Redskins @ Panthers – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Watching from the production room is like watching in the most Redskins-centric sports bar on Earth. The main monitor is showing the broadcast as it’s appearing on Comcast SportsNet, complete with sound. The screens on either side are sub-divided, showing the feeds from the Carolina broadcast as well as the eight cameras on the field. And the little screens all around those are also showing those feeds. No matter where you look, youre watching this game. It’s like the Architect scene from the second Matrix movie, and (so far) almost as brutally painful.
  • As the second quarter continues, it’s not getting any better. I’m gaining a healthy respect for the quiet of the press box, though — hearing the announcers really affects what I’m focusing on in this game.
  • The conventional wisdom that the first half of the penultimate preseason game offers the most accurate preview of the season is beginning to sound like a threat. This has just been one of those nights when everything seems to be going wrong. Tackling hasn’t looked good, the offense isn’t clicking at all, technical difficulties at the open, the injury to Taylor (even if it is as minor as is being initially reported) … it seems unlikely that all of those things can continue through the season, but the prospect is frightening.
  • That touchdown over Doughty looked somewhat similar to the ones he was beaten on in practice this week. That’s a bit unsettling.
  • At least Derrick Frost has looked good, though. I’m very much of the opinion that he has the lead in the punting competition, and everyone I’ve spoken to has sworn that if Frost wins this battle, the fact that Durant Brooks was a draft pick isn’t going to make a difference.
  • I tried watching from the sound room for a bit, and as predicted, it completely overwhelmed me. Four different audio feeds at once, the whole time. The lead audio mixer claims that she’s capable of ignoring the announcers and any information that doesn’t apply to her, but to me it was like a deluge. Complete ADD fit.
  • Word is that the HD feed should be back up, but you guys probably knew that ahead of me on this one.

3 Responses

  1. I feel bad for you Matt – at least I can switch to the Olynpics, or Food Network, or Night Court re-runs, or anything else.

  2. unbelievable they were just killing us
    one thing i got to say
    this has to stop
    i thought the defense was doing good but those 2 big runs and
    some pass plays just hurt me even though its preseason it counts because our starting players
    come on skins

  3. Happy Birthday to Sonny J!!!

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