Tuesday, August 26: Another Roster Move

This morning, the team waived/injured TE Jason Goode, and re-signed LB Danny Verdun-Wheeler, who was most recently waived by the team on August 4. The move seems to me like it’s largely to create some depth at linebacker for the last preseason game, but I figured it was worth noting anyhow.

Goode, of course, is probably best known this preseason for catching the game-winning touchdown from Colt Brennan against the Jets in New York.


2 Responses

  1. Regarding the interceptions Colt Brennan threw in “Practice”…Like Allen Iverson said…”We’re not talking about the Game…We’re talking about Practice…Practice Man Practice…not the Game…Practice…” What I mean by this quote is, when it counts, Brennan will throw the Game winning touchdown…(i.e. to Jason Goode in the Jets Game)…Great spin and dash to end zone by Jason Goode…recover from injury and play again…

  2. I could see Goode making a case for 2nd stringing somewhere that lacks depth at TE. This just wasn’t the year considering Fred Davis’ arrival and Yoder’s solid blocking. More a question of if he has any other good film of him throwing some good chip blocks or things like that, that TD route just wasn’t that complicated but he did show good body control.

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