More on the Bugel Family

The Washington Post’s Mike Wise, whose article on Coach Bugel was where I first heard about his daughter’s illness, follows up today with an excellent column on the passing of Holly Bugel (and, more briefly, Gene Upshaw).

I do know Joe Bugel — Buges to so many, coach of Hogs old and new, another weather-beaten NFL man dealing with the fatal reality of this unforgiving disease today. Holly died yesterday morning of osteosarcoma — two years after the disease was first diagnosed, eight months after her left arm was amputated because of it and a week after her 36th birthday.

I do know no parent should have to outlive a child, and, having written about his ordeal earlier this summer, how much the middle of Bugel’s three daughters meant to him and his wife, Brenda, who called him in Ashburn yesterday morning to tell him the news.

I do know the franchise of the Washington Redskins has been touched by a young person’s demise for the second time in two years, and no matter how much Sean Taylor’s death attracted national attention or how much Holly Bugel’s did not, there is something so wrong when young people with such large, full lives die so young.

2 Responses

  1. When the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree. Sometimes only the Good Lord knows the reason why.
    God Bless the Bugel family and all those who are saddened by separation. I believe the future reunions will be sweet, indeed!

  2. May God give Joe and his family peace in their time of need. My heart goes out to someone who has given the Redskins and their fans so much. I hope that the Bugel family can feel the love from all of us.

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