Monday Redskins Links – 8/25

  • For anyone who desperately wants to reflect further on the Panthers game, Chris Cooley has summed it all up pretty candidly.
  • Chris at Mr. Irrelevant comes across an unexpected — and perhaps unwanted — tribute to Sean Taylor.
  • And David Elfin of The Washington Times looks forward (chronologically, at least) to the FedExField return of “the successful but grating Gregg Williams”.

5 Responses

  1. Why would it be unwanted?

    White Boy is from Miami, and he is obviously showing respect to ST by wearing the tribute shirt on one of the most popular reality TV shows right now.

    While most of the contestants there rock their own clothing lines for publicity, White Boy remembers #21.

    By the by, that show is great.

  2. Why is it a issue? It is a tribute to Sean Taylor I dont see why it would be offensive. I think he is from Miami also..Dont get why it would be unwanted?

  3. Could be because from the way the show sounds I don’t think its exactly where I’d want to be memorialized so to speak… I don’t have a TV though, and have never watched the show so I’m only going off of what Chris said.

  4. I see Chris has a copy of The Shack beside him on the sofa. That is a GREAT book, my wife and I recently read it and have been sharing it with our family and friends.

  5. I agree – The Shack is amazing – as is Chris! Go, both of you!

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