Redskins @ Panthers – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • Well, it’ll be interesting to see what Colt Brennan can do here, but I don’t suspect we’ll be seeing another fourth quarter rally.
  • For some reason the Panthers are using the older Redskins logo — the one with the tucked-under feathers — on their local broadcast, and it’s driving me slowly insane for no real reason.
  • The news on Jason Taylor sounds generally good, as they’re still saying sprain. I suppose it’s a good thing that the legendary Dr. James Andrews is in the house tonight. I do wonder who the second best orthopedic surgeon is, and how they know that he’s still the top.
  • Interesting discussion in the truck toward the end of the game: what would the Play of the Game be? Some people felt like it should be a Redskins play despite the brutally lopsided score, but even the people championing that point of view couldn’t come up with many suggestions. The Kareem Moore interception, which led to nothing? A package of Derrick Frost’s punts, which seemed like an embarrassing choice? (Frost was, in fact, named the Redskins Player of the Game on the Panthers’ broadcast.) While giving Play of the Game to the Panthers on the Redskins in-house broadcast didn’t particularly excite anyone, no one could see any way around it.
  • Some people were questioning Coach Zorn’s decision to just run out the clock, but I’m not one of them. There was no real point in stretching out an already-long preseason game that was completely out of reach, risking injuries and all that. Just tear it off like a band-aid and start planning for next week.
  • I do think, looking for a bright side to all of this, that it’ll be instructive to see how Coach Zorn handles the loss — if he’s still able to maintain his policy of candor and honesty, if he’s ready for the media to be a bit more aggressive and the fans to go to DEFCON 1, all of that. I’m not saying this is the greatest bright side in the world, but after a game like this it’s the best I can come up with.

2 Responses

  1. Matt great detail on your blog. I thinks the skins are gonna have a great season. How serious is Jason’s injury?

  2. I wish I could say we are going to have a good season, but in 4 pre season games I have only seen 3 or 4 good plays by the skins offense, they just dont look good, and JC is slow….
    I really hope I’m wrong and they are 10-6 but I think its more like 7-9

    anyway, great blog Matt, I’m on it everyday

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