Your Concerns About Matt Sinclair

Photo by Don Wright.

Photo by Don Wright.

There was some concern yesterday about Matt Sinclair, and if he was starring in his own AFLAC commercial after being waived injured.

abrlcklnthewall exemplified the concerns in a comment:

Since he was cut as a result of a back injury suffered during a preseason game, does he get some kind of settlement from the ‘Skins? Or is he basically looking for another job to keep himself afloat?

Variations on the question also turned up via email, and even with people I spoke to on the phone. A lot of people seem to genuinely like Sinclair. With that level of interest, I asked around the personnel department to see if I could find anything out.

The short answer is “don’t worry too much, he’s okay.”

The longer answer is that when a player is waived injured, he is on waivers — during this period of the offseason, anyhow — for 24 hours. During that time, any team can claim him and pick up his salary, knowing full well that he’s injured. If not, he goes onto the injured list for the team that released him, and they either pay him until the injury is healed, or they reach an injury settlement. So it’s unlikely that Sinclair is sending around his résumé or anything like that. Hope that helps everyone rest easy tonight.


3 Responses

  1. so Sinclair is going to basically go to IR unless he gets an injury settlement? that’s cool

    hopefully Jason Goode was waived in this same nature as well.

    stashing them away is great.

  2. w00, quoted, and a good answer, both good because it was well explained, and because the outcome for Matt is good.

    Glad to hear that players who get hurt trying to make teams aren’t in financial trouble even though they may have just moved to the area for a team.

    Keep it up

  3. You’re right. Sinclair is well liked. He appears to be old school smashmouth and you have to pull for a guy like that. Works hard and loves the game. Hopefully he’ll fully heal and be back with us in the future. Thanks for the info.

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