Redskins @ Panthers – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • Ugh.
  • The temptation to make that the entire post was overwhelming. There’s really not been much to talk about here. Matterral Richardson can’t afford to give up plays like that touchdown to Steve Smith, that’s for sure.
  • Frost continues to look good punting, and would’ve looked better if Justin Tryon Leigh Torrence (misread the number) had managed to keep that one from going into the end zone. This is not something you particularly want to be excited about, but any port in a storm.
  • Glad I was able to hear Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann eviscerating the cutdown schedule. Patrick’s joking suggestion of cutting one player a day actually would make a terrific reality show — picture Jim Zorn pulling a nametag off one locker at the end of each day. That would be some good TV.
  • In answer to a question posed earlier in the comments, the guys in the production room are much livelier than the writers, chattering back at the game and the like. I assume that there’s occasionally some cheering, but there hasn’t been much reason to find out tonight.
  • Todd Collins is going to get killed if he keeps getting hit in the back like that. That’s just ugly.

One Response

  1. For all the people who put down Colt Brennan’s plays saying “it was only preseason”, don’t get excited… Does it work the other way?
    Ah- this is only preseason… nothing to get bummed about.

    (I don’t think so…)
    Not when people are getting hurt in a humiliating fashion. Preseason win or loss is still a win or loss. And an injury is still an injury.

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