Todd Collins: Best Current Washington Backup QB

Don Banks at is ranking the number two QBs league-wide from 1 to 32. His number one choice?

Todd Collins. Which is a very nice and well-deserved compliment to his performance in relief last year. What’s a bit odd is Banks’ commentary on the selection:

The unspoken truth in D.C. is that the veteran would run Jim Zorn’s offense better today than starter Jason Campbell, who I still think might struggle in his transition to the West Coast style attack. It was Collins, not Campbell, who orchestrated the Redskins’ four-game late season winning streak and wild-card playoff berth last year.

This, obviously, is taking the unusual approach of going with an “unspoken truth” over the traditionally cited “actual spoken comment,” which is that Collins’ success last year came in Al Saunders’ system, with which he was very comfortable, and that he had some slow moments early in training camp getting acclimated to Coach Zorn’s offense.

This isn’t a knock on Collins, who has looked more and more comfortable and decisive with every practice (and who would no doubt look even more comfortable if he were behind the starting offensive line). I’m just sort of curious what it is that distinguishes an unspoken truth from an arbitrary-but-perfectly-reasonable opinion.

The number of former Redskins on the list also caught my eye: Sage Rosenfels (#3), Trent Green (#7), Gus Frerotte (#16), and Patrick Ramsey (#20) all began their careers in D.C. And Brad Johnson (#11) and Mark Brunell (#18) both started a significant number of games here. I’m not sure this has any significance at all, but it definitely caught my eye.


5 Responses

  1. Todd Collins plays like ass.

  2. I think JC will be on that list in 2 years, I dont see hime being here long.

  3. I think Todd played excellent at the end of last season. If JC is starting this year I hope its because he is playing a whole lot better then he did last year. If not EARLY HOOK.

  4. Todd Collins is a great Quarterback…Look how well he played last year after Jason Campbell got injured…
    Also, Jason Campbell has got all the Skills to be a Great Quarterback as well…I am always encouraging, as I Hope everybody does well and succeeds…

  5. […] couple of months ago, Don Banks ranked the league’s backup quarterbacks, and I noted that six of them had significant Redskins ties — either began their careers with the team or […]

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