Sunday, August 24: Coach Zorn’s Press Conference

Well, to answer my final question of last night, Coach Zorn remained perfectly candid, perfectly forthcoming, and surprisingly good humored in the face of the media inquiries after his first loss.

  • The big news is definitely Jason Taylor‘s injury, which Coach Zorn describes as a sprain, and that it looks like there’s no ligament damage. “Very fortunate there,” he said. Taylor’s expected to be out 10 to 14 days, and, while Zorn wouldn’t count him out for the opener at New York, but he did preach caution. “If it’s a choice between one game with Jason or fifteen games with him, we’ll take fifteen.”
  • Coach Zorn put much of the blame for the offense’s woes on the shoulders of the offensive line, not on Jason Campbell. “The first four passes Jason threw, someone walked back into him or someone was in his face. Three out of those four times, I wrote down ‘No chance'” to make a throw.
  • One approach for the week appears to be “honesty” — “Be honest, show the video. The players have a lot of pride in what they do. We’ll regroup.” Of course, the other approach he mentioned is to consider playing the starters for a drive or two this Thursday, to get some tempo back rather than having the offense go into a ten day break coming off of that … less-than-inspiring performance.
  • The turning point in the game, according to Zorn, was the Ladell Betts fumble that ended the first Redskins drive of the second quarter. “The defense kept us in the game early,” he said. “We went three-and-out, three-and-out, and yet we were only down 6-0 at that point.” The drive after the Betts fumble is when the score went to 13-0 and the game started to seem out of reach; probably not coincidentally, it’s also the drive where Jason Taylor got hurt.
  • Despite that, Coach Zorn refused to speculate on potential psychological reasons for the team collapsing — he mentioned specifically that there was no point in wondering if the Taylor injury led guys to play tentatively.
  • Other injury notes and updates: Jon Jansen‘s sprained foot “may be just a couple of days.” Vernon Fox has a sprained wrist, and is “gonna be fine.” Zorn hopes to have a better idea of when LaRon Landry can go full speed by the end of this week. He hopes to have Malcolm Kelly in the game on Thursday. Matt Sinclair has to see a back specialist, as he’s not healing the way they’d like. Jason Goode still has a bad toe. Marcus Washington is “gonna be fine.” And Andre Carter apparently has “an owie” on his calf, according to Zorn, who added, “That’s the technical term.”

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update.

    The score was bad, but the loss was good.

    Get well soon to all of the injured.

  2. We’ll bounce back.

  3. Good to see Coach Zorn is the same way – win or lose.
    ‘Skins need to come together in a big way.

    Looking forward to Thursday!

  4. I prefer Gibbs’ dour view. Zorn is too nice for his own good. He can’t be the QB nice guy. He’s got to toughen those guys up. They played like they were playing girls softball last night. I’ve always imagined what it would look like if a top 25 college team played a pro team – last night is about what I would imagine we’ d’ see – because the Skins didn’t play like men or pros.

  5. Matt Ryan was named the starter for the Falcons with a Passer Rating of 80.4. Coit Brennan’s Passer Rating is 120.2 and some of his passes were dropped…

  6. The reason why Colt Brennan is doing better than the other rookie OB’s is because he has a bigger incentive to do so. The other drafted rookie QB’s are Overpaid…

  7. While Colt has nice number let remember folk he doing it against folk who will be making Ham sandwiches next week none of this has been done against the 1st stringers

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