Redskins @ Panthers – Still Redskins Territory

As I mentioned, the handheld cameramen are all local talent, hired from this area to work this game. All of them have experience shooting football, and some view this as just another gig — a good one, for sure, but nothing to get too worked up about.

Then there’s Danny Brown, shooting handheld on the visiting team’s sideline. Danny’s a die-hard Redskins fan, and is beyond excited to be filming his favorite club.

“I was going to wear my Sean Taylor t-shirt,” Brown says, after quizzing me about how the rookies have looked in camp, “but my wife told me that the guys here would completely ostracize me and I’d never get work again. I almost brought it anyhow, but they’d really give me crap.”

How long have you been rooting for the Skins? “Oh, man, ever since I was a little kid,” Brown says. “Ever since Carolina was Redskins territory. Hell, it’s still Redskins territory. Just look around.”

He’s not wrong — the fans who are here early enough to watch warm-ups are so primarily burgundy-and-gold (and the now-ubiquitous green-and-black Hawaii #15) that the Panthers are actually booed when they take the field. And all the fans I ask also say that they’ve just maintained their loyalties despite Carolina getting its own team.

More pictures after the jump.

If you look closely at this last one, you can spot one of the Colt Brennan jerseys. I’m not kidding about them becoming ubiquitous.


7 Responses

  1. ask the tv guys why we don’t have a signal in washington and they keep playing commercials

  2. Tell the production crew I grade them: F

    7 minutes of commercials and a missed kick off and opening series…come on….they’re playing like Campbell is tonight!

  3. Well, we’re now on air, but the commercials were better than what I’m seeing. Ugh.

  4. worst production ever weres the hd

  5. its like the game is happening in 1987…. i can’t believe i watched tv that looked like this in 1987….

  6. not good production
    i saw a polar bear commercial like 10 times back to back
    and i think the commercials were better
    come on skins
    we believe

  7. I know i was watching the game and missed alot of it due to commericals

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