Wednesday, August 20: Planning for Saturday’s Broadcast

(Because the Redskins produce the preseason games in-house, I thought this might offer a good opportunity to watch the entire production of a game, from the advance production work it all the way through to the actual broadcast. At Redskins Park, I’ve been meeting with producer Brad Baker.)

When I walk into the Redskins TV studio to meet up with Brad Baker, he’s talking like Mike Patrick into a microphone. Well, not LIKE Mike Patrick, exactly — it’s not an imitation by any stretch — but there’s something in his cadence and delivery that is Mike Patrick-esque. He finishes up and turns to me.

“Sorry, just recording a scratch track for this week.”

A what?

You’ve heard Mike Patrick do an introduction before the pregame “Tonight, the Redskins face off against whoever!” So I’ll know where to cut the video, I record a voiceover – a scratch track. That way, I can loosely cut it to how it’s going to look.

So you WERE deliberately matching Mike Patrick’s cadence?

Yeah, usually I’m a much faster reader. That’s something I learned the first game that I did, Mike was blazing to keep up with the speed I had recorded to. So the last two, I’ve purposely recorded much slower.

All right, so where do you stand at this point for Saturday’s game?

I’ve already got all the graphic ideas together for the broadcast. So any stats you’ll see are ready.

We’re going to do a thing in the news hit at 6:30 where the Comcast pregame show goes to Mike [Patrick] and Joe [Theismann] in the booth for a preview of the game. Joe wants to talk this week about the main points of the West Coast Offense, so I’ve got those points and Comcast producer Rich Wolff and I were just on the phone talking about ways to jazz that up visually.

What, like guys on a little tiny football field like on ESPN?

No, something more like … if one of the five points is YAC, I might show the pass from Colt Brennan to Jason Goode where he ran for the touchdown. Just so it’s not a board that you’re staring at.

So it’s not Joe Theismann and the world’s worst PowerPoint presentation.


So, do you know that you want to talk about, say, Kareem Moore this week, and you’ve planned Kareem Moore graphics?

We do a feature called “Fight to 53” about guys who are on the bubble of making the team, and I already knew LAST week who I was going to do this week. I had to tell Marc [Dress], so he could shoot isos [isolated shots] of the player, and Comcast gave me footage as well. Do you know what a MELT is?


It’s a tape you get after the game that’s got different plays on it. Not the entire game, but – it might have key plays in the game, or key players. You get them from four or five different angles, some in slow-mo, that kind of stuff. So I have to let the person who makes the MELT know, “Next week I’m going to do a Fight to 53 on this guy, any shots you’ve got of him, even if he doesn’t make a play, put them on that MELT.”

So it’s like a Cliffs Notes of the game.

Exactly. But we edit most things in the truck onsite. The only things I edit together in advance are the open tease and whatever the halftime piece is going to be. Later today I have to meet with Joe and finalize some things there, and then I fly out a day early to get things set up. You should come sit in on the meeting with Joe.

Sounds good.


As always, I’m happy to bring any questions you have to the people involved. So if you have any questions for Brad, Mike Patrick, or Joe Theismann — please let me know, either via email or in the comments.

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