particular Madden Cruiser is on its third year of service.

While Madden was talking to players in preparation for Thursday Night’s Sunday Night Football game, I was able to get onto the legendary bus and take a look around.

I was expecting to be able to make some sort of obvious comparison — “The bus is nicer than my first apartment,” or something — but I was not expecting it to have more bathrooms than my current house. (Admittedly, my house only has one bathroom, but even so I didn’t really think the Madden Cruiser was going to double that.)

The front of the bus is a lounge/dining/viewing area, along with a small kitchenette.

This is where Madden eats (presumably) and reviews film to get ready for upcoming games. These, for the younger readers, are called VHS tapes. They’re like DVDs, only bulkier and less convenient. (The bus is also equipped with DVD players.)

Also up here is the first of those two bathrooms, mainly for the use of the two drivers.

(Move to the back of the bus after the jump.)

Through a door is the bedroom, which is far, far nicer than I would possibly have expected. Recessed lighting, soft colors, fabrics, another flatscreen TV mounted over the bed … it’s not exactly living rough.

There’s also a desk, complete with yet another monitor. (That’s not some sort of cheap laminate stuff, either — it is, or at least appears to be, actual granite.)

And behind that is the second bathroom.

Having just looked at recent real estate sales in my neighborhood, I can tell you that a second bathroom adds quite a bit of value to a home; I can only imagine what it does for the resale on a bus.


21 Responses

  1. Another great post, Matt.
    Love the behind the scenes stuff.
    Thanks so much for the tour!

  2. Does Madden himself eat that? It looks like food from a college dorm room (except the orange, of course).

  3. Where’s the turducken?

  4. Are there tvs in the bathrooms? i bet Madden loves watching football on the John

  5. especially after eating a turducken or two

  6. Yeah… but can you get pics inside Jansen’s cruiser? Enquiring minds want to know!

  7. Where is the lifesize Brett Farve poster?

  8. I’m with Bryan, we want to see Jansen’s ride!

  9. Thanks for educating the young people. VHS tapes…SMH! Coach Madden is old school!

  10. I wonder where the rookies all live

  11. u think u can get me a copy of madden 09

  12. How the heck did you convince them to let you in there?!?! Let’s put those sweet-talking skills to use in Jansen’s RV!

  13. NICE. That is official Skins access there. Good read!

  14. The image of Madden on the can, eating a Turducken leg, watching some game film (which includes Brett Favre, obviously) is just tremendous. Someone send these photos to Frank Caliendo.

  15. get inside the jansen bus man do it

  16. I would love to get into the Jansen RV. It’s gone from Redskins Park right now, and he’s very selective about who he lets on even when it’s here, but I’ll try my best if the opportunity arises.

  17. Can you imagine the skid marks on that toilet!


  18. Matt,

    You’ve outdone yourself with the Madden cruiser!! Keep ’em’ coming. Love the effort.


  19. Cool stuff Matt, did you snag any of those peanut M&M’s?

  20. awesome.

  21. […] time Madden was here, I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him (although I did get a tour of his famous bus), and I didn’t really expect this visit to be any different. Instead, I wound up having a […]

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