On the Field for Practice – 8/20

Luckily for the players, who were in full pads, the worst of the heat had broken by practice today. Still plenty hot in the sun, but cool air and a cool breeze made things seem a bit more pleasant.

  • Justifying the picture of Colt Brennan above, he tossed a perfect fade route to Todd Yoder in the corner of the end zone against Reed Doughty and the first team defense.
  • Antwaan Randle El completely destroyed Leigh Torrence in one on one drills, faking him completely and coming across the middle wide open. Shawn Springs, who had been shouting advice (which proved incorrect) from the sidelines, laughed and said, “Guess I shouldn’t’ve told him to sit on the comeback.”
  • Later in the same drills, Matterral Richardson showed some excellent closing speed to catch up to Maurice Mann and swat down the pass. Without actually looking at the number crunch on defensive backs, I feel like Richardson has a shot to make the final roster (although I’m deeply biased because of his name).
  • Mild frustration from the special teams: when doing the high-speed end-of-game field goal drill, the Redskins equivalent of the “toro” drill that won the Broncos their opener last year, the team got set and snapped the ball cleanly, but Shaun Suisham’s kick was no good. Special teams coach Danny Smith called a five yard penalty on the defense and the rekick (with the “clock” stopped) was good, but still … not particularly encouraging.
  • Malcolm Kelly took another step forward today, making cuts and running routes, and pulling in a few nice catches, including a perfectly thrown out pattern from Todd Collins.

  • A couple of plays during drills ended with the offensive linemen screaming at Ryan Boschetti, presumably for going a little harder than is typical as a member of the scout team. (On one play, “going a little harder” involved completely shutting down Clinton Portis on a run to the outside.) Nothing escalated beyond shouting, with the O-linemen sounding frustrated and the defense chirping back with things like “Boss came to play today!” and the like.
  • And Santana Moss is still going with the natural look for his hair, and seeming mildly surprised a the number of people that are intrigued. “I’ve done this before,” he said, shaking his head. “I’ve even played games like this.” Picture after the jump.
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4 Responses

  1. I loved watching “the Boss” in last week’s game. Hey, “practice like you play” is awesome. Glad I’m not in the field to get pounded ;-)

  2. okok, I did read the part about CB5. That is really cool.

  3. Can you ask Campbell why he isn’t making the rookie qb carry his equipment? I think the rookie needs to be brought back to earth a little.

  4. I am Devin Thomas aunt and I was wondering on how to start a fan bass in Michigan for him?

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