Redskins @ Panthers – Production Room

Here’s the Production Room.

This is where the massive amounts of information coming into the rest of the truck gets turned, hopefully, into a watchable TV presentation. The director and producer are the two people who essentially quarterback the show. Also working here are

  • the technical director, who has to actually execute the instructions of the producer and director
  • the graphics coordinator, who is responsible, as you might figure, for the onscreen graphics
  • the scoring bug coordinator, who manages the score bar on the top of the screen
  • the phone assistant director, who is on a headset with Comcast SportsNet master control as well as any other companies on the Redskins Broadcast Network, acting as a communications hub.

The director this evening is Ernie Baur.

He watches the monitors, communicates with the cameramen, and essentially decides which camera to put on air. This is just a portion of what he’ll be focusing on.

Earlier, he met with the cameramen and talked them through their rough assignments. Each camera has a specific responsibility — high and low cameras in both endzones, one handheld on each sideline, the cart camera on the sideline, and a camera in the booth. The cameramen are are all local to Carolina, so they had to be brought up to speed on potential storylines for the game and told what Baur expects from them.

After the jump, just because I thought it was neat, is the onscreen interface for controlling the Scoring Bug.

6 Responses

  1. Very insightful stuff.

  2. Is the chair in your first picture where Baur sits – sort of like command central? While it all looks really cool, it’ll be interesting to hear what you say about it after the fact – will it really be as cool as it looks, or just kind of dull routine, like is there sound in the production room, can they hear game noise, or is it quiet – stuff like that.

  3. Matt- we are looking for a live stream. Is ANYONE broadcasting live video today?

  4. […] @ Panthers – Still Redskins Territory Posted on August 23, 2008 by Matt Terl As I mentioned, the handheld cameramen are all local talent, hired from this area to work this game. All of them […]

  5. In hindsight, all this love for the production crew is hilarious given what occured tonight!

  6. worst production of a game ever

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