46 is 29

Happy birthday to Ladell Betts, who turns 29 today.

Photo by Mike Rudy.

Photo by Mike Rudy.

George Michael led the entire crowd at the Welcome Home Luncheon in a singing of “Happy Birthday,” a move that he said might land him on Betts’ enemies list forever. It was still better than the guys with the hats and guitars at Tex-Mex restaurants, though.


4 Responses

  1. George Michael? Really? Not Larry? I better attend these things. Next thing you know, Madonna or Bono will show up.

  2. Yes, George Michael, long time DC media figure.


  3. Mary is correct. I’m not sure why her link is taking us to the former Wham! lead singer, but I think this one should work.

  4. Hey..I wear a hat and sign at Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas…..what are you trying to say???? You know how many bottles I have had throw at me for wearing my Riggins jersey in the middle of Cowboys country!
    Show some respect and I am waiting for an apology!

    J Grimaldo
    Redskin fan living in the heart of freakin cowgirl fans.

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