On the Field for Practice – 8/26

The word of the day is “energy.” MUCH cooler out today than yesterday, and everyone seems to be getting revved up for the end of preseason, so this practice was the liveliest in some time.

  • All the Colt Brennan fans who were worried after yesterday’s critical report can exhale and stop worrying. Brennan looked much better today, with a couple of terrific passes to Fred Davis (one off his hands, the other a touchdown in the back of the endzone). I’ll be honest: I hope to see Brennan play well tomorrow and then not take another snap until next August, but that shouldn’t be taken as a referendum on him as a player. Nice to see him back in form.
  • For all the talk about if the veterans are excited to play in the final preseason game or if Zorn is crazy for even considering it, I can say for sure that they appeared to be extremely enthusiastic in this practice. Clinton Portis was the one jawing with Fred Smoot today — Smoot, after breaking up a pass for Portis downfield, complete with a bit of a questionable push, shook his head and said, “You don’t belong out here.” Mike Sellers called back at him, “You better not hurt my tailback,” and it just kept going from there. Nothing too chippy, but continual back and forth throughout the day. Even Justin Hamilton got into the mix a little bit, dumping Portis on his head breaking up a short pass. Exciting times for CP.
  • First time I’ve noticed rookie punter Durant Brooks lining up as a scout team wide receiver. I’m told this’ll happen more and more as the roster gets smaller — special teamers helping to fill out the spots — but it still looks completely bizarre.
  • Speaking of energy, Ryan Boschetti runs EVERYWHERE, and shouts almost the entire time. Not crucial, but something else to take into account as you try to predict who’s going to make it onto the 53-man final roster.
  • Also while you’re predicting cuts, Coach Zorn says they’ll be keeping “a minimum” of nine offensive linemen. Justin Geisinger and Andrew Crummey are going to get long looks on Thursday, with Geisinger at center and Crummey moving around between positions a bit.
  • Coach Zorn on the injured guys: “You could see a little burst” from Malcolm Kelly, and they’re going to see how his knee responds to today’s practice. He might go on Thursday. Zorn is hoping for LaRon Landry to “maybe just run around a little bit” on Thursday, and to be ready to play the opener.


5 Responses

  1. Ryan Boschetti is Rudy 2.0. Durant Brooks at WR? Frost why do you still occupy this roster? How cool would it be to see Brooks in some sort of crazy fake punt?

  2. On the Field is the BEST part about this blog. News I can get nowhere else, not even from Larry and the gang at Redskins.com!!!

    Keep it up. You’re making this and PFT the must-sees of my day.

  3. I liked Zorn’s hopes for Landry…just hoping he can “maybe run around a little bit,” like he’s a hemophiliac who’s allergic to sunlight. “Let’s see if we can’t get him outside for few minutes without him developing any lesions.” Man, I hope that guy’s OK…

    By the way, Matt, Write Club says hi…

  4. Matt,

    I gotta tell ya I love the blog – the news you report gets to the web quicker than than the post or the site has reported in the past. The blog is my first “click” of the day – and the last – keep up the great work!


  5. I love that Fred Smoot is talking trash to CP. Smoot has always been a nickleback at best, but he certainly thinks he should be handed a lot more for no reason.

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