Thursday Redskins Links – 8/21


5 Responses

  1. I don’t like the idea of changing the name to the skins. it doens’t make much sense? What are you marketing?

    Whereas, I like the name of Washington Natives. This way, the Team could keep essentially keep the same marketing efforts, honor the Native American heritage, as well as the ‘redskin’ one.

  2. My heritage is native american and I love the Redskins mascot, to me the players, fans, and organization carry it with pride, so why would anyone be offended at that. The problem is, no matter what the nickname is, someone is going to throw a temper tantrum about it.

    The Eagles, Bears, Lions, Dolphins, etc all have had court battles with animal rights activists. It’s ridiculous. I just can’t wait for someone to bring the Jets or Stealers to court for supporting pollution, or the Cowboys, Raiders, or Packers to court for causing some kind of emotional trauma to some handful of individuals who have so much time on their hands they can worry about stupid stuff like that.

    Seriously, how about we worry about the Navaho reservation in Paige, Arizona or the Cherokee reservations in Oklahoma where drugs and alcoholism are rampant. There are lots better ways to spend your money than on rich lawyers who are just getting richer from stupid court cases like this.

  3. You don’t have to wait. PETA went after the Packers for being named after meatpackers a few years back.

  4. As the great Lenny Bruce said, the word means nothing, its the meaning that you give it. I think Matt Teri makes a some good points.

    Look, I thought the Bullets/Wizard change was ridiculous. But, all things considered, the Redskin name is no doubt shady. Think about that name what is means to someone internationally. Imagine that you are in Spain and South American and they ask you what team you pull for, and you say “Redskins”. Granted, I doubt most people are going to freak out on you, but I promise you’ll get some raised eyebrows.

    There are some brilliant marketing minds out there, where our team can continue to honor the Native American heritage, keep the image, fight song, etc. , and come up with a nick name that has, more broad appeal and acceptance. I think its a good discussion to have and its always good to be open to change.

  5. Most people internationally don’t know NFL, so they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. If the name were being used in a anti-native american way, then of course change it, but no one picks a mascot they despise and persecute, you pick a mascot because of the pride you believe it brings. At least, that’s how they’re picked in the U.S., internationally I have not idea how they pick mascots, but there are several tribes who’ve been offended at the thought of not having mascots named in their honor. The Seminole nation for instance, they actually like it. When people took FSU to court to remove the mascot, the Seminole nation got together and voiced their support of the university and the mascot.

    I understand some people are offended with the name Redskins, but I think they miss the point that it’s supposed to instill pride. We generally don’t have teams like the Pittsburgh Imbeciles, or the Los Angeles Dirt Bags.

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