Tuesday Redskins Links – 8/26


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  1. Et tu, Matt? Not sure how anyone could have read my piece today as looking at the Carolina butt-kicking “in a positive light.” At most it was an attempt to look at it in context of the rest of the preseason.

    Ah well. The first casualty of passion is always nuance. :)

  2. Any analysis of a 47-3 defeat that includes phrases like “As bad as it looked, once the smoke cleared it was possible for the optimists to find reasonable mitigating circumstances to explain the debacle, particularly given the preseason context. And you know what? They could be right.” seems relatively positive to me. Relatively being the crucial word, I suppose.

  3. I’d agree, of course, had that excerpt actually been game analysis, rather than one of three illustrations of possible ways Reskins fans might have viewed the game.

    There was also an example of how the negative fan might have viewed it, and another of how the “preseason means nothing” fan might have viewed it.

    I do find it interesting that you and others have picked out the part that described the “positive” view and determined that to be the message of the piece. I actually thought the overall message was closer to the other end of the spectrum.

    No worries, though. I do appreciate your noting the piece at all. And perhaps the valuable lesson learned is I need to shorten these damn pieces.


  4. After reading Colt Brennan’s Lastest Blog entry, it is plain to see why he is a sucessful Quarterback: He loves to play football. It is the same reason why Brett Favre is a great Quarterback; He loves to play the game. Paraphasing, Brennan said it would be strange not playing again until next August. What I would say is Stay Ready because you never know when you will be called upon…(i.e. Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady)

  5. It argles me whenever people pooh-pooh Colt Brennan. He may be raw, but he’s a gamer.

    A lot of folks must have been jilted by past loves. But I say, when a player gets you excited to watch the game you love, he’s a keeper.

    I hope he develops the promise he’s flashed this preseason.

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