Dancing With The Muppets

Jason Taylor has been fielding questions about Dancing With The Stars since he got here. It’s the main reason a lot of people — especially women, apparently — recognize him, and it’s elevated him to a higher level of celebrity.

So when I heard that another TV show he’d guested on aired today, I wanted to be first in the queue with my questions. I caught up with him briefly after afternoon practice to ask about this:

So I heard you were on Sesame Street today. When did you record that?

I went in and did it a few months ago.

You think more people will recognize you from the reality show or Sesame Street?

Well, the reality show was a lot bigger. Twenty million people watched the reality show, and Sesame Street just came out today, so it’s too soon to tell.

What stuck out to you about doing it?

It’s different than working with live actors, working with a puppet. Obviously, there’s a guy underneath the screen, but it’s very different.

It was a good experience, though?

It was great. My kids got to go with me when I filmed it, they got to meet Elmo … it was a cool deal.


2 Responses

  1. Is it me, or did the folks at Sesame Street attempt to cover up/remove the Nike logo?

  2. where can we see a video of him on Sesame Street?

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