On the Field for Practice – 8/25

  • LaRon Landry was back practicing today, and, in the words of Coach Zorn “looked VERY good,” intercepting one Colt Brennan pass and leaping in the air a la the winning photo from our contest for another that he just missed. “I was a little worried about the leg on that jump, but it felt okay. I’m at about 93% percent,” Landry said. I have no idea what kind of elaborate math goes into that calculation, but 93% sounded like a favorable report.
  • Malcolm Kelly was also back practicing, and also doesn’t trust his knee, according to Coach Zorn, who will determine tomorrow if Kelly is going to play on Thursday.
  • Anthony Mix made an excellent one-handed grab on a pass while well-covered. Fred Smoot, watching from the other side of the field, shook his head. “Mix has some strong hands,” he said, “he doesn’t drop a lot of those.”
  • Bit of a rough day for Colt Brennan, as the gunslingerish passes that he’d been completing over the start of preseason were not working out for him today — two interceptions by Carlos Rogers, one by LaRon Landry, and at least one batted ball, all during drills. The glass-half-full approach is that the defense was properly fired up after Saturday’s disaster and wanted to make sure they handed it to the scout team, if you want to think of it that way.
  • Clinton Portis was having fun today. After catching a crossing route downfield, Portis took off, whooping and shouting “Put me in, Coach” before running all the way back to where he had made the catch to do a leaping spike of the ball.
  • Lots of work in groups — the O-line and the D-line spent a good amount of time working in the endzones. “We just worked some things we were trying to correct,” Zorn said afterward.
  • Talking before the team practiced, Jason Taylor sounded optimistic about his chances to play in the opener. “I’m not one for missing games,” he said. Which was quite possibly the best news of the whole afternoon.


7 Responses

  1. hearing that Landry is back in full practice mode and Taylor isn’t seriously hurt is the best news i’ve heard in awhile.

    seems like they are getting over that ass whoopin by having some fun at practice…at least they have moved on.

  2. I heard this blog deletes comments that aren’t sufficiently ass-kissing.


  3. Your comments have been getting deleted because of the link to an inappropriate webpage, not because of their content.

  4. Agreed about the Landry/Taylor news. Let’s get them to 100% and not take any chances… we need these guys for the entire season. I would rather take another beating on Thursday night when it doesn’t matter than chance losing a starter like Landry for the season.

  5. GREAT NEWS about Landry!!! (of course my cup is always half full about CB5 !)
    GO ‘Skins!

  6. Yes, but the $1,000,000.00 question is whether Landry played with Doughty or Moore. I’m guessing the latter before long.

    What did the safety rotation look like with Landry back?

  7. nah man he should play with Kris Horton

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