The Largest Most Frosted Stadium In The NFL

Plenty of strange things turn up in my inbox. Some of them are interesting but useless, some of them are at least worth following up on, some of them are great, and some of them are FedExField made of cake.

Kristi Ferrara of Kristi’s Kakes in the unpleasantly-named Horseheads, NY, had previously emailed to get permission to reproduce the stadium in confectionery for a bar mitzvah, and sent these photos as a follow-up. Three people in the bakery spent 26 hours to create the finished product, and — unlike the actual FedExField — almost the entire thing is edible except for the goalposts and support struts.

“It was a white cake carved into the stadium shape with colored, white-chocolate fondant over the entire cake,” says Ferrara. “The yellow striping along the inside of the seating area was extruded with a special sugar extruder. The goal posts were simple lollipop sticks. The arboreal decorations around the base of the stadium are solid sugar.”

Once the cake was completed she sent along pictures of the completed product to show her results.

Not included are small spun-sugar tailgaters, car-shaped cookies, cupcake portajohns, or a tinted phyllo dough parking lot. You might think expecting such nuances is excessive, but their leopard cake sets the bar frighteningly high for detailing.


9 Responses

  1. I’d like to see what the Ace of Cakes guy could do.

  2. I agree. They always do stadiums that rock on Ace of Cakes. This one looks pretty elementary.

  3. Well, the Ace of Cakes guy makes gorgeous cakes that taste like sand… so…. there’s that…

  4. The only way that could be better is if it was soaked in rum.

    Or if it was made out of meat.

  5. They should’ve added a Jumbotron.

  6. Agreed about the taste of the Ace of Cakes… gross gross gross. If you are going to pay that much it should at least be edible. :o

  7. […] we turn our attention to an entry by the Redskins official blogger, Matt Terl, who shares with us a FedEx Field cake. Three workers from Kristi’s Kakes spent 26 hours creating a replica of Dan Snyder’s […]

  8. guys guys this is my bro’s cake, i was there, it tasted awsome!! no lie. the ace of cakes guy has absloutly nothing on this. more so, hes prolly a cowboys or giants fan :-X

  9. This is a great looking cake! i’m getting married this summer and my fiancee and I are having a football themed wedding. It would be great to have an NFL stadium cake for the reception. I saw something similar on another blog. It was a Texas Stadium cake. It even had the hole in the roof. Very cool.

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